Various Breads and Butters

Reviews For Various Breads and Butters

Great conversations, both profound and trivial. The combination of professors and interns is the best part!
Love it, catch it whenever I can. Keep up the great work!
The banter between Ben and Simon is fantastic. VB&B gives me a special way to connect to Laf since I've recently graduated. Want to give a shoutout to everyone who helps to put this together. Hoping it continues until I'm worthy enough to be a guest myself! Long live the highest rated podcast on iTunes.
You'll come for the news on the twos. You'll stay for the Friday/Sunday quiz and associated banter.
Ben and Simon's (but mostly Ben's) conversations capture the full spectrum of life with style and wit that is unmatched in podcasts these days. VB&B have Interesting guests and dialogue I never know where we will go, but I always laugh...
I'll never feel the same again about water fountains or Johnny Dickshot. Great podcast.
a humorous listen every time
Ben and Simon pull you in – and don’t let go. Each episode promises compelling commentary on current affairs, interviews with featured guests, thoughtful quizzes and much much more. Sonically sophisticated and engaging. Highly recommend.
You're familiar with Cheech and Chong, Burns and Allen, the Captain and Tenille...well move over, there's a new crew in town and their name is VBB. I just downloaded the entire series. Probably going to burn it to CDs for stocking stuffers this year. Can't wait for the holiday special and the raffle.
I love this podcast! Their humor makes any topic fun and interesting. And believe me, they will talk about things you didn't even know people could talk about. Keep up the great work!
I've listened to VBB yesterday on my drive to work. It's lovely to have Simin and Ben in the car with me. Loved the episode with the Shark Woman.