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I am the mother of an alcoholic and learned about this podcast from my loving daughter-in-law. She has taken a class and I’ve taken the parent class. It’s absolutely amazing how dedicated You are Michelle to this mission! Our family has been on this roller coaster ride for over a year now. It seems much longer! You have a great sense of duty and strength for such a young person. Sending thanks and prayers for everything you do.... you’re an angel.
As soon as Michelle said she knows I am a smart, capable woman who fell in love with a good person who is also an addict but I have probably lost myself in his addiction, I was like, “Yes, how did you know?” And when a weekly email from her said I need to work on my happiness and goals as hard as I would want him to work on his sobriety, I was like “Queen, you are saying things that are in my head but I didn’t know they were there!” Thank you, Michelle, for rooting for us and for providing clarity through all the chaos that life with an addict entails.
Found this podcast just in time for the holidays. It is so refreshing to find a community that doesn’t subscribe to the “powerless” narrative. Thank you, Michelle.
These stories are all so familiar! It really helps to know others are going through exactly what I am. I do feel crazy at times. I’m hoping this will be exactly what I need, on my road to being a better version of myself and to actually finding a way to be happy again. Thank you so far, for the podcasts I’ve already listened to.
I am a 23 year old woman who is also married to a good man who suffers from addiction, I also have 3 very young kids and this podcast has helped me through the toughest situation I will ever be in. I have grown as a person and learned so much and have been able to use this podcast to learn how to get us out of this situation.
I can’t even express how grateful I am that I discovered Love Over Addiction, Michelle and her programs. Love Over Addiction has been life changing for me. I never knew that Michelle and a community of women could know and understand exactly what I am going through. Forever changed and grateful!
Endless tears when I hear these episodes. To the third episode that was recorded back in 2015 and I hope to not be so teary-eyed by the time I get to the more current episodes. Definitely hits right where it hurts and crying has always been my way to cleanse. Thank you Michelle
I don’t cry when I listen, but I catch myself nodding and laughing at times- Michelle is in my head and validates everything I’ve been feeling for 15 years in a way that no one else-not friends, family, therapists, Alanon groups- ever have been able to. I have been listening non-stop, even repeating some episodes for the last week. I have more clarity and hope and courage now. I get it. Finally. And more importantly, I know what to DO and HOW to do it. Thank you Michelle, I so needed this. And your advice is already working for me.
I am not the target audience of this podcast as a man who doesn’t believe in God. But I am so grateful for this podcast. It has taught me so much and given me strength to make a change. Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life and the lives of my daughters.
unbelievable 🤍 what a breath of fresh. thank you for my newfound strength and support felt through this medium
Listening in my car the morning before my first marriage counseling session. You’ve reassured so many of my thoughts and therefore I’m walking into counseling knowing that I’m not crazy. So glad I found your podcast!
I’ve only listened to the podcast about the in-laws. Thank you! You said out loud what I’ve been saying to myself for months. It feels amazing to know that I’m not crazy or alone in my experience. Thank you for your honesty and for taking the time to share your stories. We don’t have to agree with everything in these episodes to be helped tremendously. I feel the love in your kind voice.
I was listening to one particular podcast, and heard we are not powerless we don’t subscribe to that!!! THANK YOU. That is such a strong belief of mine. While we don’t have a lot of power in this world. We do have power over ourselves and the choices we make . I’m working to work on myself and hope to keep my marriage . Apparently I never sent this review. ^ But I’m a little frustrated on the last few podcasts especially the last one. It really feels like you’re pushing everyone to leave. Saying your not ready “yet” I have loved your podcast but this last one stuck a chord. Didn’t seem to align with I’ll never tell you to leave or to stay.
It’s been a really unique experience being in quarantine with an alcoholic in denial. Thank you for helping me with these podcasts.
I was crying myself to sleep yet again.....I came across your podcast. It relieved so much anxiety and made me realize so much. I have MS, a toddler, and an alcoholic husband. I am not the type of person that talks about having MS, and don’t tell many people that I have it. My husband's addiction has really caused me a lot of pain. I realize now, because of your podcast, that he has a disease as well. Thank you for pouring your heart out. I can tell your an amazing person. God bless you and your family.
I found the website first doing a frantic 3am search of resources to share with my significant other who is an addict. Thank God I stumbled across this resource FOR MYSELF.
I appreciate this podcast more than I can tell you
I am so happy I found this podcast. I’m so excited to share it with my girlfriends. I don’t believe you have to be dealing with someone in addiction to benefit from this podcast. I believe everyone can benefit from it regardless. Long story short. I am in recovery! I went to California 4 years ago to get treatment. Along the way I met someone in my treatment center and moved in immediately after we got out of treatment. I took my sobriety serious on the other hand he relapsed the first day we got out. I maintained for over a year of sobriety. I went through so much. 2 dogs passed from parvo I was devastated but held on to my sobriety. I suffered a miscarriage but held on to my sobriety. My new drug was this relationship through all the ups and downs I stayed sober. Until he decided he wanted to cut things off. I relapsed, & I relapsed hard. We continued with this dysfunctional relationship for a year until he finally moved out. The next day my apartment caught on fire. It’s been a year and I’ve regained sobriety and found myself. I’ve decided to further my education. I’ve been out of high school for 10 years! I have a placement test I’m taking this week and I got into a negative head space over this. Just feeling discouraged because I’ve forgotten math and am having trouble relearning it. But today after binging this podcast I’m back into my positive headspace. And even if I fail this test this week I am excited I get to relearn math, & further my education. THANK YOU MICHELLE!
I needed this today .I’m a 55 year old women ! I’m filled with Joy joy love kindness’s and a good friend I’m . Thank you for your words. 🥰
Michelle is the most amazing woman although I’ve never met her. She’s given me such hope and clarity thru such a tough time while going through life w an addicted spouse. She’s so vulnerable and real and I feel like she’s my best friend lol. Thank you LOA for all you do. You, my friend, are changing women’s lives all over the world.
I found this podcast at the perfect time in my life. Listening to Michelle has been so enlightening for me and I feel like she is truly speaking to me. I can already feel my life changing in such a positive way and I’ve only just begun my healing journey. Thank you for what you are doing and the lives you are touching!
I love this podcast. It’s all about power of personal success and is so uplifting. My husband isn’t an addict, but is unfaithful and this podcast relates to my situation and can relate to many others. It’s a good feeling to know your not alone in these thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
I have been looking for a podcast that deals with specifcally addiction and spouses!!! This is awesome...i love it. It is really helping me navigate so many uncertainties I have with my husband who is currently in rehab for alcoholism. Thank you for this podcast and for the valuable information.
Very honest and compassionate .. but real.
You have helped me so much and your voice is so soothing. Thank you !!! Xoxo
Hello Beautiful Soul!!!! Wow... I can’t even begin to describe how these simple, direct and calming 10 minute podcasts have given me DAYYYYS of wisdom and TRUTH. I just listened to “Find the Answers when there’s something to prove” episode and I couldn’t help but begin to cry... because I STRUGGLE to give MYSELF the love, even when I know it’s what I deserve from another person. I’ve been dating my partner for only 7 months, stepping into the relationship knowing he was in AA meetings, and since this pandemic it has shown some deeper issues within him AND MYSELF. He relapsed. I found this podcast in hopes of better supporting my partner... and am starting to see that I ALSO have a role to play in his sobriety. I ALSO have a role in my choices and the boundaries I set for myself. I have the responsibility of creating happiness in ME and MY life. But more than anything, I want to say THANK YOU for these heart poured podcasts that have given me some incredible tools to face this new relationship and further face MYSELF. Haha TRULY, it’s been a transformation and journey that I am adding to my tool belt. I am wishing and praying and hoping the best for you and your family!!! I write this in support to YOU and this community!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Forever Grateful, Brenda V. Los Angeles, California
This is the most helpful thing that I have ever done for myself in my life. I listened to a few of these and saw how I have so much in common with you Michelle! We both have our lists and I have five kids and I was going to counseling but counselors just cant relate and to be honest I never realized that my husbands addiction problems and me not taking care of myself were the real problems. So I am working on myself. I started listening to your podcast from the beginning and helps me with my life! I love listening to it and I listen to one a day for now, then my plan is to start the programs after that and possibly be able to help others too. For me it is the first thing I look forward to everyday to get done on my list. I don't know why this is not considered a substitute for counseling because just hearing your podcast everyday is so life changing. And I love you too Michelle!
I have been listening to your podcast the last few months. I have been working through the addiction process with my spouse and doing so much of my own self work. These podcasts have helped me keep a level head and reminds me to stay in my lane. But today. Today I listened to the brand new compassion podcast and I needed that one so very much. I loved that listen and I just want to thank you for continuing to record podcasts and being there for us!
I have been struggling for 2 1/2 years now with my husband’s addiction to alcohol. He has been to rehab. Outpatient therapy and before sheltering in several AA meetings a week. He does well for awhile and just the moment I relax a little it is wam just like a punch in the guts. On Monday of this week I got a call from one of his sons he was drunk. On many occasions in the past I have been paralyzed by emotion and fear and rushed home. But for some reason ( God I believe) I didn’t. I looked at podcasts and found you. I listened to several on the way home.This was a Godsend. I went home stayed calm and let him sit in his misery. He had a bad argument with his son. Now it’s Friday my first day back to work and he is drunk again. I started feeling all the same emotions but instead of falling apart I am at the lake and reading your material. I want to embrace healing I want to stop living a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you for being here
Thank you for creating this channel. I’ve been dealing with an alcoholic husband for 3-4 years. We’ve been together for 7 years and I know his potential and his heart but this disease of addiction has taken over and it has put our marriage on the brink of destruction. I’ve never dealt with addiction in my life before and Have been so lost on how to help him. This podcast had me crying while listening because it touched every emotion I feel. Everything I think or feel has been validated in this podcast which helps me so much on trying to figure out how to help myself through this.
I have been listening for about a year and my alcoholic boyfriend finally broke up with me because I “changed” and am no longer the woman he met. Of course I am not. His disease changed me. I am not the same woman. I’m no longer vibrant, trusting, happy, etc... but little does he know, he has only broke me for a moment. Thank you for the free material. This has helped me tremendously. I’m purchasing your program now for two reasons... one to support you and two because I need to dig deeper. Thank you thank you thank you! I also thank him for breaking up with me after 3 years. I might never have done it. It’s a blessing in disguise!
First time listener and touched beyond belief with the heartfelt stories. Wow. 🙏🏾
My cousin sent me a link to this, listening to my third podcast and it’s been very helpful! Just heard of soberlink will definitely be using that. As a wife of an alcoholic you don’t even need this we can read the signs but this will be nice to have for my kids safety and for proof that I’m not crazy. I can’t tell the amount of times I ha e told my husbands family that he was drunk and their response has been “I just talked to him earlier and he sounded fine “. I’m also at the point of telling him he has to move out and to file for divorce this will be so helpful for visitation if it comes to that. The podcast itself is a great outlet to just hear other people share your pain... after a while you don’t want to vent to your friends bc it becomes so repetitive so this is great.
Seriously this Podcast has helped change my life!!! I’ve lived with and loved an addict. This podcast has carried me through the hardest times. It’s been inspiration for me to rise up and dust off the ashes; of betrayal, abuse and pain. It’s has helped me remember who I truly am and to be all that I’m called to be! This podcast has given me so much wisdom, courage, healing & strength. It’s given me back my life and my Voice! I am a Hope bringer and now I’m learning like never before how to receive Hope for my future and my family! Thank You!❤️
I am currently (and for years) struggling with my alcoholic husband who drinks to excess on a bender. This time is his worst ever. He is barely eating, wetting his pants and drunk all day long. I’m scared to death that this may be the end for him, but I can’t let that happen. He is ready to let go and die. Not on my watch. This podcast gives me support in my lonely world. I did not commit to the program for fear it will be about detaching with love. If I detach right now, I will lose him. Michelle’s sweet voice offers strength, hope, love and support as only someone can who has been here. Thank you Michelle. You are saving two lives with your podcasts. Bless you. ❤️😘
This is something that I have been thinking but didn’t know if I was right or not. Thank you for the validations, support, and ongoing education. I just found this in 2020 and I’m listening from the beginning. Thank you again... for everything
I have been listening to Love Over Addiction podcast through dealing with my husbands alcoholic behaviors. I have received so much courage to move forward and compassion as I listen. I have separated from him now and am working on my healing.
I am working through the episodes, I enjoy the long ones for information and in depth and the short ones for their accessibility at any time during the day. Some great points and perspectives are shared and it’s very helpful when loving an addict. And being raised by addicts.


These podcast have so much helpful insight and have helped me through so many difficult situations. They have calmed and help to find peace.
The earlier episodes are absolutely amazing and so helpful- the past several months, where people in the community talk, have been boring at best. I miss the old style of Michelle talking.
Michelle thank you so much for doing this podcast and shedding light on this illness that lurks in the darkness and thrives on isolation and secrecy. I've been with my husband for 11 years next month and his addictions started in his teens, but I wasn't aware of them until 6 years into our marriage and they've quickly progressed these last 5 years. I am in a women's only church addictions support group, I start counseling next month and I listen to your podcast daily! I'm at the point where I'm deciding whether to stay or go. (despite the fact that my husband has been sober nearly 6 months - sobriety does not equal recovery I'm learning) We have 3 young kids and so this decision weighs heavy on me for numerous reasons. But your podcast has given me hope, strength, courage and my inner voice back (that is now stronger than the addictions voice) and I'm on my way to finding myself again. Please keep doing what you do and if you ever need a guest speaker, I would love to share my story to help some other sister in our group!


Thinking they’re cheating.... blowing up their cell phone.... dragging the kids in the car to FIND THEM? This is my life :-( I hope I can do this
This podcast has helped me to find my power again. After listening for awhile during a very dark time, I purchased one of Michelle’s programs and am now in the secret Facebook group. Working through everything and seeing how I was accidentally enabling my alcoholic, then changing my behavior, has helped me to see my potential and what I deserve. Hearing these stories in the podcast and the Facebook group helps me realize that I am not alone, and gives me tips on how to handle certain situations. Very grateful for LOA!
I am so grateful to have found this incredible resource to help me through the toughest situation of my entire life. Because of the support and encouragement of the LOA team, I know I will survive this hardest thing. I know my adult children will survive this too. Finally, finally there is a voice in my head that is louder than the voice of addiction, and the abuse it pours over me. Finally.
Michelle. Your insight is a gift. I play any given episode each time I feel helpless and it’s a gentle reminder that I CAN do this and that I WILL be ok. Thank you.
Michelle has been right where I am. She understands how I feel and her voice soothes my soul.
I am so happy I found this podcast. I feel like Michelle has been living my house because she really understands how hard it is to live and love someone addicted to alcohol. I feel like someone gets me. I can’t listen to all her podcast fast enough. Her advice is spot on.
I am so thankful that I found this podcast. It was purely by chance. I had no idea this kind of help was available. It has helped me immensely with learning how to deal with addiction, that it is not my fault, that I can grow from this experience and there are people out there who have been through what I am going through and care.