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This weeks ep was weird eating asmr that I could just not keep listening to. Usually a good show (would be nice to have another woman on the show for some diversity) but please don’t eat and smack while talking. 🙃
Title says it all. If you like the Horde you should steer away lest you be shamed for everything the Horde has or will do.
I’m a big fan of the World of Warcraft lore, I just can’t stand the game. I like that these folks know so much about the world and story of WoW and are willing to share it. Honestly it feels like being at a lunch table with your best friends in college and needing out.
Been listening to these guys discuss my favorite game for years. Never gets old.
These guys know their stuff and articulate it effortlessly! Great listen that only got exponentially better with the subtraction of Anne and her arrogance. Keep up the great work!
Edit - January 2020. The show is instantly significantly better without Anne. Here’s to hoping that she never comes back. I really enjoy listening to the two male co-hosts of the show. They are very passionate about the game, they are extremely knowledgeable, and they are fun to listen to; however, the female co-host tends to get on my nerves. She interrupts the others almost constantly and repeats what they just said as if she is the one who said it and thought of it first, and her undiluted fan-girl love of the Night Elves and the Space Goats is aggravating. I find her to be the weak link in this podcast, and if she were replaced by someone else I think that the podcast could only greatly benefit from such a move.


I’m so excited I found this podcast. Haven’t waited this eagerly week to week for anything since the new game of thrones episodes.
As a wow player who's into lore, this is a great podcast with knowledgeable hosts. The biggest problem I find with this podcast is the lady host keeps interrupting the other hosts when they're into something interesting. The constant nervous laughs from her is just about bearable, but the constant interruption is really annoying, especially when her interjection is exactly what the host been talking about anyway. Could have been a great podcast if only the lead host would let the others have their say without interruptions.
It’s really tiring trying to listen to this group. rossi and ann are constantly speaking over the other guy, I hardly ever get to hear the poor guy contribute to the conversation. I like the topics but the interruptions when someone else is speaking is rude and unpleasant to listen to.
If I could only listen to one podcast, this would be it.
I enjoyed this podcast for a little while but I found it not to be what I wanted. I was looking to learn about lore not listen to them speculate about fan theories. When they do talk about legit lore, they talk about it as if us the listeners already know it. They don’t explain anything. Plus I find that one of the guys is always cutting the others off or being sightly rude, especially to some fan questions where I heard him call a one dumb for being asked.
Lore Watch is a great way for a novice WoW fan to catch up on the different aspects of the Lore. It has its bugs sometimes, but overall it has great content.
This show and it's hosts do a really good job of sharing lore with us, and letting us into their little nerd predictions on the future of the story. I have two complaints: it could be longer, sometimes they cut off a great discussion in order to fit it in an allotted amount of time. The other thing is a sound issue with Rossi. He goes from perfect to really quiet quite frequently lately. Maybe its just a new mic set up, but it's hard to hear him.
The host are ok but for the love of god learn to pronounce words man. It’s ill-a-din and sk-erje. If they pronounce words and events a certain way in the game use that pronunciation. Other that the podcast is mediocre at best. The female host interrupts too much and the guy who can’t pronounce words too well is annoying and talks over others. The other guy is ok and not annoying.
Great show hands down one of the better podcasts out there
Is there a podcast with just Matt and Joe??? The woman is insufferable
The fact that the hosts spend a solid ~20 minutes in an episode spouting about how they have no faction bias was pretty laughable. Especially given that they follow it up a few episodes later with ‘I hate the horde. Variant should have dismantled the horde when he had the chance.’ I can understand feeling uncomfortable with the events leading up to the burning of teldrassil and not wanting to be a part of it. But saying that you want to put the entirety of the horde down and still pretending that you’re a neutral voice is insulting to the listener. The first ~60 or so episodes were solid content, while definitely slanted towards the alliance lore characters. Once the faction conflict comes into play, as a horde player it doesn’t feel great listening to blanket condemnation of my faction. If you’re alliance, change the rating above to a 4-5 star as the discussion is quite good. If you are horde, however, you may want to give it a pass.
I’ve been listening to Matt and Anne for years and this podcast is my must-listen ear-food very two weeks! Conversation is lively, the banter is fun, and nothing else makes me feel more in-Game when I’m out and about.
This podcast is great. If your a fan of the word of Warcraft and want to enrich the immersion of the game look no further. I decided to start with the first episode and work my way up. Each episode is better than the last. The hosts have great banter that stays on topic and has a solid mix of different perspectives on this vastly deep world. My only compliant is that the show isn’t long enough!
Good content. Interesting ideas. Too much mop love for 5 stars.
Good lore discussion, knowledgeable people. Occasionally some really off the wall interpretations and theories Knock off a whole star for their pronunciation of Illidan as “illidon”


I’ve been a listener of this podcast for a while now purely because I love WoW lore and this is the only decent podcast that explores that topic. I find myself constantly getting irritated by Anne interrupting the other hosts, especially when she goes out of her way to call out Matt and Joe when they interrupt her. If the hosts were more aware of how they sound/interact, particularly Anne (sorry Anne), I think this podcast would be worth of 5 stars.
This has to be the best WoW podcast out there. It has great hosts who know Lore very well and their tinfoil’s usually come true. Very entertaining group of players!
I love this trio, my favorite Lore Podcast!
This podcast has great information and great thoughts from 2 of the hosts, but Ann really just interrupts the others and will actually change the subject without letting the others finish their thoughts. It's actually rather irritating and cringey to listen to. She presents herself to be the most learned of the 3 on any subject and steers the podcast to where she sees fit as opposed to it really being three people there to speak. I cannot continue listening.
I wish they could go longer on some of their subjects or go more in-depth into the lore of some of the artifact weapons I am only halfway through the series trying to catch up to current. But I wish I could just listen all day these guys are amazing!! Joe should also become an honorary lore columnist on the website :) Keep being awesome!!
Keep up the great work!!
Best wow podcast part 2
Although I usually await new episodes of this podcast really eagerly, the interruptions have been really irritating to me as of late. I'm glad the hosts are so excited, but it can be frustrating when one of the more soft spoken hosts are unable to finish their train of thought.
Drives me batty listing to this show !!! The information is all well and good, the constant interruptions to retread information over and over though, GAWD!!!! Ann's movie way to loud, she will blow your eardrums !!! Chronicle Vol 2 is a prime example of all this .
If you're listening to this, chances are you already are formulating your own tinfoil for the games. Good discussion and not too serious.
Dear Review Reader, I listened to an episode and was compelled to listen to all of the episodes immediately. Strong Recommendation! For the Blizzard!, Alepaw
I'm a first time listener, awesome show guys. I'm excited to go on a listening binge of past episodes. I was working while I was listening so I apologize if I missed this, but I don't think I heard you guys mention Telarius Voidstrider and the "Writings of the Dark Herald". The quest line shows that a "how to" guide for becoming a Demon Hunter currently exists on Azeroth. Also the RPG says that Kaldorie along with "a few other races" were inspired by Illidan. So is it possible we have Demon Hunters outside of our normal Belf/Nelf (Satyr DH plz) to look forward to interacting with? Just random DH lore stuff for those interested :D.
Really cool, fun way to learn the Warcraft lore, and I like how upbeat the cast is. The only problem I have is that literally every time Joe has an opinion, Rossi immediately says he's wrong :p
Talented, amicable, smart, honest, dedicated, and above all passionate. If you are, were, or possibly might be interested in the stories of Blizzard Entertainment's universe, this is the only podcast you will ever need.
I had pretty much quit WoW but listening to these guys nerd out on lore got me back into the game. Long time listener, proud supporter! Keep it up!
I was very excited to find this podcast after I read Chronicles vol: 1. Fantastic show that dives deep into the lore of World of Warcraft (and other games someday... But i'm totally happy with WoW talk). I also love the "tinfoil hat" discussions that goes on in the show. If your a fan of WoW lore, this show is for you!
Stop interrupting each other!
Great podcast. The cast are knowledgable and fun to listen to. The discussion is really interesting and not boring compared to other lore podcasts.
So glad I found this podcast! They dive deep into the lore of a world that I adore. Such great discussion about all thing Warcraft lore. Great topics so far. Please keep this one going!!
Informative yet surprisingly creepy. This podcast is an eerily fun way to get into the Halloween-Fall spirit. All the fun of a campfire ghost story in the palm of your hand. 100% recommended! 👍 😈🎃👻
I could listen to them talk about lore for hours. In fact I am kind of sad they hold themselves to such a strict 1 hour time frame. Listen and enjoy. Only issue is every Warcraft character is pronounced AWN regardless of spelling. IllidAWN, GuldAWN, MalfuriAWN, TiriAWN, DurotAWN, and that's all in episode three. Keep up the great work!
As a player who usually pushes through quests and only has a vague knowledge of the deep lore behind Warcraft, this podcast is an excellent round table type discussion podcast with lots of deep insight into the game I love. Hope this show goes on for a long time.
This podcast was always supposed to be in existence and the timeway corrected itself.
Rossi has been entertaining me with lore stuff for years now, and Anne almost as long. This is the podcast I always wanted them to do. Just let the two of them go off into whatever crazy tinfoil theory they want to explore, because they are both a big reason I'm as interested in the lore of Wacraft as I am. P.S. Blizzard, let them each write novels. They can be about the same event, even. Anne could write Horde, Rossi could write Alliance. Blizzard reads iTunes reviews, right?