Reviews For The Beta Report: A podcast about Netflix, Amazon Prime and movie recommendations and reviews

These guys are right on track with everything I love: fantasy, sci-fi, action, comedies, funny banter, amazon prime, Netflix, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, the struggles of growing up, etc. It’s like having an awesome conversation with your best friends right after you saw a new movie late on a Thursday night. They sound like radio personalities that I’ve been doing this for years. They have great insights and opinions! Keep it flowing guys. Stay up on the Trek love.
These guys always make me LOL, at work or on the metro! You guys rock. Will forever be a fan!!!
I love the show, very entertaining, you make me want to work on my movie and comics game. 👸🐺
These fools are great! Even if they butchered BvS. 🖕
Was looking for something to cure the boredom behind the desk for 8 hrs a co worker introduced me to this podcast & been hooked since! Hilarious group of guys, great vibes & loud laughs. Keep em coming! 😎
Just subscribed and downloaded the last 8 podcasts to listen to at school! I'm bout to Beta Report binge!
great group of guys, honestly love listening to this while im out delivering on my fedex truck. stuff is legit. cut the check…..
Wow the chemistry between everyone is great! So easy to Follow, hilarious, and great conversations. Enjoyed it for sure!!!
The team does a good job of making the listener feel like one of the group. It's fun and informative and they're here to stay.
“Masterpiece” -Chicago Tribune. "solid podcast when they include me in the show” - Arnold Shwarzenneger. New York Times rates it a "mesmerizing work of art!!" "it’s simply great way to waste your time driving to work!" -Noe Davis Diaz
Enjoy this podcast very much!! Great reviews and suggestions!
I don't really listen to podcast, but I have really gotten into this one. I was recommended it by a friend and I have listened every week. The guys all had great chemistry which makes for random funny moments, that really make this podcast special. It's funny how they butcher the name of the one Sponser that they have! For someone who doesn't have a lot of time to watch all the new movies out, it's great that these guys can filter things out for me. Also on a side note I to did cry when Andy gave his toys away to the little girl at the end, so I'm with Lou. Check it out! Do it! Do it NOW!