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Great guests. I love this podcast.
Great podcast highlighting the micro cap universe. Hope this continues to grow! You guys are doing great work !
Guest list is top notch. They really drive valuable content and thought provoking discussions. However, I always find myself wanting more due to the host. He asks cookie cutter questions and doesn't dive deep into the subject matter each guest specializes in. I also wish he'd dive into the conversation and have guests expand on thoughts further. That said, beggars can't be choosers! It's great to have a podcast dedicated to microcap investing and I am still grateful to the host!
As a full-time microcap investor (and guest on the program), I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. The high quality guests that have real experience in the microcap space makes it unique.
Bobby does a great job getting a wide assortment of views that will help private investors and institutional investors tackle the microcap space. If you are any of the above, or just curious about learning about investing in general, I'd highly recommend you check out Planet MicroCap Podcast.
Robert's easy-going personality and sense of humor provide a rare and valuable compliment to high-concept subject matter that can otherwise be monotonous. But he and his guests don't only focus on the esoteric concepts, they are willing and excited to break down some of the nuts and bolts of the process - a great resource for more novice investors. A+ and highly recommended!
Being new to the world of investing, microcap investing has caught my attention. In the search to find out more about the world of microcap investing, Planet microcap has given me insight as to what types of questions I should be asking when researching these companies. The podcast has been a great tool to help make this seemingly daunting world a bit more approachable. Love what I have heard so far, and am looking forward to learning more as more episodes are released!
A friend turned me on to MicroCap recently, after doing some research I came across this Podcast. In my opinion Micro Cap is an undervalued and relatively untapped market. After listening to two episodes I can easily say it’s probably the best resource out there for navigating and understanding the MicroCap market. I’m confident this podcast will help me make some good gains and diversify my portfolio. I look forward to hearing more.
This is a great podcast for anyone diving into microcap investing. The interviews are super insightful! I've learned so much just from these few episodes—looking forward to more!
Great guys doing a great podcast, highly recommend!
The host is very knowledgable about the world of finance and he is able to relate to us common-folk who dont know much about the stock market. I also like how he stays humble and doesnt talk to his guests like he knows more than them. Great podcast, will continue to listen and i recommend it for all
I listen to podcasts to learn, entertain, and satisfy my litany of interests. Rob is a bit more relaxed than most terrestrial radio hosts so the podcast suits him. He makes the financial world a lot more accessible, and I'm excited to see what types of interviews are to come!
Robert is the man! Highly recommend listening to him! Smart, confident and knowledgeable!


By Nozeran
This podcast is amazing. It's been extremely helpful in shaping my portfolio and strategy. Hope there are more in the series!!
I love the very actionable tips offered throughout each episode. This is NOT your typical, boring investment podcast. Robert asks his guests great questions and the conversations are really engaging and fun to listen to. I highly recommend for anyone interested in micro cap investing!