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Loved listening to this podcast until I had to listen to almost two hours of Gomer trying to justify voting for Trump. Like maybe if it takes that much convincing something isn’t right about it.... When they don’t try to wade into politics this is a great show about the faith and culture without being super shamey, unapproachable, or too pious. I wish I could get a *politics* warning like we do with explicit content so I could just skip those episodes and enjoy the show without having it tainted by he-who-shall-not-be-named.
Honest, fun and insightful. I enjoy the length of the episodes and the honest and open dialogue around faith and cultural issues. Occasionally they’ll drift into topics I’m not interested in (cue avengers) but that’s cool. At some point I’ll have to find out who the heck Balthazar is 😂
My dudes. I love you and will listen forever, but how many times must we jump the shark?
I get the criticism of Catching Foxes. My husband can’t stand them and thinks their arrogant and childish. Fair enough. I’m also arrogant and childish sometimes. If you’re looking for more instruction-based and want a life-changing theological homerun every episode, I would probably recommend Fr. Mike Schmitz. I also enjoy Pints with Aquinas, Fides et Ratio, Word on Fire, and CSYSK. So now that I’ve covered those bases, I have a love for Luke and Gomer after listening to hours and hours of them and I appreciate their work and allowing me as a listener into their friendship and lives. Keep it up and come visit MN! PS: Also Luke thank you for being so gracious when I super embarrassingly jumped on that Instagram live during quarantine. I felt like an idiot but you made me feel like a valued listener.
I realized I needed to write this review when I found myself checking my phone first thing Friday morning to see if a new episode was out. As a 30 year old stay-at-home mom I listen to A LOT of podcasts, and Catching Foxes has become one I cannot miss. I love learning about faith and culture from Gomer (his other podcast Every Knee Shall Bow is also great), and Luke has taught me so much about empathy and looking at the church through a lens that is orthodox yet different from my own. I look forward to listening to Luke and Gomer’s conversations with one another because of their authenticity and love of Christ mixed with a dose of reality, humor, and a lot of references I don’t quite understand, but love hearing because listening to two guys enjoy one another’s friendships so much is part of the show’s charm. Thank you Gomer for making me seem smarter, thank you Luke for making me seem more compassionate, but mostly, thank you both for challenging me to be a better disciple. I re-downloaded Patreon and became a supporter because I love what you guys are doing, and I love listening every week!
Gomer’s Best Friend Chris Miller here. I just started listening to this show. I’m pleased with the amount of “Best Friend Chris Miller” references. I’m usually listening in double speed, hunting for nuggets to troll Gomer on at my leisure. Thank you Luke and Gomer for giving me a new pastime. Gomer’s BFF - Chris Miller
John-Paul here, Long time listener, first time writer. I’m one of those guys that listened from the beginning, and I started listening about 2 years ago. I don’t vibe with every show, but when I do it’s extremely impactful. I’m turning 25 this year and being the youngest of 7 really let’s me into your age humor more then I’d like to admit, but it’s great. Thank you for doing this, it brings joy. God bless.
Very suburban-nostalgia, very elder-millennial. There’s a kind of misplaced sense of masculine “authenticity”, definitely not distinct to them, but they use it to cover for the forced swearing, the lack of preparation, the child-like obsession with movies and TV, a guilt-ridden resistance to physical exercise, and a too-apparent undertone of glee at the prospect of increased Patreon funding.
These guys are great. The kind of podcast that you listen to because you want a solid take on things that generally cover issues that Catholics have in mind. There is a lot of personal reflection and chemistry between Gomer and Luke that truly is their brand. It’s more like being in a conversation at the bar than listening to a radio show.


Good banter and good taste in music.


Quality catholic podcast and only one that makes me actually laugh out loud. Very relatable and worth listening to every week.
You guys have helped a lot, keep it up
These guys are your modern day Pharisees. Consistent judging, slandering, and just nonsense. Both of these guys could use a huge dose of humility. If they invested as much time in their physical well being as they do talking negatively/ill of others (gossip) they’d probably feel a lot better about themselves. These guys were your typical insecure nerds in HS who went and got a theology degree and feel superior for the first time in their lives. Really sad. Would never let my kids listen to this and also wouldn’t let these 2 anywhere near my kids. Something is clearly off with these two.
These guys are super irresponsible. I understand it is an opinion podcast but their pod on Dynamic Catholic is utterly false. It was extremely one-sided without doing research to get multiple perspectives. I work at Dynamic Catholic and have had a great experience working there for 5 years. These guys are contributing to the toxicity and gossip that is a big part of the current subculture in the Catholic Church in America. They have a background of working in parish and diocesan ministry. YIKES. They make me not want to get involved at a parish. This is the kind of gossip and territoralism that goes on behind closed doors in parishes. It is all about what THEY think the Church needs rather than what is needed for the greater good. Many of their opinions are not Christ-like at all. They are slanderous and not well informed. Regarding their take on Dynamic Catholic, I offered to hop on a call with them to have a conversation and give them another perspective, but of course, no response. It is very disappointing that these are people others look up to within our Church.
I tried Luke and Gomer. I really did. I personally have a distaste for the flippant vulgarity they employ. It is so contrary to the purity that Catholics are supposed to uphold. Luke 18:17 - “Amen, I say to you, whoever will not accept the kingdom of God like a child, will not enter into it.” 1st Corinthians 13:11 - “When I was a child, I spoke like a child” I believe that it was their interview on the Matt Fradd Show that they described that the purpose of their profanity was to display their authenticity to the audience. This is indeed the case, because unfortunately, many Catholics can relate to the bad habit of cussing. However, I truly believe if you have to stoop to such lows in every single episode, any authenticity you have is a cheap and lazy one. But it isn’t just the cussing. The content matter is ridiculously long and drawn out for unimportant issues. All discussion is anecdotal. Personally, I can’t see listening to this podcast as anything other than a waste of time. Episode through episode I pressed on awaiting the funny, engaging, and morally fortifying entertainment so many fellow Catholics had promised me. I never found it. They don’t speak of the pressing, deadly issues of our present day to the faithful, and one day, they will have to answer to this profound folly of theirs. If you’re looking for something funny, entertaining, authentic, and truly worth your ears, try Taylor Marshall, Timothy Gordon, or Matt Fradd first.
I’m pretty busy so a lot of my podcasts have lost priority, but no matter what, I find time to listen to these guys. It’s so refreshing to find an honest and actually funny, not stuffy Catholic podcast that is truly authentic. I am a woman and I LOVE this podcast...a lot. Keep up the good work y’all!
I just found this podcast and listened to the Rebecca has-been interview. My daughter is a freshman at FUS and I was like oh my Lord! But I was laughing half the time which is great!
Even when it seems these guys are going off topic, somehow they seamlessly bring in the catholic faith. It is clear they live their faith and continue to grow in it, and admit honestly where the are struggling in it. I often am laughing out loud, and looking up people or bible verses they reference. Wonderfully nerdy. Highly recommended.
I’m not always in the mood for Matt Fradd or other podcasts, but I’m always in the mood for Catching Foxes. Thanks guys. Always love listening!
I love this podcast. Possibly I’m only 1 of 2 women who listen, but I’ll yell to the heavens that “I love this podcast!” These guys are fantastic - they’re able to keep the conversation going (or are just amazing at editing - haha), they talk about pertinent Catholic topics, they talk about real life (sometimes serious stuff), they talk about Marvel movies, they read hilarious emails from bad breakups years ago, sometimes they have cool guests... I mean, what else can you ask for in a podcast? There is the occasional expletive, but it’s always used appropriately and in context. And you know what? If you can use them right, then I don’t have any issue hearing them (although I don’t listen in front of the kids ;) Anyways, awesome job, you guys. I look forward to your podcasts and will skip all the others in my queue when I see that your newest has been released. Never stop!
It’s a Catholic podcast you can’t listen to with your children. They curse, act childish and are proud of it. Too bad, because they do have some good things to say, some good guests and salient points. Too many other great Catholic podcasts out there to subscribe to this one.
Crude and vulgar language, ridiculous joking around, like frat boys gone wild. This offers nothing to the true Catholic faith.
Hilarious and challenging - but don’t listen while lifting weight a, you may drop the weights on yourself laughing out loud.
Thanks s
I love listening to Gomer and Luke. It’s like you’re over hearing their personal phone conversations so therefore they’re themselves and certainly don’t pretend being a Catholic is all sunshine and roses. BUT Gomer often uses incorrect grammar. For expample he’ll say “me and my wife” when he should be saying my wife and I. For some reason this bugs me because I know he is a really smart and educated guy, but when he uses incorrect grammar it undermines all that!!!
Y’all are amazing. I was especially inspired by your real talk in terms of masculinity/ accountability, living the faith, etc. The topics are also great. Also, that email about your (Luke) breakup with “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” was one of the most amazing two minutes of my life. I think I laughed for the next ten minutes- listened again and repeated the cycle. Thank you for being authentic with us and light-hearted about human life!
This episode blew me away. I am literally giddy every Friday to hear Luke and Gomer’s musings. This episode kicked it up to the next level though. God bless y’all for your honesty and for ‘drawing back the curtain’ on public ministers needing healing too. Love and prayers for you both, and wtg Matt Fradd!
These guys aren't here to glorify God, spread the faith, or explain any Catholic concepts. They clown. Don't expect the Catholic problems of the day to be discussed, or your soul to be nourished. Clowning. That's it. With a nasty brand of "anti-Boomer" venom on the side. Punks.
I know I’m gonna get pushback for this. These guys are doing good work, carving out space in a digital environment where Catholic voices need to be heard. And I know podcasts have a different level of expectation in regards to content and delivery. BUT. Long-winded self-indulgence abuses the goodwill and patience of your audience, and for crying out loud, use a pause and take a breath instead of shoehorning yet another string of “like, like, like” into the beginning, middle, and end of a sentence.
Gomer and Luke's honest discussions on religion and living as a disciple have had a profound impact on my life. Gomer's heartfelt plea to "Wake up, just wake up!" allowed me to really look at my life and begin making some much-needed changes. Love the fun cultural and political episodes as well, thanks guys!
Yes I said it! These great guys are helping me mature as a man in my Catholic faith by talking about the actual things that happen in life. So glad I found this podcast.
The best Catholic podcast out there! They are funny, honest, and not afraid of controversy.🙌🙌
Honest, funny, enlightening - not much more you could ask for from a podcast. This isn’t just my favorite Catholic podcast, it’s my favorite podcast period. Luke and Gomer understand the faith and the medium well, and it shows. Listening to Catching Foxes is like cracking open a cold one with your friends and having a good discussion about the important things - politics, religion, and culture.
Luke and Gomer, along with their incredible guests have accomplished what very few people can; accurately depicting issues within the church and religion while still honoring their faith AND being hilarious. Like laugh out loud, tell everyone what you heard, and cry a little, hilarious. It’s a fine line, but they walk it to perfection. Thanks for putting out such a great show guys - keep up the great work!
Thanks Mike WOW! WOW! WOW! What a different Church we would be if we lived the word he preached! Fr. Peter - Vicar for Evangelization!


This podcast gets me through. I’m catholic on the west coast (where young adult catholic culture doesn’t exist, everyone is a baby boomer). I think these guys are a breath of fresh air! Nobody else seems to be both facing Church scandal head on and laughing through the pain. Thanks for discussion over instruction!!
Good stuff all around, even with the occasional “naughty” word.
Really guys? I looked for your podcast because you’re supposed to lead our parish mission. And kudos for plugging Amazing Parish. Not cool to drop an f bomb ten seconds later. No matter how upset your are about the scandal in the Church. Please open up the New Testament sometime soon. Have a blessed day!
This is an incredibly entertaining podcast that sounds like young Catholics sitting together talking. It’s not always clean but it’s in good fun and above all orthodox!
I have been a listener of Catching Foxes going on two years and have been an avid fan since the get go. I went back and listened to every episode from the beginning and have enjoyed Gomer and Luke's ridiculous, outlandish behavior ever since. I think authenticity (CATHOLIC BUZZ WORD) is a real strength that this show possess that never feels stale or outdated. There are times when things feel like they are dragged on, but nothing to the point where it deters from the show. I don't know if Luke still racks over these comments like a maniac, but I sure hope so because a worked up Luke can be the best Luke and the one star reviews are hilarious.
Awesome episode about sacrifice. I will definitely listen to it again and write down a few notes. Lots of food for thought here to pray about.
These guys are fantastic!! They are intelligent, passionate, hysterically funny, faithful, and have the kind of friendship and conversations I wish I could have with my friends. Luke & Michael are very engaging and are willing to talk about anything & everything. Making for a great listen for any time of day and mood. 12/10 Will always listen, want to be their friend.
Only time I felt strongly enough to interact with CF on social media (with what I felt was a pretty polite and thoughtful, though slightly critical, FB comment), Luke responded rudely. Reminded me of a life lesson I learned in my time at Franciscan but apparently forgot: It’s never worth your while to listen to blow hards who publicly “evangelize to people where they’re at” but can’t emotionally regulate enough to have decent person-to-person interactions. (Online counts. Jesus can see the Internet too.) If you want Catholics who tackle hard-hitting issues but also embody Christ-like attitudes irl, look elsewhere. Pro tip: If you can’t handle criticism (even generally polite, constructive criticism), don’t take up a hobby that invites it.
Luke and Gomer are honestly and unapologetically Catholic without acting like people they aren't. They discuss topics that are relevant in a way that is inviting without compromising orthodoxy. Thank you so much for this podcast, which consistently challenges me to be more merciful while simultaneously making me laugh out loud at work! I can't recommend this production highly enough for anyone and everyone. They truly invite all their listeners into their lives, even when it is tough and intensely personal. Seriously guys, binge-listening to your podcast for the last few weeks has been a boost to my spiritual life and a constant joy. Thanks so much and I look forward to the future! (Edit) just donated $10 to their patreon ( to hopefully bring Luke’s anxiety down. Still my favorite podcast, which I constantly look forward to listening to on Fridays! Please, please, please keep it up and I look forward to the future!
As a Catholic university student very acquainted with sarcasm and dry humor, this podcast is exactly what we need. These are a couple of men who activity seek out the good of others (each other almost too much) and give meaning to living a life on mission. Give it a listen!
If you are expecting brief and to the point quips about current events, then avert your eyes lads! If you are looking for family friendly fun, flee! These are the best kind of down to earth Catholics (That's Catholic with a big C, y'all) and they do not hide. Well, except Luke, but I digress. They cuss, they giggle, they spoil all the Marvel movies you should have watched, and best of all, it's at least an hour weekly. So settle in for a fun ride... This is Catching Foxes.
Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with friends and having great conversations(and pointless ones that are just hilarious). This podcast has great themes and a great message from two guys who love Jesus and their Catholic faith. Even when it’s complete awkwardness and none sense it’s a great listen and I would recommend.