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Reviews For Caritas Podcast

Really great discussion and wonderful perspective from these two. Totally genuine and fun. The episode on Brideshead Revisited was particularly great and made me dive into a reread! Thanks for an awesome show!!!
I love this podcast! It’s so great to have found a podcast with young women involved in their faith. I feel like I can really relate to them as I am in a similar stage of life. They give me great ideas to improve my faith life and just life in general. I am always looking forward to a new episode and listen right away.
The podcast is unique and insightful. Seemingly applicable for every phase of life. Brigid and Elise are awesome and the sound quality is great. I've been so impressed with the guests and content featured. Keep em coming!
I recently found this podcast and am working my way through all the episodes. I appreciate Elise and Brigid’s honest takes on what it means to be a faithful woman in the modern world. I can’t wait to hear more!
This podcast is one of my very favorites—great conversation on issues of substance, from warm and sincere women striving to seek goodness and figure out what to do with their lives. They delve into so many important topics with a wise, thoughtful perspective, seeking true understanding and growth. Listening to Brigid and Elise always leaves me feeling encouraged!
I might be slightly biased in my review (having been a former guest) but I am in love with this podcast. Two genuinely authentic Catholic women leading by example and having quality conversation. Praying for your success ladies ❤️
Caritas provides a broad array of authentic conversations. Brigid and Elise have established conversations with individuals willing to share their personal stories. In turn those stories allow the listener to support personal reflection with a faced based lens.
I'm loving listening to and praying from the inspiration of Caritas! Thank you for bringing us your joy and love, for your authenticity and sharing your sorority lives with us. I look forward to to learning and growing with you each week!
I love Caritas Podcast! It has been a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration for living life as a modern woman of faith. Thank you, Elise & Brigid!
This was the first podcast I've listened to from Caritas and I was so happy to hear young women speak beautifully and full of faith regarding their lives and addictions. It was a true witness to Christ in their lives.
Loved how relatable the episode with Erica tighe was. Great job.
I am loving Caritas Podcast! These ladies do such a great job talking what it is to be a Catholic young adult today. They are fun, lively and insightful. Keep up the great work!
This podcast is a breath of fresh air. Cutting through the media noise of religion, state vs. church, church vs. state, blah blah blah, to give us what can only be described as really real conversations about what it means to have faith in your life while also maintaining cultural viewpoints that ascribe to a modern world. What an approachable duo! Keep it up.
I love this podcast. These ladies have done a great job of creating an interesting but relatable show. I love the guests you are featuring. Can’t wait for more!
WOW…Caritas Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Elise & Brigid. Keep bringing it.