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Thanks for making tenet more confusing and less likeable. But yes. John David Washington needs to be in more movies.
This podcast has helped me through some very hard times, especially in 2020, which was an agonizing year globally and for me personally. They say laughter is the best medicine and this show never fails to make me laugh. I often save the new episodes for when I’m doing something hard or boring, as a treat to help get me through it. Before COVID I would listen on my headphones at the gym and people would look strangely at me because I’d be laughing on the treadmill or while lifting weights. I think my favorite episode is “Boo! A Madea Halloween.” Jerah’s delivery of “TYGA’S IN THE MOVIE?!” kills, and the conversation around the movie is hilarious (but I’m not about to see the movie). The chemistry among the hosts is great and the commentary is always insightful, smart, and funny at the same time. Thank you so much for the work you put into this show!
Whenever somebody asks for podcast recommendations, this is my go-to. It’s hilarious, insightful, and I just love it.
Not a lot of podcast like this I must say. As a brotha who can’t relate to much of this, I feel like I’m learning things, many things about the greater world around me and within all of us in the race. Like the ‘more afraid of a black cop than a white cop’ or the ‘only black person in the theatre while watching a black movie’ or the classic ‘relating ______ to how it affects your careers as actors’. Usually it’s Jon is the logic, James is the comic relief and Jerrah is the heart and passion BUT all 3 are multifaceted enough to switch into the other along with many others roles. Because of that I trust these guys and the guest they pick. That trust was put to the test today when I listened to the (trigger warning) green book episode. I actually used to like the movie, felt very complicated and even a little bad when people started saying it was problematic around the movement (says something that so few said this until then), didn’t understand why and didn’t wanna face why, then manned up and listen to you guys on it and now I can see the problems and that I was possibly ‘sheltered’. So you guys are changing hearts and minds, changing the world even, making it a better place? Maybe that’s too big for 1 person to decide, but it’s sure got me seeing and noticing things more. Like you ever notice how most if not all the brothas on Brooklyn 99 are either cops or criminals, not anything in between? Those observations, I probably wouldn’t make some of them without this. I do wish they would review Tragedy Girls one day, but I know they’ll eventually get to it. Last thing, I love hearing a fellow black comic book nerd out here! As the white women say, I feel seen. Keep up the good work.
Aren’t the guys in their 30s? I guess I assumed most of the listening audience wouldn’t need Blue Chews yet. I’ve enjoyed the podcast for years. Sometimes the guys review movies I watched ages ago. Other times they review new movies and the reviews help me find new movies to watch?
I was hesitant to watch Jingle Jangle since I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but the pod convinced me to give it a chance. And I’m so glad I did!! Such a good movie, amazing cast, beautiful costuming, and even more beautiful story-telling. Love this podcast and always looking forward to new episodes! Hope you folx have a great holiday season~
The last dragon was the first time I was exposed to the drug which is your show. The black prospective and the chemistry you guys share is amazing. I try to put people on whenever I can not gunna lie I’ve been really cheap but I’m now gunna make commitment for that extra content. I just watched Is Usher the greatest Usher of all Time and I have to ask does anyone else think John looks like Black Barry Allen from the flash? No shade love him to. Keep up the grind and looking for my next fix.
Your review of JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY was magic! I love your idea of tagging children watching the film. Your podcast episodes bring me joy. I feel like I'm in the room with their lively conversation. I laugh and rant along with them. I enjoy the way the discussions go from film plots to characters to actors to your own lives and careers. You give a full sense of what it’s like to be a working actor in Hollywood. Your insights on Black life working, loving, laughing as well as the frustrations of trying to thrive within this racist system help the cause. Your podcast inspires me during this pandemic and the road back to working. Thank you for inviting us into your moments of bantering and friendships and ideas.
Edit: Resubmitting to request The 40 Year Old Version on Netflix. The below message still stands ☺️. This podcast is literally the highlight of my week. It's the only one I find myself going back and listening to older episodes, mainly the ones Jerah hates (his feedback is somehow captivating and infuriating at the same time haha). It's so awesome to hear all of their different perspectives on old and new favs. Y'all are the dopest!! Keep it up ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Love the chemistry between Jonathan, Jerah, and James! I only started listening recently but am already a huge fan of the podcast thanks to their insights and humor. We need to amplify more voices like theirs.
I love this pod i just stared listening about two weeks ago and it has been a binge fest....... I can’t wait for y’all to do tenet.... and more from my wife she says y’all review on the book of Eli was not her favorite she says... love you guys keep it up
great chemistry b/w the hosts w/ different perspectives, and a great way to revisit good (and bad) movies
After listening to white guys talk about movies for years, I am glad I found this podcast. I found this after watching Soul Food and needed to know someone else was bothered by the way the female characters were written in that movie. These podcasters have made so many great points about movies and society. It's weird going through the back catalog, because I have to keep reminding myself what year the episodes were made. Unfortunately a lot of the comments about racism, sexism, and systemic oppression have to be repeated again and again. Also, I laughed out loud when y'all assume Hillary won the 2016 election.
I love this podcast
Just finished listening to the review of “Like a Boss” with guest Dulce Sloan, and though I hadn’t seen the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Dulce is hilarious and as always the guys bring a smart, funny and insightful take on the films they review. I’ve been listening to the pod for a few years now, and I love it. It’s become a highlight of my week, and I also really appreciate the mental health check-ins that the guys have been doing this year. As we all know 2020 has been trash, and I’ve truly appreciated getting to know the guys a little better through those check-ins. Glad to hear Jerah is doing better mentally. Love you guys and the pod! P.S. I 1000% agree with Dulce that Astronomy Club being canceled is a travesty. And James’ Kat Williams skit is iconic. P.P.S. Would love for you guys to review Just Mercy (Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx film). It’s a timely movie with great performances and is now available on HBO Max I believe.
Listening to the replay of the Black Panther review, and hearing the palpable joy in their voices as they discussed the movie, and growing up with the comic, was a much needed bright spot in an otherwise terrible week. I’ve listened to show for years, and it never fails to provide smart, funny, and insightful commentary on the film industry. This show has changed how I see movies, and all entertainment, and I’m forever grateful for it.
I discovered y’all from Blank Check and Jon’s ep of newcomers and so glad I did!! I’ve been listening to 8 episodes a day sitting on my couch all day “working from home” and it’s been getting me through it. I love a new hilarious podcast that also has tons of super insightful takes. Especially since 90% of podcasts are just a couple of white dudes. My only complaint is that the episodes aren’t daily and 2+ hours long
I should mention up front that I’m white. Prior to listening to this podcast, I saw the film “Mary Poppins Returns”, and I was a little disappointed that Lin Manuel Miranda’s character, who was had a crush on the sister, carried 3 passengers across London on his bike just to go to her labor rally, that didn’t even benefit him in any way, and was not even given so much as a hug in return. Now, I have daughters, so I couldn’t really express this observation to them, but after listening to the “Beverly Hills Cop” episode, at least I knew that I wasn’t imagining things. But then, when I heard the review of “Shark Tale”, there was zero mention of the “soft swirl” opportunity that was created by an animated romance between characters voiced by Will Smith’s and Renee Zelwegger’s characters. I still like the podcast, but it feels like you guys have abandoned something.
Love the podcast! Jonathan Braylock is the Leonardo to James III’s Donatello and Jerah Milligan’s Michaelangelo. These three podcasters SLASH apart Hollywood filmmaking and critique the work of black filmmakers with ninja-like precision. I discovered your podcast through Astronomy Club and appreciate your nuanced takes on movies that I’ve either overlooked or haven’t aged that well. Possible review suggestion: GIRLHOOD (2014) directed by Celine Sciamma - as a French film about Black women set in the neighborhoods outside of Paris, I would love to hear your take on it.
Y’all deserve all of the flowers!! I love listening to movie/tv review podcasts but have gotten so! goddamn! tired! of listening to “race blind” takes on movies. Finally, finally, finally, I hear opinions and takes, with such insight, thoughtfulness and nuance! I have found my people. And I am so thankful for y’all. I just listened to your ep about Into The Spiderverse, and my heart is so full. Thank you!! For as long as y’all keep talking to Hollywood, I am here for all of it!!!! Your podcast gets all of the fists.
Just a great show. Hosts are really funny and insightful and know their stuff. Always great guests but do prefer the three of them alone, but I personally feel that way about most podcasts anyway. Keep it up!!
My first encounter with y’all was live at SXSW when I went to see Jake and Amir. So glad y’all were there too because this has been one of my favorite podcast ever since. I studied theatre education at UT and I’ve brought up your podcast in multiple discussions. Y’all make such hilarious conversation, but also share why it’s important right now, and it’s incredibly enjoyable. I’ve learned so much about exceptional and atrocious representation in film. Bray love the intro bits. James keep the Hancock bit but it’s time for a different movie. Jerah bring back The Swirl. P.S. If y’all review season 4 of The Wire, I will become a patron. If y’all haven’t watched The Wire, then omg. It couldn’t be more perfect for this podcast, especially in light of the events of 2020. Thank y’all!
Love this show, and these incredible guys. They always bring a fresh perspective, and know when to bring in other folks to enrich a conversation!
I started listening about three years ago very entertaining watching astronomy club on Netflix I think Hancocks a good movie I think Cyrus did a good job as Jody in baby boyBecause I grew up with guys just like Jody so It was believable can you please review Charlie angels 1/2 of theStarring actress are women of colorThank you
Netflix NEVER recommended this movie to me. Even though what I’ve watched on Netflix are related in spirit, structure, and content to See You Yesterday. Why did I only discover this movie in June, 2020? Why did Netflix say it was only a 83% match? Some of my favorite movies are Back To The Future, Do The Right Thing, and Groundhog Day. Anyway...screw you Netflix for burying this movie so I could never find it. I listen to DOZENS and DOZENS of movie podcasts, and Black Men Can’t Jump are one of just 3 or 4 podcasts that actually covered this movie. I can’t say it’s ENTIRELY the fault of the podcasters, because Netflix did not make it easy for people to find it. Anyway...all of that, just to say this...Thank you BMCJ, for being the only ones to talk about this movie. For that ALONE this podcast deserves 5 stars.
I discovered yall during the midst of all the BLM protests after Stitcher featured you on their home page for black voices. I love film & cinematography and as a black woman, I was excited to see a podcast with black people discussing black movies. I love hearing the guys different takes; even when I do or don’t like a movie they cover, I‘m able to see the movie from a different perspective than before. Like I used to think Hancock was an underrated movie. Now, not so much haha. Listening to this podcast has made me realize how much Hollywood still has to go when it comes to diversity & has made me even more critical of how black people & other POC are portrayed in movies. I love Jerah’s podcast-long rants, James’ Hancock bit and Jon’s cheesy title segways. Would love to hear you guys cover Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. Keep up the amazing work! 💕
I honestly don’t care about movies... at least I didn’t till this podcast. I heard these guys be absolutely hilarious on if I were you and immediately fell in love with the chemistry they had and how willingly they challenge and accept challenge from each other. They continue to bring up points that make me think and rethink about scenes that I didn’t even bat an eyelash at. Love it all! I’ll even listen to episodes about movies I haven’t seen, take in everything the guys say, then watch those movies and almost always agree with that they said! As a Pacific Islander I loved what they had to say about aquaman and kids being able to see themselves in a super hero!
I started listening to this show because Jerah was on Scam Goddess with Laci Mosley and I was like—this is good energy. Binge-listened to all the episodes of movies I’ve watched and then just started listening to episodes about movies I haven’t watched just because I love it. Smart, insightful, feminist, educational, enlightening, and hilarious. Thanks for making this show!
Since I grew up with immigrant parents, black media taught me how to navigate being black in America (e.g. showed me how to act when cops are present, taught me to work harder than my white counter parts, reassured me the micro aggressions I was experiencing were real, etc.) Revisiting these movies while hearing perspectives different from my own has been so much fun and enlightening. Thank you for all that you three do! PS Jon’s transitions are the best part of the show 😊
I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost a few years and I finally binged every episode from episode 1. Y’all have introduced me to black movies I never watched as a child and it’s inspired me to watch them all! The Bechdel test was an eye opener for me! I’ve learned how to view movies on a critical scale thanks to y’all. Also, Astronomy Club needs a season 2 because my favorite sketches are Monique rapping about all the countries and the Robin Hood one. Also also, Jerah’s drums are legit. Thank you!
I didn't want to give this cast a review until I could give it an honest five stars. The guys personalities and the aspect of blackness that they represent has always been appealing, but the lack of research and sometimes analysis, and the bits... the GD bits, were holding me back from being all in. Time has passed, and I have met Jerah, James, and Jon in the middle. The analysis has become more intentional, and I have been "Costanza'ed" by the bits😆. I have been a fan for as long as I have been listening, but these days, I am a Stan ✊🏿.
BMCJ is a fantastic exploration of cinema from a BPOV. Their focus, films featuring leading actors of color, takes them down some truly fascinating avenues, and the hosts approach these avenues with great chemistry, a solid dose of comedy, and insightful commentary. There are many film review shows out there, and it can be tought to choose one to try. Try this one. It's excellent!
I love this podcast so much. It has opened up a whole new world of movies I am embarrassed to say I had never watched, while changing the way I consume and interpret content. The hosts do not always see eye to eye, so you get various interpretations and perspectives. After listening to several episodes, including some from their magnificent Patreon feed, I rewatched The Princess and the Frog to see if my opinion of it had changed. It was like seeing it for the first time, and I was proud when I listened to their analysis of how much I had learned. I highly recommend subscribing and signing up for their Patreon. BMCJIH is a great podcast; Hancock is not a good movie. Still glad I watched it, though. His superhero costume was low key fly. Sorry if that is linguistic appropriation. I’m still learning.
Love listen to this podcast not just for reviewing movies i grew up watching and love but for enlightening me more on how our society and Hollywood need to step up for People of color. Listening to this podcast makes me feeling like I’m in a room with my friends and the sly intros always have my laughing on the train. Please review Jason’s lyric!
It will be harder to stop him during the quarantine when you can't physically restrain him from awkwardly forcing the title of the movie into the cold open of the podcast, but his reign of terror cannot continue. Now, more than ever, is a time for us to come together for the greater good! Also, you guys should definitely review Any Given Sunday. Read the oral history on The Ringer from last December. And then see if you can get Jamie Williams as a guest. The actual former NFL Tight End and originator of the Willie Beamen story, not the white kid who would have been 14 at the time that is somehow credited as "tight end" on IMDB.
I love listening to you all on road trips. I wish I had you all as a text group whenever I am watching a tv show or movie. I am on my umpteenth viewing of Startrek Deep Space 9, and I am screaming at the screen like a crazy person because where y'all at? I need your phone numbers, lol. You all should review Fast Color and Kin.
I enjoyed Astronomy Club enough to check this out. Great discussion on movies from the past with focus on Black representation. I think James the 3rd should get Hancock 2. He deserves it for how much he brings it up. Also Jonathon Braylock should play the lead in it. Haha James, that’s called karma. Seriously though, you guys are great. Thanks for the podcast.
Hey guys I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast. I often wish I could live comment especially on movies from the 80’s/90’s because I see the age difference when experiencing these movies. I’m glad you guys go back and try to experience these movies and I look forward to listening..even if I do get frustrated and go into old head mode.
Was recommended the podcast a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It constantly has me laughing out loud, but the guys also touch on some real topics. And the guests are always incredible.


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I’ve been subscribed to a lot of movie podcasts, but it’s nice to finally find one that is hosted by black men, and actually discusses important issues in Hollywood. Though the topics can get a little heavy at times, it never falls off the rails, unlike Hancock, which goes from goofy Will Smith superhero movie, to self-serious ridiculousness. Is Hancock a good movie?
If you love comedy and movie analyasis this podcast is for you.
These guys are smart and good and funny and good. Much recommendation.
Great perspective to hear about movies while also funny as hell
I love listening to you guys so much. I found the podcast a few months ago, and I literally can't stop listening. I am a college student, and I take mostly science classes, but you guys totally inspired me to take a screenwriting class. It was so hard, but so much fun. I low key really want you guys to review the movie Barry. Also, was super surprised that you guys didn't really like Last Black Man in Sanfrancisco. But, keep on doing you because I love it.
This podcast is my favorite, bar none. Jon, James, and Jerah (and their guests) do such a fantastic job of evaluating films with leading black actors through a critical lens while constantly providing real deal laughs. As a bi-racial person this podcast often helps me unpack complicated feelings around films that I can’t quite figure out- such as with the movie Waves, which my “white half” liked but my “black half” identified as deeply problematic/straight wrong in ways. I couldn’t articulate why at the time, but the podcast helped clear the fog. Your work legitimately affects the way I move through life and, as an aspiring comic and writer, how I see myself and my value, so thank you. These folks help unpack and reprogram the way black people/POC are represented in films and I just think it should be required listening for absolutely everyone. PS- James, S Club 7 will always bop
I’ve been listening to your podcast for nearly two years now and from the very first episode I listened to (black panther, of course) I was hooked. I quickly went through almost all of them. And some multiple times (your green book dragging lol). As a black woman who’s into film, finding your podcast was like stumbling across gold, and I’m so grateful for your thoughtful unpacking of films often neglected by other reviewers. I’m a senior in college and even tho you guys are a bit older than me (no offense), I always imagined that we’d be friends, and listening to your podcast makes me feel like we’re all sitting in my dorm room having late night discussions about my favorite movies and I love it! I’ve wanted to leave a review for a while but I wanted it to be perfect since I knew there was a chance you’d read it on air, and then it would actually be like we were talking in real life (!!) So hi James! Hi Jerah! Hi John! Hi James again (I feel like James would get me the most)! You don’t know me but you’ve been my friends in my head for a long time! Can’t wait for another discussion! -Cierra
The friendship and chemistry between Jonathan, James, and Keon Walters (from Chicago P.D.) makes this podcast a wonderful and engrossing listen. Their insights and perspectives have given more appreciation to movies I already enjoy and have led me to watch many new favorite films. In addition to many interesting conversations on why my coffee mug says “Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood” (Teepublic baby!!) Would love to hear their thoughts on A Soldier’s Story and Eve’s Bayou.