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Wealth of wisdom here for the taking - all you have to do is listen. What a legacy this man has let us!
Somehow or another I always refer back to father Al he seems to speak about what I’m going through at that very moment. I’m listening and getting my self back into church. God is good all the time ♥️ thankful and blessed because of you lord!
Simply excellent, concise and brilliant. A daily essential akin to essential nutrients. Jesus Christ be praised as king of all! May He be praised forever brothers and sisters. Thank you. Peace
I have been listening to these for years. My day is not right without them. God bless Fr. Al!
Enjoy very much the homilies and the spiritual food this station provides. Thank you for your ministry. God Bless!
I listen to a number of podcasts and what I hear daily from Fr. Al speaks true today though he recorded the lessons years ago. This just goes to show that the word of God is alive and is active always. Fr Al lived his ministry and like a pebble on the water it echoes through our time. I’m very grateful for his ministry in my life. Thank you Presentation Ministries and Apple Podcasts for bringing Fr Al to me.
Father Al was the best
Thank you PM! This podcast helps me get my day started out great.
Praying for more holy priests and pastors to lead His flock.
I have been listening to Fr. Al Lauer on Sacred Heart Radio, and now I've subscribed to the podcast. It is a blessing that so many years after his death, Fr. Al is still doing God's work through these wonderful recordings. They helped me return to the Catholic Church two years ago this month after many years away. Thank you, Fr. Al Lauer!
Thank you for those who keep Father Lauer "on the air" in podcast-form! I really appreciate discovering his wisdom and perspectives so many years afterwards.
What great encouragement and truth you give us Fr. Lauer. May you rest in Gods peace, Thank you.
This is a great program and I listen to it every morning to help boast my faith. The are short and to the point, which is really nice for people like me who need a little reminder of faith to get them through the day, and to also learn a little more about our faith.
I love this podcast. I listen to it every morning. Thanks father al!
Father Al's love of God, his deep wisdom, and his talent for preaching God's word with clarity, passion, and humility are a daily inspiration for me. I've learned so much about sacred scripture from Father Al that I find myself thirsting more and more for time to spend in the word. His ministry continues to reach souls even now years after his death, and his sermons are a true blessing.


By Gip26
Great podcast that helps my faith life. Long time listener. Gives me peace and direction.
Father's daily inspirational messages have drawn me nearer to daily Mass. I appreciate the spiritual guidance and am so thankful to have found such a beautiful presence on the web. Please keep u the heavenly work! Blessings!
This has dramatically improved my life. Every teaching I try as best as possible to put into practice. You've really encouraged me Father! Thank you so much! After school I love to come to my iPod and hear your voice. Thank you for responding to God's call for this, you will help thousands! I've really been thinking about seminary lately and haha I'd love to be a brother with your order!
Great listening on the way to work! Gives direction to the day!
Hi, I love Fr. Laurer's reflection of the daily reading. I am trying to update your podcast but they are not in there. today's was the last day...:(
This is an excellent podcast! It is relevant to daily living. There is concrete, direct guidance on how to listen and live the gospel. Excellent!!
This is a great podcast. It is enjoyable to listen to and uplifting an educational in the faith.
I listen on my drive to work. I feel so inspired when I arrive. Thank you for doing this.
Fr. Al Lauer continues to inspire us how to follow Jesus every day.
Father Al has the sweetest voice and his words are inspiration that moves me through each day, he is completely enlightened in God! - This is the best Podcast on this site!! Thank you for what you do!
Direct and to the point, no goofy sound effects, consise, inspired, inspiring....
This podcast is great - solid Catholic teaching and very practical.
Fr. Lauer knew and loved God. It is a pleasure to hear him talk of his love and passion for the good things.
I listen to the USCCB daily liturgy and then Fr. Al's reflection. What a great way to start your day. Fr. Al is great.
Inspired preaching. Practical wisdom for every day. Fr. Al sets out a banquet table, a feast for anyone who is hungry for more. And best of all it's all free! If you've ever had the slightest inkling that God is bigger and has more for you than you ever dreamed possible, then this podcast is for you. Your local IHOP restaurant probably displays a sign that reads, "Come Hungry. Leave Happy!" Really that slogan more appropriate here!
One of the reasons I especially love this podcast is because Father Lauer always sounds so enthusiastic and in love with the Catholic faith, and does a great job of sharing that love to others. While he is always enthusiastic, he does present the truth, and challenges you in your daily life. To me though, that makes it all the more worth listening to though! A great tool for those who want to be even closer to God.
I subscribed to the podcast as part of my Lenten routine. Sadly, it was the only thing that made it through Lent and kept on afterwards. Fr. Al has been very challenging, reminding me that my faith (which I had been comfortable with) is actually quite lacking. I don't always agree w/him but I admire his faith and devotion, his knowledge of scripture and the passion to have done hundreds (possibly thousands) of audio casts. Amazing for man who "went home to the Lord in October of 2002"