Reviews For The Elective Rotation: A Critical Care Hospital Pharmacy Podcast

I welcome an addition to myriad of pharmacy podcasts. I wish the music was not as loud as compared to the rest of the podcast. At least a few times the information was raw and abstract.
Very helpful but boring like he is reading and saying information.
Quality Podcasting IS NOT as easy as many think. Pharmacy Joe is a true leader in pharmacy and in podcasting. Excellent work Joe! Keep it coming.
Thank you so much! I need this type of delivery.
This is such a valuable podcast - quick little pearls that are absolutely useful in hospital settings
Ive been listening for a few years now. I really appreciate the evidenced based information and updates, you are a great resource to keep my pharmacy brain fresh. Thank you for what you do and i keep looking forward to your episodes
Great source for pharmacy clinical information from guidelines to journal review
This is great! Thanks Joe, Im going to need all of the help I can get before my critical care rotation!


Informative and inspiring stories great podcast
Love love love this podcast! Joe is a straight-shooter, keeping the "bells & whistles" out of the show, but packing it with clinically relevant & uber useful information. His presentation is succinct with the salient facts that actually stick in my brain for recall when it counts. Thank you so much, Joe:) I SUPER appreciated episode 212 r/t ECMO w guests MD & PharmD, wonderful!
Does a great job of weighing in on medical controversies from a pharmacologic perspective in a concise manner. Loved the podcast on ketamine onset and administering paralytics before sedation in RSI.
As a 4th pharmacy student who went through several intense critical care rotations, I found these podcasts to be my secret weapon. They gave me knowledge that only an experienced pharmacist could deduce from years of literature review and practice. With this knowledge, it helped me excel in the bustling ICU environment. I'm now a pharmacy resident at a busy tertiary care hospital and still listening. Thanks again man!
This is by far my favorite podcast. What I enjoy most is that the information is given very clearly in a succinct manner that is easy to understand. Recourses are always provided for further reading. Insights can easily be applied to my daily practice! Thank you Pharmacy Joe!
Joe's podcast was recommended to me by our intensivist. I love listening to the topics and they seem to have connected to everything happening in our ICU last week! I can't wait to hear all the episodes. I am amazed at how enthusiastic and knowledgable Joe is ! Such a fun listen on top of learning.
Pharmacy Joe has put together a wonderful podcast that every member of the critical care team can benefit from. Pharmacists, RNs, NPs, PAs, physicians, students, therapists and more can all absorb up to date knowledge in 10 minutes or less by listening to each episode. Great podcast!
Excellent podcast! Joe includes current, well-documented info on many diverse topics. I regularly utilize this information at work in a community hospital.
Pharmacyjoe provides excellent evidence based content for a short commute. Worth the listen.
Pharmacy Joe creates the best podcast I have ever heard! I am in pharmacy school right now and I love listening and learning all about new topics that Joe talks about. Perfect length and the show notes provide valuable resources for further knowledge.
I am utilizing these podcasts as a supplement to topic discussions that I am having with my APPE students, and it helps to reinforce their learning prior to discussion. Sometimes I think it also helps to hear information from someone who isn’t a preceptor or professor to the students, and this fits the bill perfectly! These are short but extremely informative, and I look forward to seeing what the next episodes are!
I've been practicing hospital pharmacy for 15 years and am happy to have found this podcast. Pharmacy Joe has created a useful group of episodes that are a quick-listen with concise, helpful information on topics relevant to today's hospital pharmacy practices. If you are new to the podcast, by all means start looking at episode 1 and continue on, as I am sure you'll find something useful to your particular practice. Excellent resources on his website, also. Thanks, Joe!
Thank you pharmacy Joe for an EXCELLENT podcast. Very much appreciated.
Great information, delivered very clearly and concisely. Makes difficult dry material interesting and easy to digest!
I enjoy listening to elective rotation every day on my way to work. The relatively short and concise material give me a smooth retaining of the information in the episodes. I'm moving back to Saudi Arabia after finishing my PGY2 -EM this summer. I will definitely will continue listening and recommending this podcast to my colleagues. Thank you Pharmacyjoe :)


By P4 Joe
Don't waste time in the car- become a better pharmacist with Pharmacy Joe! I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
Fantastic podcast. Great topics with exceptional presentations. References are included. Wish I had found this podcast earlier - I have 50 to catch up with! Keep up the great work.
Great posts and information. Breaks down complicated topics and simplifies clinical knowledge. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Dear Dr Joe, Thank you so much for letting me know about your wonderful website and podcast! I was looking for something similar for a long time and could not find. Your website is beautifully designed and very easy to navigate. Your talks are clear and concise; your thoughts are very easy to follow, and your transcripts help even more. The content of your talks is a great review of application of pharmacology to different critical conditions — which is exactly what I was looking for. The timber of your voice, intonation, and pronunciation make your talks even better. Moreover, listening to your perfect pronunciation of different medications helps me to improve my own. Thank you! Please continue to record your talks.
I was looking for an alternative to Phentolamine, found it, and stayed for all your other great information. I consult to Ambulatory Surgery Centers, so some of this information is more than I need, but you organize it so well, I enjoy hearing it all. Thanks for working so hard on this.
This is a great representation of clinical pharmacy. With so much focus on medication safety and operational procedures it's nice to review a site that is based upon clinical pharmacotherapy. He reviews the data very well and presents it in a concise and to the point format. He's also very accessible and I would compare this to the emcrit of the medicine data. Can't say enough about how easy to read and great this is. Keep up the great work!!!
I really like Joe's style - info is condensed into bite sized chunks with useful tips. All that with wit thrown in. Thank you Joe for this informative and enjoyable series!
Thanks, Joe, for consistent, quality content -- very well prepared, organized, and produced. Keep up the great work.
Pharmacy Joe is my favorite pharmacy podcast. It is informative and shares evidence-based practices. I also really appreciate his very detailed show notes within the app. Keep up the great work!!
Joe's episodes provide an all inclusive summary to various topics that have been more than helpful on a day to day basis. I enjoy that some of the podcasts discuss how to optimize the role of a pharmacist in different scenarios (e.g., codes). I look forward to future podcasts! Thanks Joe!
This is by far the best clinical pharmacy podcast on iTunes. Each episode is packed with information I use daily as a hospital pharmacist. Pharmacy Joe does a fantastic job by making each podcast short and succinct. I don’t have time to waste with how the weather is at the time of recording, or the nuances of statistical significance, etc I get from other medical podcasts. Joe tells me just what I need to know. These podcasts are short and to the point – PERFECT! I am slowly making my way through all the back episodes. This podcast is sure to keep me on top of my game in my practice. All hospital pharmacists should be listening to this podcast.
As a P4, words cannot describe how incredibly helpful this podcast has been for my continual growth as a hopeful PGY1 future resident. Pharmacy Joe covers (in detail) everything pharmacy needs to know to cover all the bases and goes beyond to help bring it all full circle. Several times I’ve been able to bring up clinical pearls discovered from these podcasts on my inpatient rotations that genuinely surprised my preceptors and attendings. So many variables exist and must be accounted for in the critical care setting, and this resource helped me identify those variables. I’m very happy I stumbled upon this resource, and can attribute a lot of my success on rotations because of this podcast. Excellent podcast that shouldn’t be free!
ER doc here, love the podcast, high-yield, short and concise!
Joe's podcasts are great! Helped me study and pass for my boards. His content is non-biased and leads to actionable changes in the pharmacy world. His original podcasts brought me in and his recent ones keep me coming back. Told all of my colleagues about him, and they all listen. Joe filled a hole in hospital pharmacy podcasts. He's doing a great job with a huge growth rate. He needs a raise whoever he works or needs more sponsors since he's game changing and driving traffic to his podcast. ASHP or ACCP should contract him out now before his valuation gets too high. Thanks for all you do Joe!!
I am quite enjoying The Elective Rotation podcast. I work as a Physician Assistant in Pulmonary and Critical Care medicine. In medicine in general it is hard to stay up on the lates and greatest relative to trials and the plethora of medication being released continuously. Pharmacy Joe distills it into a few minutes format which is science based while instilling a dash of common sense which is hard to find nowadays. I started late, but I'm catching up on all of them and will continue to do so.
I'm a clinical pharmacist that rotates around our 120 bed hospital often covering the ICU. I was very excited to come across your podcast. I'm trying to increase my clinical skills as I want to be a useful member of our ICU team. I appreciate the review of things we didn't learn a lot about while in pharmacy school like reading EKGs as this is a useful skill and applies significantly to pharmacotherapy. Thanks Joe for your knowledge and insight. I look forward to listening every morning on my commute.
Pharmacy Joe is an amazing advocate for patients and families. He understands the complexity of pharmacy care and the systems that support it. I will follow his podcasts with great interest and recommend to all my clinical colleagues! Mark Pettus MD
Thanks Joe! Great advice to give for approaching physicians and leaving a great impression in any pharmacy setting. There's nothing like gaining the trust of another medical professional and having them look to you for more than just drug dosing.
Thank you for the very informative podcast Joe!!!
Great review. Thanks for including the link to the position paper in circulation.

By mks1
Thanks for the great podcast Joe!
I've been a critical care pharmacist for several years, and learned some new things on these podcasts. I like your style Joe!
I have subscribed to Pharmacy Joe’s podcasts in order to keep my knowledge on critical care pharmacology up-to-date. Pharmacy Joe does a great job in explaining the not-so-traditional role of the pharmacist in the team of clinicians that need to work together in caring for the most sick and fragile patients we have - the critical care patients and those that need resuscitation because of multi-organ failure. Each podcast is detailing a different aspect of the complex interactions in treating hypotension and shock, the use of specific vasopressors in “code” situations, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, phenylephrine and more. As a former practicing critical care physician, the views are expressed clearly and succinctly by Joe the Pharmacist. Joe's podcasts are refreshing and recommended !