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Liam really is an excellent host. It is obvious that he puts a lot of time and effort into researching each guest. His passion for the subject matter is apparent in his enthusiasm for each interview. I can only imagine that the content will be even better with the change to a biweekly format. I look forward to every episode.
I've tried to listen to other video game podcasts but none of them are as entertaining as FG. If you are looking for a bunch of friends talking about the latest game release and then making fart jokes this probably isn't the right podcast for you. Liam is a brilliant host who somehow finds a way to go deeper into talking about games than most video game podcasts. The guests are always amazing and unique. Anyone from voice actors, game designers, or any other gaming related jobs are all up for discussing video games in such a unique way. Thank you Liam.
As an avid listener of this show I am shocked and appaled I have yet to rate and review this spectacular show! Liam is an aboslutely charming host (not just due to his British accent) but his postivie attitude! The guests for this show are absolutely incredible. You will learn so much about games, and the games industry if you listen to even a few shows. I cannot reccomend this show enough. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!
You know that feeling you get when you talk about a game you really like? That's what I always get when I listen to the guests in this show. You can always sense their enthusiasm for the various games that touched their lives and learn about how it played a role in their current career.
Liam does an excellent interview with industry types before getting into what they love about games. It makes me constantly evaluate what I would bring with me to my hypothetical deserted island. I can't get enough of it. He also does the best intro in the business.
If Aristotle hosted a podcast about video games... this would be it! Liam is kind and a great listener. Guests are varied. Discussions are about the games we love and are a part of our story. I've found myself conjuring up lost memories when a hear a mention of an obscure game title. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to more. P.S. Get Ken Levine on if you can!
"Let's jump right into it..." Excellent show I really enjoy listening! Interesting concept with tons of great guests. I tend to listen on 1.5x speed because sometimes Liam or the guest take a while to get out what they are trying to say. Such a great show!
This show is special. Subscribe.
One of the greatest video game podcasts ever!
I have been listening to Final Games for the past couple months now, and I couldn't recommend it enough. In-depth discussion of the guests' favorite games is wholly entertaining, and Liam does a fantastic job of hosting the show. Also get to learn about some industry insiders! I particularly enjoy the episodes that feature game developers themselves.