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Sucked in quick when I thought it was dramatized after reality, but once I understood the whole thing was fiction I could no longer stand the overdramatic voice acting , like the Nic silver stuff - Everything is actually the same show after show.. I got six episodes in before I quit
but season 2 is a bit of a disaster....too many righteous monologues about big concepts: like a metaphysical “ west wing”, too many unsolved mysteries, unanswered questions, and not enough grounding in the actual narrative of Limetown. Hint: know the answers before you throw out the questions. Otherwise, we get “Lost”.
I love it. It makes me think of my early days on YouTube watching Lonely Girl 15. I’m enjoying it.
I wasn’t sold on the first episode, but I kept it on while I was doing some chores - and soon realized I wasn’t doing my chores at all, I was COMPLETELY engrossed in the story. Yes, as other reviews say, the acting can be a little overdone, but overall, I think this podcast is one of the most compelling story-like podcasts I’ve ever heard. I listened to every episode in just two days, and so far since finishing, I’ve recommended it to at least 15 people. Every episode is spookier, more frightening, shocking and addictive than the last - if you’re looking for a story to shake you to your bones and penetrate every aspect of your thought, this is the one. Sorry for the dramatics.
Season 1 was so Amazing. Great story, great actors . The writing was amazing. Season two was very slow, each episode was almost the same. Each episode was written by different people so it felt like there was no flow. I really missed the feeling of season 1 . Season two was ok, but left me wanting more from the writers. Almost no swearing in season 1 but in season two there is a lot of it. I hope season three will be good .
I loved this podcast and wish there was more. I listened to 36 questions first and then found limetown. Limetown is so good and clever and it’s so convincing at one point I googled if it was real. I highly recommend this podcast.
I’m a big fan of the content of this podcast! It’s creepy and keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, the frequency (or should I say “infrequency”?) at which this podcast is released doesn’t keep me as a listener engaged in the story.
The premise is interesting, but the "podcasting verite" style is a little overdone. The main character doesn't quite ring true and dialog is forced at times. The writing and the production is slick but again had moments where the believability is pierced and led me to roll my eyes at points. If you're a fan of current period piece mysteries that involve elements of science fiction, then you may enjoy the premise enough to overlook the writing/acting/plot issues.
The show itself is five stars. However, I’m disappointed that they made us wait all this time for season two and it only ended up being five episodes. It was a huge letdown.
S2 was just as phenomenal as S1. Keep up the great work.
Probably the greatest episode-story podcast of all time. You won’t stop listening. I blew through season 1 and two in a little more than 48 hrs and it had me up last night till almost 3am. Don’t scroll past this one!
I started the series yesterday and I finished it today and my mind is blown. Seriously was not expecting this to be this good not saying that I didn’t think I was going to be good but this just blew my expectations away. I really hope there’s a season three but if there’s not I could see it being a perfect ending for mystery. I cannot wait for the TV show well on Facebook definitely will be watching it. Seriously recommend this to people who like more mystery type things that keep you guessing.
Wow wow wow every episode gives me full body chills! I was so convinced at the beginning that this was a real investigative podcast that I had to google Limetown! So well written and acted, definitely bingeworthy.
Season one absolutely gets a five star rating. The beginning was so immersive that I didn’t realize it was a fictional story initially! And I have never cried for a pig before. This did it to me. Season two There were some amazing moments. The entire Glass Joe reveal was incredible! Daniel’s story was phenomenal and that voice actor was wonderful. But...I thought it was a poor decision to have such an unlikeable character as the narrator. The ending was pretty unsatisfying. And I know it seems like I’m splitting hairs, but i kept waiting for us to find out WHY we were hearing season 2! In season 1 you know from the beginning that Lia is a reporter broadcasting with ”APR.” In season 2, we hear Charlie’s tapes, which is fine, but why do we hear her conversations with [redacted]? Season two gets 2 stars, and the only reason it’s not one star is entirely for Halifax and the Bridge. The other episodes were just disappointing.
Very descriptive and almost creepy podcast. If you’re interested in podcasts that are stories, check this one out. Season 1 is awesome and Season 2 is showing the same light to be awesome. TV show is coming soon too!
This was such a riveting, Wellsacted our, well written tale. I enjoyed the ins and outs so much. I’ve listened to it SEVERAL times. I’m so glad it’s here!
Season 1 is absolutely stunning. And at a time when podcast was not as popular as it is now, it’s such a great production, story telling, plot and totally cool idea for fictional podcast. There are some small holds in season 1 that I can totally ignore compare to how well done otherwise. But season 2... oh my god season 2... It’s still great production but HOLES EVERYWHERE. No ending, and the bad kind of opening ending. Don’t know what they are saving a true ending from?! The show??! But now they’ve kinda ruined my interest in the show.. None of the plot line is leading anywhere! Barely answered any real questions left from season 1 and created more that I feel like they didn’t even intend to close. In Season 1, Lia has to explains verbally of everything visual because it’s a reporting job and she needs to explain to audience. And that’s why it’s a brilliant setup for podcast. But season 2 has a lot of narrating that makes no sense in real life and only seems to happen for the sake of podcasting, which is exactly why the plot is a disaster just like that... it’s not designed to fit for audio only form! Also after reading people’s reviews from the book that they are promoting in every single episode, I feel like this kind of sloppy job is like an intention of more money or something not a true thoughtful story - as if they wrote season 1 with absolutely no idea what they want to end the story but did it anyway to meet a deadline or something. Season 2 is so bad that makes season 1 feels like a fake facade with nothing inside - just like how Charlie explained herself at the end.


By M*I*R
I listen to about 2-3 hours worth of podcasts a day, and I have been doing that for the past 3’ish years...This sort of format is VERY refreshing.
When I first listened to this podcast with S1, I was interested. The plot became more complex but the writing and characters became so much more amazing. Now, moving into season 2, I can say that Limetown has become one of my absolute favorite podcasts.
Hummmmm, 4 out of 5, keep going.


By mks43
I really like the concept of this, but it was hard for me to keep the story straight and the acting was OTT. Could be done better.
I loved season one. I thought it was incredible. I’m just not that into season 2. I’m listening but I just don’t love it
Limetown S1 is the podcast that really got me into podcasts. It was wonderfully told, each episode was a great addition to the whole. It was easy to get into and to overlook the rougher edges. I was extremely excited for S2! Then S2 arrived, and it was ... jarring. A total format change. S1's presentation as an investigative podcast/radio piece worked really well with the audio-only medium. S2's abrupt pivot to radio play feels clumsy, especially in the segues between Interrogation Room Drama and Tape Recorder Notes. (Also, who the hell records on tapes anymore? It makes especially little sense when a voice memo on a cellphone is also used within the first couple of episodes!) Now there's a book, and a show on Facebook(?!), and while these things are undoubtedly exciting for the creators of the podcast ... well, it sort of feels like S2 is just one long advertisement for a book and a show. An afterthought. Whether or not that was the intention, S2 is unfortunately a major let-down, a shadow of its predecessor that fails to capture what originally made the podcast so enjoyable. If you haven't listened to Limetown before, I still highly recommend S1. I can't say the same for S2.
**Update* season 2 is much better than season 1! Definitely worth a listen. *Update* Episode 4 was very good and has pushed my 4 star rating up to a 5 star rating. I like the podcast, but yes everything is a little over dramatic. It's very creative though and their first episode was quite good.
I loved the premise of the show. A very good audio drama, well produced. Story line keeps you interested, waiting for the next episode.
I loved season 1. The story and characters were intriguing, with each episode built off of the last. The focus on discovering the research and effects of the tech were the most compelling part. The characters in season 2 are entirely unbelievable, Charlie sounds bored the whole time, the audio is often inaudible and the tech is almost entirely forgotten about. The acting is horrible, the plot is sporadic, and the ending is completely unsatisfying. A 3 year wait for trash.
The work that goes into each episode is awesome. The voice acting is great, the sound design and Foley work is inspirational. None of that, however, can make up for a thin story. In 3 years we've had 11 episodes and several mini episodes that don't tell much of a story, or at least one to really care about.
I loved and evangelized the first season. I’ve listened to it at least once a year while waiting for that second season to come around. Three years later, there’s a book and a tv show and... a 5 episode new season. You had listeners wait three years? For that season? For that ending? It was so disappointing! Castle Rock finale-level disappointing. There was no climax or denouement for all of the build up throughout the season; it just ended. As an avid listener, I felt cheated. I’m excited that this has taken off and the makers have so many new projects and media through which to enjoy this story, but don’t forget where it started. Don’t forget the listeners. Please!
Needs to narrate my life. I could drink a case of her voice and still be on my feet.
This is podcast storytelling at its absolute best. The writing and the cast wove a haunting and lyrical experience together that will get under your skin and stick with you long after it’s through. I wish it hadn’t ended, but I ordered the book and am really looking forward to the show.
Shows of this vein are numerous. And they often fall in to one or more pitfalls: over explaining, obtuse dialogue, muddled storylines/plot points, too many “wink and nod” moments that break the fourth wall (so to speak). Limetown has the occasional clunky moment of dialog (part of the issue with storytelling via podcast), but otherwise this show fires on all cylinders. Excellent and deep but efficient character development. Believable character interaction and emotions. Plot twists and cliff hangers. This show delayed my daily activities more than once at its most intense moments because I was so enthralled. Major kudos to the writers, directors, voice actors, and everyone else who had a hand in this show.
Once again you’ve blown my mind with your amazing storytelling! Can wait to see how it’s presented in the show
I can’t recommend the first season enough, but you’ll probably be disappointed by the second. And the book. The first is a tight work of suspense with a character you’re invested in by the first episode. I’d finish episodes with my heart still pounding. The second meanders aimlessly through a mystery with people you really don’t like, only to suddenly double back to Limetown with little foreshadowing of said connections. There’s really no sense of suspense anymore. The book contradicts a lot of the plot of first season. So good luck. I’m unsubscribing.
Each season was to their own! The emotional connection in the second season was stronger. Specificity Daniel and the teacher! Enjoy and I look forward to more from you guys!
I had to catch myself looking it up thinking it was so real😂😂. BEST PODCAST EVER
Season 1 was fantastic. I could listen to a podcast just called "Lenore explains _____". Max, The reverend, Wynona... such fantastic characters leaning in and just being real. Season 2 was good, but forgetable. I liked the idea of the implant/contact being an awful tool with horrible side effects. I totally got that. But the way it was brought to life sorta ruined it for me. I actually like Limetown less after season 2. Its good, but it's no longer Magical.
I was really excited to hear that season 2 was coming and like everyone else, I couldn’t wait. But the fact that the storyline wasn’t nearly as entertaining left me wondering what happened. I was also very annoyed that basically every other week you left us with a short(very short) episode that did nothing to satisfy the want to listen... but again I did because I was hoping for something amazing like season 1. In the end I rated it at 3 stars mainly because I didn't want to discourage people from listening to season 1.
Second season was worth the wait
Both season 1 and 2 are great!
Season 2 is a triumph. The voice acting and writing are absolutely top notch and all the other aspects of production create an experience of total immersion. A must listen.
What a great story. I have to admit that seasons to start it up a little bit slower. And after bit away was kind of hard to reengage with but by the mid season I couldn’t put it down. The last episode is mind blowing and gut wrenching all the same time. A must listen.
Have you ever watched a show where it started off great and then went downhill afterwards? This is not it. Season 1 was interesting, season 2 is even better. You can tell they took the time to create a good follow up plot. And the plot twist after each episode? Sublime. I just get sucked in even more. I’m happy they got picked to be created into a show. I am not happy that it’s Facebook Watch and not a Netflix Original. I can only hope that Facebook Watch does a good job in finding good actors to everyone!
I wish I could just keep listening and listening!
First season was 5 stars. Second season is 1 star. I give the series 2.5 stars rounded down.
It took so long for Season 2, but it was worth the wait! This is my favorite Podcast ever. The acting is superb. The story is thrilling. The concept is a bit out there, but realistic enough to make it scary to imagine. Prepare to wonder who the heroes and villains actually are.
I found out about this podcast only a few days ago. It was recommended by a good friend. I found myself binging it and caught up in only two days! Limetown keeps me on edge and I find it genuinely frightening and captivating all at once! I would definitely recommend this to others who enjoy thrilling and unsettling tales!
This is such a great podcast, and I was so excited that season 2 is rolling out!! This is definitely worth a listen. You won’t be disappointed!!!