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Tons of stuff I had never heard of before, but really great to have someone introducing me to stuff I might like
If you are looking for a digestible portion of subgenera, try the Deep Dive editions of Starlight Society. He does a good job of giving the musical highlights with some of the context around their development. He states his purpose and he delivers. To make it better, I would like to see him incorporate more of the non-musical influences that affected genre development—some mentions of the economics, politics, art, media. But as stated, it meets and exceeds expectations.
Like a DJ who doesn't care about countries or styles, Starlight Society is a blend of music and storytelling, walking you through music of the world from obscure to mainstream, from modern to classic, from genre to genre, it's a show about finding music to fall in love with, whether that's for the first time or all over again...
Like a good mix CD, this podcast gives nice suggestions for music you may have missed. Cliff does a good job of sticking to the music, but still fitting in some interesting trivia or background about why he’s picking a song. I enjoy how he can play a song and you may think you know who it is, but it turns out to be another band you’ve never heard of, from the same scene, who are just as good as the band you thought it was. Even when he plays a band I am familiar with, it’s usually a song that you would never hear on the radio. As a music discovery playlist or DJ mix, this is a good podcast. So far (two episodes in), it seems Cliff’s song choices have been well informed with some boutique taste. It was refreshing to hear someone play School of Fish and talk about Josh Clayton-Felt, one of my perennial favorites that few have heard of. He also has started playing some foreign language tracks, which is a nice change of pace from the normally English-heavy playlist. I am looking forward to more future episodes where, perhaps with guest hosts, he can deliver songs from outside his own comfort zone, but still with the insightful commentary between tracks that he can add when he is familiar with a song or artist. Anyway, he says it himself in the second episode. If you don’t like something, skip ahead a few minutes and there will be something else. Definitely a good source for discovering music you may like but haven’t heard yet.