Reviews For Limetown

This is such a great podcast, and I was so excited that season 2 is rolling out!! This is definitely worth a listen. You won’t be disappointed!!!
This podcast is great and full of twist and mystery. Would recommend it to anyone!
I was amazed by the storytelling in the first season, and I'm so happy to see this one return. This show is full of fascinating ideas, great suspense, incredible performances, and immersive sound design. Great for fans of Tanis, Rabbits, The Black Tapes, Alice Isn't Dead, ars Paradoxica, Homecoming, Mabel, Steal the Stars, The Bright Sessions, or Within the Wires.
If this series was more consistent in how the episodes were released I’d be less annoyed
You made us all wait 3 years for this second season, and you have the audacity every other week to put out a 3 or 4 min episode ???? Really???? You make us wait 7 days for 3 minute episode... wow.
I was really excited when I read the description of Limetown and listened to 4 episodes. I was literally blown away by how fake and scripted the whole thing was. Interviews sounded so fake and boring to follow- would not recommend.
I wish it had been clearer that it was a fiction podcast in the description.


By Arina U
I was very excited to listen to this podcast until I realized that everything is made up
I really like the story but the voice actors are TERRIBLE!! I’m still listening because I do really like the premise and storyline of the show but the voice acting does make it difficult to stomach at times.
The acting is trash and there are way too many ads. Disappointing...
I really enjoy the story so I keep listening but OMG the voice actors. It sometimes sounds like high school level drama club.
The acting is so good it sounds real. And the story keeps you hooked.
It’s so AWSOME me and my mom love listing and season 2 AWSOME
Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Meh, don’t let the Podcast Trolls & Grumps get you down. I listen to around 50 Podcasts a Month/Week. I given several 5-Stars over the years, but I’ve given around 35-40 (1-4-Stars) as well.
Great to binge listen to Can’t wait for the second season
Absolutely amazing! Completely hooked and can’t wait for season 2!
I’ve been looking for a good fictional story podcast acted out. Sadly there are more and better ones for kids. I tried nightvale and was ultimately let down. I googled and stumbled upon limetown and I’ll have to say that it is extraordinary. It pulls you in.l, the voice acting, the dialogue, the story. I couldn’t help but imagine watching this on Netflix. My only negative is that there isn’t more and I am having to wait. Luckily I kind this in 2018 and s2 is right around the corner. Thank you APR!


God, oh god, did I love this podcast. It’s been two years since the last episode, and I still think about it frequently. It made me think, it made me jump out of my seat at times. I HATE that they’ve taken so long to bring it back. I really really hate it.
I just binged all of season 1, and I’m very fortunate that season 2 is around the corner after a few years (???) of silence. The production value and story are amazing. Can’t wait!!!
This is an amazing series for those who love the dark and eerie.
I really liked this podcast. The story’s great and addictive. But the forced acting and the amazing audio quality made the genuine surprise fall to the wayside inside a soft recording booth somewhere. What really lost me on this was just the lack of imperfect atmospheric sound quality. Someone banging their hand against their mic or turning their head away. Most professional sound studios can account for this, but that’s not really a known quality for investigative journalism. Also the cast sounds very disingenuous, almost forced. The narrator and the 911 operator sounded like they’re reading the script for a perfume commercial or a sonnet at times. I do like this podcast, but unfortunately it does what a lot of fictional/drama podcasts do; it does everything perfectly.
I’m glad I found this after it all aired, so I could listen to the whole thing straight through while doing chores. It’s deliciously creepy and mysterious, and also a little campy.
This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and it sucked me right in. I finished and heard there might actually be a second season and I can't lie, I'm happy I didn't find it when it came out because I'd hate to wait years for a second season but honestly I would, because this is an interesting story and I loved where it went.
We all know how amazing Serial was and this brings it into the realm of fiction. I think this is the only fictional podcast I have enjoyed and it's incredibly gripping. It toally held up on a second listen and I can't wait for season 2.


By Fiddlr4
The only reason I can’t give a 5 star review is because of the Ads...they’re poorly placed and take away from the ambiance of the podcast. Please consider doing ads in the description or at least the end of the episode.
The voice acting is top notch. My 17 year old even asked if it was real because it sounds like it is. Great story. Well done. Totally hooked. Hoping it starts back up again soon. Glad I just found it, as I would have hated waiting so long for a new season.


I absolutely love these types of podcasts and I can get sucked in pretty easily.... but from Episode 1, the dialogue, characters, monologues, and the whole “feel” of the podcast is extremely staged and almost cheesy sounding; which is really unfortunate because it’s such an intriguing story... I am going to attempt to listen to a couple more episodes before pulling the plug.
If those words sound like something you enjoy in a podcast, this is perfect for you. It had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.


By Dave.Ed
A bit of a slow buildup but paid off in the end. Really high production value (multiple actors, sound effects etc.)


By 9_mill
This story line is intoxicating. I became addicted after just a couple of episodes. I would love to see a TV drama or even a big screen version. The writing is that good. Tapping into the power of the human mind, the story unfolds as a powerful mystery. Can’t wait for Season 2.
I was on the edge of my seat for most of this podcast and I cannot wait for season two.
How spooky and well written, give it a listen for sure!
I’m so excited for the future of this show. I’ve listened to season one countless times.
I discovered this podcast late and I'm so glad I did, as season 2 is said to be released this year. Fantastic show.
Exactly as the title says, this dramatized series has solid backing in concept, but is one of the worst series to listen to if you're looking for realism. The voice acting is incredibly over rated and unbelievable, which takes away from so much of the show. There is a lot of overcompensation for this with shoddy sound effects that are sometimes so overwhelming loud and pitchy, I've had to take my earbuds out in the middle of work. These sorts of podcasts usually have a flow, but I cannot say the same about this one. If you thoughts Rabbits was crappy, this takes the cake for one of the worst.
More please
I'm a podcaster myself and I've never been so enraptured by a show. I'm absolutely dying for season two!
But the storyline isn’t terrible
I was looking for some good spooky podcasts to pass the time during my commute and I ran across Limetown. I gave it a listen and I found myself hooked on the mystery and presentation. It all feels very real, despite being fiction. I was on the edge of my (car) seat for every bit of it, and found myself speculating about bits of the mystery from the start. The end of season 1 had me nearly biting my nails! If you want a good mystery story wrapped in the perspective of an investigative journalist, then welcome to Limetown.
I have only listened to one other podcast and the host said to check this one out. I wasn’t entirely sure- a podcast drama sounded weird and I wasn’t sure I could keep up without seeing the visuals. But Limetown captivated my attention and jump in my seat! Listened to Season 1 in a day because I could not stop!
This is a really well-executed Sci-fi take on investigative audio journalism that I can’t wait to continue to listen to next year!
I love the mystery behind the show and the way that it has been executed. It's suspenseful and I love the personality of all the characters. I only wish there were more episodes! Very excited for season 2.
Holy poop!!!!!!!!!!!!! This podcast is PERFECT. Great cast, amazing story, executed perfectly, just wonderful. Listen to this podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I listen to a ton of fiction podcasts and this story one is one of my favorites! Keeps you guessing for sure
The story seems good from the start, but it’s hard to get past how bad the narrator’s acting forced and unnecessary. I’m late to the show and it has been recommended to me many times so I’m just hoping he gets better. I can see from the good reviews that it possibly does I just hope the narrator isn’t part of the show for the whole time. Ugh.
Don’t mind me I’m just over here screaming because this podcast is arising from THE DEAD AFTER 2 YEARS OF LEAVING ME IN THE DARK!!!
I finished this in a day and I n e e d more!!!