Reviews For The No-Huddle Show: A Philadelphia Eagles Podcast

Wentz is the problem Doug can have him do plays it's not working because Wentz lost his mojo he is over and under throwing everyone. Put Hurts in let's see what we got in him. It will be a wake up call to Wentz.i bet Hurts is the next Russell Wilson. They drafted him because they knew Wentz but ain't the same QB the same thing happened to RG3 It's injuries. It's lack of confidence. Wentz will never work in Philadelphia.
Mike and Chris make this show one of the most unique Eagles podcast out there. I enjoy their opinions and takes each show. Keep it up, the new format really works well.
Some of the funniest lines from this argument/ debate 😆 “The Cody Kessler Debate” better times. If he was in that game where Clowney jumped head first on to Carson’s skull took him out of the playoff game vs Seattle. Kessler would of been a better option. Maybe we win. It’s September 2nd Clowney still a free agent. Karma is beautiful thing. Great Show Mike & the new Kid Frank. Hopefully the next time I look back at my review we have a vaccine for Covid be safe everyone. Love the show Guys.
Solid Eagles talk. Not arrogant or loud. Just real football and Eagles talk. My favorite podcast for the Eagles.
PHENOMENAL. Kaye is one of the best in the business.
The No Huddle Pod is BACK! The dynamic between Mike & Chris is clearly building, and the knowledge base is evident! Easily one of the best Eagles podcasts —- PERIOD. Tell Chris to lean into his playing experience! Love you guys!


Really enjoying the analysis on here. I dig the new format.
The format is much improved. Enjoyed this a good bit, nice insight Mike and Chris.
Love the podcast and the new format you guys have! Really good to be able to keep everyone informed, especially during these strange times, keep it up.
Great work by Mike and Chris as always!
Entertaining and great with giving out updates to the date info on our Eagles!
Writing a 5 star cuz I do like it, but my god mike please stop burping. Get some tums bud
Hey guys. As an eagles fan I love the podcast but you guys need to adjust the microphones. It sounds like zack is in a different room sometimes and way closer to the mic than mike. It constantly sounds like his mic is peaking while the other is sometimes a whisper. It makes the podcast hard to listen to at times. Other than that I love getting my information from you guys.
great podcast
Solid win now we need to have a complete game against giants and go into playoffs with momentum Schwartz called one of his better games but we still need to fire him
Guys! I love the show but I can’t really love the show when I can’t hear it well! Didn’t someone comment about a soft spoken guy need to get closer to the mic(and you guys read it out lound in your podcast too)?! What’s going on? There’s no improvement! Just like the birds! Please, help me avoid turning up and then turning down the volume literally 100 times throughout the podcast! Big thanks!
Good content, poor production quality. Get a new microphone, I can’t hear one of you.
Hey Guys, I love the podcast but , Zach... let my man Mike Kaye finish a point without interrupting him! Lol
Do y’all think it’s possible for the Eagles to Trade some of those Draft Picks and Get Julio Jones and Next years Draft I’m pretty Sure Atlanta need some more Draft Picks.
Hey guys enjoy the show, just a thought here, I know Wentz hasn’t played great this season however he has put the Eagles in position to win (or tie) multiple games this season in the 4th quarter and literally had game winning throws dropped. I get the criticism but isn’t part of what you pay your franchise web for to put you in positions to win the game in those situations? I mean it’s not Wentz fault some of these receivers couldn’t catch a cold. Love to hear your guys thoughts. Fun podcast keep up the good work!
Great podcast. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things Eagles! Eagles need to draft a true #1 receiver for Carson. Think of watching this team with a stud at WR like other QB’s in this league have (Thomas, Adams, Hopkins, Evans, Hilton, Jones, Green, Cooper). Wentz deserves it.
I have listened to The No Huddle Show since episode one. You have remained fully committed to the tradition of being an Eagles podcast that is faithful to the fans and facts, all while being fair. Thank you for your keen analysis and your cutting insight. Keep up the tradition gentlemen!
Objective. Opinionated. Informed.
Please ask your employer to buy you a shock mount and a pop filter. Your clanging and banging and mic abuse makes this show pretty unconsumable.
The sound could be improved
Time to invest in proper equipment. They sound like they are speaking into a speaker phone in an office. I would listen more if the audio quality was better.
If you guys could upgrade your mics and get some sound absorbing material in your rooms you record in it would sound way better. And maybe get closer to your mic as you talk? It’ll make you sound more crisp and the listener won’t have to turn it up to understand.
It’s unfathomable that someone doesn’t check the volume levels before you publish. It’s unlistenable when you have to continually turn the volume up and down when the other speaks. Especially when zak continues to interrupt.
Zack and Mike are two of the best Eagles beat writers around!
I gave it 3 stars because I’ve been listening since our super bowl season and it’s the only eagles podcast I know of. It’s good for what it’s worth. But I feel like these guys lowkey hate each other, they have a terrible rapport and seemingly never let each other finish their points. Please, let the guy finish and then make a counterpoint, don’t just interrupt them and dismiss them without justification. Frustrating to listen to sometimes
Watching an episode there is so much feedback and echo on the game review. Is incredibly annoying. Can’t you hear this as you record? Put some headphones on.


I’ve tried this podcast multiple times, but can’t get past Zach’s constant interruption of the back and forth discussion on everything Eagles. If he fixed that, could be 4 star review. Also, acoustics are horrible and sounds like he’s talking in a box.
The banter between the two hosts is good. They cover everything you would want to know about the Eagles. I enjoy listening to it and listen every week.
Bro Zack can’t stop interrupting Mike... he literally can’t stop. It’s so painful
Rosenblat never gives anybody a chance to speak he cuts everybody off pretty annoying
Man this podcast is garbage. Big Eagles fan but this is hard to listen to. Take some notes from the Eagle Eye in the sky podcast or even BGN podcast. U guys just sound like you’re sitting around giggling circle jerkin it. Get into some real depth of the Eagles roster and the draft. Stats over opinions please.
Idk what is happening in this last episode but it sounds like a wind tunnel every time either of you breath in. At first I thought you guys were trolling us but it just kept happening. Couldn’t make it through the whole episode and I won’t listen to another until it’s fixed.
Informative, and not a ton of screaming and profanity like some of the others. Philly boy living in Dallas for 26 years now, I appreciate the perspective. This is my go to Eagles podcast!


I am a eagles fan from ma. Love the team wishing you luck in the playoffs!
Move the mic away from your nose. This is the strongest breathing every podcast. Calm down take a step back lol
I have listened to this show for two seasons now and I think, last season it was not good but not bad either, may be because eagles were winning but this season has not been good. Most of the discussions on this show this year have been unrealistic. The disrespect that they show towards Foles is just shocking. I would say it is blasphemy. Eagles fans if you really want to listen to a good podcast listen to ‘Eagles eye in the sky’. ‘Eagles eye in the sky’ podcast is awesome and you will learn lot of the nuances of the game.


By BFK927
Not sure what type energy drink he takes before recording, but the guy tends to get faster and faster as he continues to talk.
... I would NOT listen to this podcast. I never thought that I’d say that I missed ESP, but Zack Rosenblatt is so, so much worse. If Mike Kaye was allowed to speak for the entire time, this would be a 5-star podcast, but his thoughtful insights are repeatedly and, quite frankly, rudely interrupted by Zack Rosenblatt’s incessant blattering, often repeating what Mike already said. Zack, just... shut... up. 5 stars for Mike, 1 star for Zack, and the one star is only because it is the Eagles.
Two new guys bring some good insight but for the love of God get some mics that hide the breathing. Can hear every breathe and swallow, it’s unbearable.
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