Reviews For Scamapalooza

I want this podcast to go till I figure out what the scam is. I'm onto you Nicholas J. Johnson. A great podcast that fills a niche I didn't realize I had.
What I love about this podcast is that it not only talks about scams, but covers topics like magic, hoaxes, and films on those subjects which are so overlapping I think if you find any of those topics interesting you'll enjoy this podcast.
If you can only listen to one podcast today, try QuackCast. It's great! If you have a little more time, I highly recommend this one! It's entertaining, and very well done!
N. J. Johnson does a great job hosting this show: he’s always obviously done his research, and finds interesting guests. The episodes can be uneven, and sometimes he seems to be stretching a bit to find topics that fit the theme, but the descriptions will help you pick the discussions you want to hear. (So far my favorite episode, unexpectedly, was with ventriloquist Sarah Jones.)
Love the show, its got a great host, interesting guests and i love the topics!
I’ve listened to almost all of Nicholas’ episodes and greatly appreciate his humor and intelligence in exposing the scams and scammers. As a colleague in the field and co-host of The Scammercast podcast, I recommend Scamapalooza wholeheartedly.
Scamapalooza hosted by the incredible Nicholas J. Johnson is a real treat to the ears for any magic trick loving enthusiast. He and his chosen weekly genius guests delve into a world of illusion and trickery chatting about a wide variety of topics such as probability and chance, hypnotism, and puzzlecraft, to the arsenal of tricks a con-man has at his disposal and how magic is presented in film. This podcast is brilliant, genuinely interesting, and definitely worth a listen.
Nicholas has done a brilliant job of bringing to life the scams and artists that dwell among us. No fluff, just straight talk from the people who are actually out there doing it, debunking it, and honing their craft to a fine art. I love it! Hopefully this podcast will be around for a long time