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Wow! What a breath of fresh air the GG podcast is Sybil Amuti shares relevant information in plain, and sometimes comical ways; but, she is always serious in her purpose – helping people to see life through a new lens. Each time I listen to a broadcast, I know that there will be an “ouch” as well as an “aha “moment. The GG Broadcast is where every woman meets the girlfriend who is down for her, who wants her to succeed, who will help her to see the best in herself. Take a listen, you’ll be glad you did!!!
This year I promised myself I would take time to work on me! My first step has been a connection with the Great Girlfriends experience. The podcast are right on time and has helped me begin a journey of self care and self love! I’m so excited I found them ❤️
The Great Girlfriend has consistently provided heartfelt quality content. Sybil is a great host who is knowledgeable and encouraging. Keep up the great work!
One day I decided I wanted to listen to podcasts so I googled ‘top podcasts for women’ and the Great Girlfriends show was on the list. I said ok, let me give it a try! I am not joking, this was one of the most pivotal decisions of my adult life. I’ve been listening to the show for over 3 years and it has been life changing! This podcast has inspired me, made me question things, made me feel seen and so many other emotions! Sybil and Brandice are SO down to earth. Just really cool women. So cool, in fact, that Sybil came out to my friend’s women’s retreat two years ago to present! I had a total fan girl moment!! If you are looking for a new show that will excite, inspire and ignite you, you have to check out the Great Girlfriends show!
This was an awesome session!!! I love the know your normal and be your own advocate. I’m going to research broccoli sprouts. I eat broccoli but I’m going to research the sprouts. Thank you for the information. Shout out to Chante and Sybil !!!💗💗💗
This is my number 1 go to source for inspiration and motivation. The Great Girlfriends podcast feels as if I am in the living room with a touch of therapy. Thank you GGs for having this sacred space for me to grow, learn and build as a woman.
Listen…I can’t stress how BOMB DOT COM this podcast is! The topics are fantastic, relevant, real and inspirational, oh and let’s not forget about the hostess with the mostest, who make this all possible!!! If you’re looking for some feel good, sista girl, OMG, that’s me, I’m not alone, yes girl moments, seek no further! You’re welcome in advance. LOL
I enjoy the show. It is fun and informative as well. The goods are always relevant and you know you’re listening to real girlfriends.
These podcasts are my “Great Girlfriends” time! During this pandemic, I have not been able to attend girls night out, weekend trips to the winery, or many of the other things I am accustomed to with my girlfriends. The Great Girlfriends podcast makes me laugh AND cry as they inspire me and CHECK ME - just like a good ‘ole girlfriend. Subscribe and they will always be there like a Great Girlfriend. Share and talk about the topics with’s are so good!
Thank you!!! The most recent episode was so timely. It ministered to my now. I love the statement “peace doesn’t equal happiness...” There is so much in that statement. Thank you for being a catalyst of true growth and enlightenment.


By MzBran
Listennnnnn! Episode 328 got my life all the way together! I appreciate all of the nuggets dropped in this episode! If you need some motivation in being strategic from a girlfriend check out this episode!
I’ve been a member of the Facebook group for awhile, but only started listening to the podcast during quarantine. The shows so far are so inspiring and informative! I loved the interview with Mrs. Bertha from Memphis. Her story is so powerful and important especially now when there is so much we need to continue to stand up and fight for. SN: I’m from Memphis too and graduated from JPF (‘04) and Central (‘08) as well! 😃
Love all the guests I feel like I’m sitting there with them! Thank you for your honest dialogue!!


I look listening to the GG pod. So refreshing and inspiring listening to the authenticity of the co-creating of this phenomenal tribe of women.
Great content but the sound quality is not good...I was struggling to hear anything.
I’m so glad I’ve come across this podcast! I’ve grown up always feeling different and disconnected from my family but I always knew it shouldn’t be that way. While they refuse to acknowledge the dysfunction and hurts by sweeping them under the rug I wanted the complete opposite. I wanted to heal but it’s hard when you really can’t find someone that will share the same desire. Even amongst friend you find they only want to mask and put bandages on deep wounds. I want to be free of it all. This latest episode with Tray Kearney had shedding silent tears on my commute to work. I’m a boy mom and could both sides of the coin. I grew up in dysfunction where men were an option and I never want my son to feel like he’s an option. I struggle with being less hard and emotionally vulnerable as Tray described because I had to be all through out my life. I want to take the super woman cape off and this was a reminder as to why it’s so necessary. I need to heal myself so that the generational traumas end with me and my son isn’t tasked with carrying the boulders of my bad decisions whether they are conscious or unconscious on my part. Thank you Sybil and Brandice for creating this safe space and bringing along other great girlfriends to drop gems for us.
So glad I found this podcast! I’ve listened to several episodes and found a nugget to take with me from each one. The episode with Mikki Taylor was chock full of nuggets! I highly recommend!!
The Great Girlfriends podcast is like one of those movies that you have to watch about 5 times in order to digest it in it’s entirety! As a woman in her almost mid 30’s I have found the nuggets these ladies drop to be life changing. I often go back and listen to episodes over again, when I’m experiencing different things in my life and I always uncover something new and beneficial. Brandice and Cybill are like the sisters I never had. Very thankful for this podcast, it is apart of my self-nourishing, self-caring routine.
Love this podcast! Love hearing these powerful uplifting, informative, inspirational and aspirational conversations!!!
This podcast gave me life on so many levels!!! When she spoke about the Zulu term Sawubona and it’s meaning, that really hit home for me!!
I don’t know how I have been existing without this pod cast in my life !! I’m binge listening and getting my WHOLE LIFE!!!
Have you ever had that friend that you just LOVE because she’s so supportive, generous and wants to see you win?! Yeah, she can be hard to come by in real life, but Honey! Tune in to The Great Girlfriends!! It’s like brunch, cocktails and laughter with some of the smartest, most well-connected, yet down to earth chicks you know. Sybil and Brandice aren’t only great girlfriends to each other, but to all of their listeners...and they bring on a dynamic array of guests who are ready and willing to open up about mostly anything. From career to confidence, finding a man to making our marriages last—they give me every reason to keep tuning in week after week. Love y’all!! Please keep em coming!! Can’t wait to see y’all at The Great Girlfriends conference next week! Amber @theflowcoach
I found this podcast randomly and thank God I did. I love the honesty, candor and transparency of it all. There have been times that I have been in tears like “Y’all don’t know my life!” But y’all do. Y’all do. And I am so grateful!
Hi Brandice and Sybil, I started listening to you guys spring 2018. From the first episode I was hooked. You made my long commute to work seem like nothing and you kept me company on the nights I had to stay up late to make flower girl clothes for my daughter and niece, after long and exhausting work days. Last summer was a bit trying when you guys took a break and I kept refreshing every week hoping that you’d pop in or something. I love you guys and what you do for women and girlfriends everywhere, and I wish you all the best.
Finding The Great Girlfriends podcast was pivotal point in my life. I was at a point in my life where i felt stuck and defeated, but listening to these beautiful women speak about pushing yourself forward, combating fear, and trusting God has really given me a renewed mindset on my outlook on life. I have a fire in my belly every time i listen to an episode. I’m ready to go out in the world and be amazing. I thank you ladies for your contribution to this feeling.
I simply can't praise this podcast enough! I've been listening for several months now, so this review is certainly long overdue! The impeccable timing of each episode often makes me wonder if God has shared snippets of my life with the two of you, as well as with some of the amazing and super transparent women you've selected to interview for each episode. Without a doubt, this project is being used as a tool to nourish my soul and assist with taking the necessary steps toward building the great life that I know God has reserved for me. Thank you both for exampling excellence, for unselfishly sharing your own stories and for using your gifts to create The Great Girlfriend podcast & Community. With each episode, we are empowered to do the personal work needed to achieve our best life, even if/when unanticipated detours are required. Agape, Shawn
Trying to harmonize in this loud and yet beautiful life we’re given, can be a challenge. But Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel, talk about EVERYTHING in between that we overlook and often times become overwhelmed with. These women keep it REAL and share that it’s okay to ask for help, seek therapy, prioritize, say NO, listen, block out the excessive noise, be self-FUL and create healthy relationships in the midst of know...Life! I am grateful for these amazing women, my GGFs, who have exposed me to so many amazing women through this podcast and how seeking clarification is necessary, NECESSARY for taking charge of building your legacy. Thank you Sybil and Brandice for sharing your light, from the woman first, wife, mother, and GGF...CL Mays!
35, and unraveling here!!! Episode 173! Strategy is key! I plan on taking off my coat! Excellent analogy!! Thank you!
This latest episode on shrinking is so timely!!! Especially from women like YOU!!! Listening to you Queens, I feel like I’m there with you & your girlfriend!!! Love it! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
This podcast has been so helpful during my time of growth and healing. Sybil and Brandice are the great girlfriends who have motivated me to stop just writing, talking and thinking about what I want do and to go for everything. They’re funny and inspiring. This podcast will be a positive addition to your day, everyday!
I started listening to the Great Girlfriends podcast in the summer of 2017 after it was recommended to me by one of my great girlfriends. I have learned so much from Brandice, Sybil, and their great girlfriends over this past year! Since listening to the podcast I am understanding the importance of self-care and make intentional efforts to care for myself. I’ve stopped limiting my expectations for what I can have and accomplish in life and in my career and have taken a few mini cliff jump over the last year (thanks Brandice!). Sybil and Brandice are phenomenal women. I am sincerely grateful for the work they are doing. Thank you so much, Ladies! -LD from ATL
I have only listened to three episodes and I am totally hooked. I listened to the episodes with Camara Aunique, "It's Time to Jump" and "Setting High Expectations".... I am so happy I found this podcast as a result of buying my ticket to the Great Girlfriend's Confernce. I am more excited to attend the conference after listening to the three episodes... I am committed to making big changes in my life in 2018--the advice from this podcast will be apart of my journey to great! --Kemoy Duhaney
The best kind of live is when the other person knows you so well that you can’t stay mad at them because they know how to make you smile. And you hate that, but love it all at the same time!! That is exactly how I feel about The Great Girlfriends. Every episode checks me in an area that I needed to be checked in, so I get an attitude, but they know exactly what to say to remind that they are right and I need to do better. I feel like Sybil and Brandice are TRULY my great girlfriends!! Thank you so much for creating a space for great women to become better without a title, expectation, or compromise. This podcast is like listening to a good baptist preacher that makes you stand up, scrunch up your face, and throw your handkerchief as you yell, “You betta PREACH, Pastor!!!” Lol!!! Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!
The one with Dee C.Marshall & The 100th episode! Thank you ladies!
First, let me just say I literally love these women and you will too! Their podcast and delivery are amazing! They are authentic, full of wisdom, very funny and just down to darn earth! What more can you want in a podcast host?! You will learn and be inspired by this podcast all while feeling like you are chatting with your two best friends. I am 32 and I feel like they are my “big sisters”! So get on board and become a Great Girlfriend!
As a 24 year old woman who has recently obtained her B.S. and still searching for a purpose, this podcast gives me hope and encourages me! I love this soooooo much.
This podcast is like sitting at the table with your good girlfriend, just talking life and supporting each other. You guys made me believe in female friendships again.
Great podcast. Very uplifting. I love the sisterhood, the conversations and how they honor their husbands at the end of each show!!
Always a pleasure listening in. The Great Girlfriend network is amazing!
This podcast is ok but hey talk too much about themselves and their own relationships.
I absolutely LOVE The Great Girlfriends! Not only do they have awesome guests & create great content, they are hard working, transparent, and REAL! I anxiously await each new download & I look forward to listening to Sybil & Brandice for years to come!
Sybil and Brandice have been my voice of reason, my support and my motivation to want and do better in life. They helped me stay positive and go for best and even in those times I don’t think I can they push me to dig deep and find the desire to keep going. Two of the most inspiring women I know!!! Not only are they my girlfriends but My big sisters for life!! ❤️❤️❤️
I love y'all, Sybil and Brandice. You ladies are such powerhouses! I truly enjoy listening to your podcast every week. In fact, I get excited every time my iPhone sends me a notification that a new episode is available! I learn something new from every episode whether y'all give us some powerful nuggets from the Sybil and Brandice playbook or feature an amazing great girlfriend on the show!! Brandice, I love your amen corner idea and the handkerchief!! I be in my office at work trying not to laugh so loud! Thank y'all so much for your consistence and persistence for giving us great content every week even when the going got tough sometimes. You ladies are the bomb dot com and I am grateful to have you m all apart of my life even though we haven't personally met yet! You all give me motivation and inspiration to fight the good fight of my dreams and vision that God has for my life! God Bless!
No matter your race, gender, age or country - these ladies are dropping KNOWLEDGE for FREE! So happy I came across this and feel like I just gained a few wise elders t guide me through my life as I seek growth and entrepreneurship. Episodes aren't filled with fluff but straight to the point with relatable examples and tangible actions! Life changing !
The Great Girlfriends podcast helps me grow every episode that I listen. Sybil & Brandice really seem like great girlfriends/ sister-friends who uplift and encourge each other while they drop nuggets on their weekly podcast. I will continue to listen and share with my friends because I believe in the two ladies and I know their words of widsom manifested in my life when I applied for a position and received it. Thank you!
If The Great Girlfriends isn't on your podcast list, you are missing out on so much wisdom. I've always LOVED being around "old heads" that's what we call them down South, because they have knowledge that can't be found in textbooks and they've touched life a tad bit longer. Back on topic, these women share their truth and speak from a place of authenticity! Not only that, they've created a space where other women can operate in a place of vulnerability and truth. They're literally MY online mentors. The Great Girlfriends reminds me that I am not alone as I am climbing the ladder in my career. Listen to this podcast. Follow them on social media- @TheGreatGirlfriends // They respond, they're HERE for US! Xo
I love the Great Girlfriends podcast. Very informative wish I had these years ago.
Let me just start by saying that Sybil and Brandice are truly anointed by God in every way! Talk about women walking in their purpose and doing so in such obedience! AMAZING!!! I asked God the other day what to pray for as I take a journey with friends to do a prayer challenge and He lead me right to this podcast. I subscribed a few months ago but I'd fallen behind on listening regularly. Well, clearly, I had some catching up to do because I found myself listening all day! I even shared it with several friends and family members so they could subscribe and listen. In today's world, we need such transparency in the lives of everyday women. Episode 103: It's Time to Jump, hands down, woke me up! I'm now eager to get to my cliff and jump! After discussing some episodes with a friend, we received some confirmation on what we need to do be doing. I absolutely love the work being done here for women. KEEP THE BLESSINGS OF YOUR WORK FLOWING! I'm so excited to be a GG! ☺️
I stumbled upon this podcast after seeing these two ladies in Essence Magazine hosting a huge seminar for women info exchange and empowerment. Their podcast is so very lifting and after a bombardment of news exchange, it's like listening to my two favorite friends speaking things I want and need to hear. No competition no blah blah talk I sometimes hear from my friends. They make me get my own conversations back on track and reminding me to talk sense always and be productive with my words. I will be listening from now on. Thanks so much!! Congratulations on your 100th podcast. I have a lot to catch up on. Blessings!!