Weekly Show – Science Update

Reviews For Weekly Show – Science Update

I love the new science issues discussed. Lots of information but not too much. I can get ideas on science stories to research futher.
Just the right length and good variety of content
I wish the negative reviewers from some years ago would come back to have a second look/listen to these podcasts. They are very well done and most worthwhile. Subscribe.
This podcast does a great job of delivering science news in away that is not dumbed down, but still understandable for the average layman. The topics are varied and interesting, and give a wonderful glimpse into the developing world of science.
I cancelled this podcast after 2 hours of having it on my device
This podcast is very well writen and could be shown to students like me , my teacher shows my fellow pupils and me this podcast its a very quick yet efficent way of teaching kids . though i think they talk to fast my teacher has to play it 2 or 3 times , but other then that's it great . FYI im in 8th grade in louisiana .
This podcast is extraordinary. I am not a scientist but I find that I understand what the discussion is about because Ira is very careful to ask probing questions. The format is polite and instructive. I highly recommend this.
I enjoy this podcast and the Science Magazine podcast. For some reason, they don't seem to cross promote. Some reviewers expressed disappointment that the stories here aren't in depth. I enjoy this broadcast when I don't have a lot of time. When I want to hear longer bits I jump over to the 1/2 hour long Science Magazine Podcast - which is also a AAAS/Science product.
I really enjoy this weekly update on Science.
I like how they keep things simple and to the point. I learn a lot from listening to this podcast. I also like how they mix up the topics. It was great to meet you at the AAAS Family Science Fair here in San Francisco. Keep it up you guys! I do love your podcast!
This is my new favorite podcast. The pace is brisk, the content is great, it's delivered clearly and with enthusiasm. It's quick and concise enough to make it an easy listen, but it's long enough to be worthwhile.
Sorry to be so critical but were are you (AAAS) thinking? I am so disappointed. This is horrible! Your podcast is way too short (~5 minutes!!!) and way too simple (subject-wise). Please give "the masses" some real science beyond the ten second one liners. Go read a copy of Science News and follow their lead... Your atempts at subtle humor are really bad... I am extremely disapointed...
Science Update Podcast tops the list of my downloads: NOVA|PBS, NOVA Science, Science Magazine, Scientific American...etc. They have short, interesting vignettes, and I could care less about the transition music or the occasional premature cutoff. It's the (insightful and authoritative) content that's important! That being said, some notes on segment transition from NPR might be a nice touch. Keep up the good work!
I guess I was so busy listening to the excellent, professional delivery of the science news that I didn't notice anything detrimental about the music. This is a good mix of heavy, serious science for regular people. It's not as esoteric and heavy as Science magazine can be, but it's not as dumbed-down as typical newspaper science coverage. The choices of stories are interesting and topical, as you would expect from one of the leading science societies/magazines.
The music is indeed cheesy and the transitions between segments play horrible tunes as well. Still, it is not annoying by any means, and the content is really great and coming from the AAAS, highly legitimate. I do recommend it, and I'm sure the producers will eventually change the music. -Rudy
Cheesy music and corny delivery - sounds like a low budget education film.