Reviews For TechONTAPPodcast

The Matt Trudewind episodes are the best and most entertaining
Super informative. Great, energetic host. Keep up the good work!
Very informative! Keep these PodCasts rolling!!
The reason I listen to each and every episode is because Justin and Glenn bring a quality to their show that others seem to miss. They don't use a well prepared script to make sure every product selling point is seemlessly integrated into every conversation, nor do they pretend that they have all the answsers. What they do deliver is a real, open conversation that discusses problems, solutions and real-life experiences in the storage world. While they show great enthusiasm for their products, they also discuss them honestly, even when it means acknowledging that a specific product doesn’t suit all needs. In an industry full of sales people who will say anything to get a deal, Justin, Glenn and their great guests show that it doesn't have to be that way.
Great Podcast for anyone in the tech community who needs to stay up to date on all things NetApp!