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Reviews For The Meeting House

I didn’t know how badly I needed this until I listened to Bruxy for the first time. I am a pastor of a small church in West ATL. Survivors of a vicious church split because a handful dared to ask if maybe there was a better way to understand the gospel than Southern Baptist church-as-usual. As I do not have a sending church or any mentors to help me, I seek out podcasts to help me better live and serve Christ’s Bride. Thank you, Meeting House for your faithfulness to speak even hard truth with gentleness and compassion.
This podcast is my way to connect in an area where I’m the only “peace-churcher” in a 200 mile radius. TMH is a lifeline for my theological sanity. Much love to Bruxy and TMH.
After several years of feeling alienated in a Southern Baptist Church because of the nationalism and militarism (ignoring of Jesus’ teachings), I was prepared to leave the church and follow Christ alone. After finding Bruxy, Boyd, & Zahnd; I was amazed I wasn’t alone or a kook for rejecting all things national and military. I finally found others that reject war and nationalism and yet still love those individuals caught in its trap. I began a home group church where I teach, and starting this week; will be including The Meeting House sermons to fill in weeks I don’t have a message and Sundays I can’t be there because of work. My wife loves Bruxy‘s easy to understand messages and his gentle nature. We need churches like this in the South (namely Alabama)! Teaching Christocentric reading of all scripture, and rejection of the Constantinian nationalistic idolatry that is so pervasive in the Western churches.
I listen to podcasts from Greg Boyd, Brian Zahnd and Bruxy Cavey. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s Bruxy. He explains the scriptures so well, speaks with such kindness, amazing me with his ability to speak on tough subjects and give no offense. I don’t even always agree with him, (Altho I do 99% of the time) but he makes me want to! And eventually I probably will. He is clearly a great scholar and lover of Jesus. He’s also very funny and easy to follow. I think the church needs more teachers like Bruxy!
I've been listeneing to the meeting house podcast for over a year now and it has changed my life towards Christ every week since! Subscribe!
I have been listening to Greg Boyd at Woodland Hills for a ling time. As soon as I heard Bruxy speak at WH a few weeks ago, I started searching for more. I went back and listened to the entire series of "Inglorious Pastors" and "Say What?" and will continue listening to the new sermons weekly. You have a new fan in Massachusetts.
I've been listening to this ministry for over a year and continue to be impressed by the bold and honest effort. Bruxy is uniquely gifted at speaking to culture rather than against it. Great church, great teaching, and Christian love over dogma. Headline! "Jesus is glorified in Canada."
This is down-to-earth teaching from a speaker with a balance of humor, real-life application, solid Bible-based teaching, and thought-provoking lessons. This is accessible preaching for the new and experienced Christian. Bruxy does not mince words but finds ways to say tough things in a compassionate and compelling way. If one word can describe his preaching, it is the word "balance." He finds ways of fusing Christian values with the realities of today's world. The only preacher I have heard with a Q and A session after his sermon (and even a talk to the listener on the way home from church in his car). Great stuff!