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I was listening to your latest episode just to get your Pose review and it’s funny how you’re the first two people who have stated that the show is bad. Paris is Burning is Irrelevant??? All of that stuff you admire from Drag Race all comes from the ball scene and the trans community of color. You guys are so disrespectful and culture vultures so of course you’d be Ru fans. The depth that you didn't see in the show reflects your shortcomings not the shows. He has entitled white gays such as yourselves that this lack of empathy and self reflection is okay. This podcast episode had a very racist undertone so I can only assume all of your episodes have that undertone. Especially since drag race has been allowing their racist fans to come for the black contestants. Looks like I’ve stumbled on some of those ‘fans’. And luckily for the cast and crew of Pose they are getting the best reception and don’t need any mentions from Ru Paul or his intolerant minions
don’t ever leave again!!!
My spirit animals. They are so funny and so real. I can't get enough of them. I am binge listening to old podcasts while at work and am having so much fun doing accounting work! Love u boys!
Well these guys seem like they don't even enjoy the show and can be really bitter and hateful. They may be a bit young because some of the cultural references go over their head. I also don't enjoy the the general chatter that is the first half hour I just skip it and get to the Drag Race part.
If you like pop culture, bad reality shows, and drag, you will love his podcast. Jason and John are hilarious and cast the right blend of cynicism and genuine delight at the celebs and programs they cover. I hope new episodes go up soon!
I listen mostly to the rupauls drag race recaps and show related things, and the hosts don't even seem to enjoy the show or talking about it and pretty much think everything is bad. I enjoy the show and the queens that come from it quite a bit and I don't know why you'd do an after show for a show you don't even enjoy. They seem over it.
Guys, "butch queen" isn't from Paris Is Burning. It's from ball culture, and PiB is a rich document of that culture as it existed in the late 80s. The term is still in use today. If you're going to make a podcast about a subculture that you aren't really a part of, you should at least do your research.
Like the other reviews mention, its funny, it's sharp, and its VERY promising. Keep em coming is right! Would love to hear more of the original music - its great ! So unique to the podcast wasteland. Looking forward to more goodness! Xoxo
Thank you for doing this! Looking forward to more episodes.
Great new show hosted by 2 funny guys.
Great show keep 'em coming!
This may be the best podcast ever.