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Wow, what a terrible waste of time. These guys just tell stories that are not funny, not interesting, and not related to their "topic" at hand. During the robot episode, they did not begin talking about robots until 19 minutes in, and then got off track almost immediately afterwards. Same for the Black Friday episode. One of the worst excuses for information I have ever encountered.
A podcast super easy on the ears and lots of fun to listen to! Hosts have great chemistry and have some pretty wild ideas of how to get some of dat money!
Love it's originality and improve moments!
Excellent audio quality with an interesting and humorous conceit. A+
Great podcast on tactics and mindset of quckly acquiring wealth. Highly recommended.
I enjoy hearing these guys talk. Nice casual conversation.
or just have some laughs and learn some interesting stuff from these guys. Def. recommend you checking it out!
I initially read this as Get Rick Quick who was my roommate and college but went missing from social media when MySpace went defunct. This isn't about the search for his social media accounts but it's still good anyway.
I listened to just one episode and got rich. I'm not sure what happened but it definitely did
There are a billion conversation podcasts, so you really have to work hard to stand above the rest. Josh and Noel do a good job of standing above the slog through great audio quality/production, and mining topics from a different angle
I really like improvisors who use strong constraints on their comedy. I think things can be much funnier when you aren't allowed to go with the easier choice and really have to stretch. An entire podcast about ways to make more money shoudn't be this funny, but there it is!
Hard to explain what this show *really* is, but it's not really about getting rich ;) It's a funny podcast about anything these guys wanna talk about, but painted against the backdrop of, "Hey, we could totally market this <insert concept here>." That's a very clever, unique hook! This is a fun show :)
I sat and listened to a few episodes, took some of their ideas for my own and now I have money beyond my wildest dreams! And I didn't even have to share it! Thanks, guys!
Hilariously (sometimes dark) humor about getting rich. The guys give you outrageous and hilarious ideas on how to make money. Their chemistry is great and quality of pod is fantastic.
This podcast is an example of an original idea done very well. Josh and Noel make it consistently funny and the concept is interesting and unique, which us no easy feat. Well done!
I can offer no assessment of Josh & Noel as financial advisors - it all seems a bit suspect, but I suppose there are a variety of paths to the accumulation of wealth. I can, however, heartily recommend GRQ as an entertaining and easy-to-consume podcast. It's as if one is a silent party to a conversation with friends who happen to be slightly more interesting than oneself.
These guys are amazing—there's no rock they won't overturn to find yet another crazy or even just obscure way to make money! From dreams and secret societies to trash, cults, and animal rescue—Josh & Noel are relentless in their search for the next cash-grabbing gambit. And they are just funny. A great hour of listening.
Not really, but a great podcast.
Well not really, but this podcast is a great mix of realy information and humor. Interesting hosts, topics and guests create a great show.


The audio quality is pretty great, and it’s funny.
Awesome show, really a joy to listen
You learn something new every day!
What a brilliant concept for a show! There are so many ways a person can make money, and this is a whirlwind tour of just about all of them.


By RE7&18
Snarky and entertaining. Plus, you know, get rich!
I love the title of these shows and to content is great.
Great audio quality. Great interviews with interesting people. Well structured. Very cool show, guys. Keep up the good work.
This is fun! I randomly started with the Trash show; can’t wait to listen to more.
just like professor blastoff meets freakonomics. Have you ever had artichoke pizza? definitely one fly favorite places in nyc
well...actually I was just super entertained and then ordered a pizza.
Josh & Noel massage and improv their way into your heart by sharing tips and tricks each week on how to get rich quick. Subscribe!
I love this show! Each episode gives me something new and entertaining
Interesting approach to dry topics - I’m looking forward to listening and learning more!
This show is kind of like doctor demento gave you money making tips. Once I get rich and famous I am going to turn around and hire these guys for PR.


I'm so happy I found this show. Awesome information, great sound quality, etc. Subscribe!
I gained $24,000,000* off of the advice of this podcast. Thanks, Josh & Noel! *it was construction paper I cut up to look like money, not actual money.
After listening to just one episode, I made eleventy bazillion dollars. Look out for your 10%, guys.
I love listening to this pocast. easy to listen to , and goes down smooth, like cheesecake.
I wish they'd tell me how to keep the money.