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Listening to pain dry would be more exciting that Logical Belief podcast. The first few episodes were half decent attempts to talk about logical apologetics, but it just went downhill from there.
Wrong in so many ways
This podcast is nothing but downgrading and criticism of Christians who don't believe his personal interpretation of the Bible. He doesn't understand the Bible, the Catholic Church, the Church of Latter Day Saints, Jews, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, et al to the detriment of himself and any listeners. Pure drivel.
The host is clear thinking and reasonable in his discussions of theology and his interactions with unbelievers. I was impressed with his presuppositional discusssion with an atheist that was more patient than I could have managed and not just an echo of Sye ten Bruggencate. I learned quite a bit from his lessons on Anabaptists even though I was once one myself and a leader in a Mennonite church plant. I will keep listening..
I really appreciate Jason Mullett's contribution to the world of reformed apologetics. Logical Belief Ministries Podcasts and YouTube videos provide foundational apologetics and theology that both the novice and seasoned believer will benefit from. Jason's clear and well organized presentations make it easier to learn about complex theological concepts. I highly recommend adding this podcast to your arsenal for the defense of the faith.
This podcast has an interesting mix of apologetics and theology. It will consistently leave you with something to chew on during the week. Check it out!
Great podcast. Keep up the good work. A++++