Some Assembly Required

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Never has one single show opened my musical horizons as much as this one has. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing music. Please upload more episodes!
i love being able to hear this when i'm in the mood for miles and miles of good sound and not crap "music." i love that this show just goes on and on, under the waves.
Some Assembly Required may be the first musical art museum. Every week he curates a new selection of audio art -- some pop, some abstract, but all interesting and unique. Listen with an open mind and you'll find your understanding of music challenged and expanded.


By Phil_R
I've been a longtime fan of Some Assembly Required, as they've been on our local low watt college station (Radio K) for years. It is wonderful to have the ability to listen to it on MY schedule now. I credit this show for turning me onto many excellent artists over the years, including the likes of: The Branflakes, People Like Us, Negativland, Evolution Control Committee, and since last week Rx. Music. All Way Cool in my book.
Was impressed off the bat...but the section just past ~16:45 in episode 101 was simply a notch up, creatively. Looking forward to listening to future episodes. Awesome!