teenage contradiction

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This is an Interesting glimpse of a 17-18 year old young man's insight and perspectives into his daily life, attitudes and outlook upon society. But it lacks depth, definition and who he really is. He sounds gay (this is not a criticism!), and if he is, this could be a fascinating audio blog. This is just 1 example though. He could better define himself with a brief intro... 'my name is ---, I'm a senior at --- and I'm into lacrosse, swimming and my cat, Noodles.' Details that provide a better understanding of who we're listening too. The quality is fine, just keep doing them! I'm enouraged!
Wow I knew I knew him! :)... I think :@


what the crap is this seriosly what a waste of time.
Dont waste your time with this weirdo sitting in his closet and touching himself while he tells goofy stories about his boring day. This is garbage and just plain wierd DONT LISTEN DONT DONT DONT mad corny.
love you podcast it really is something! keep it up!