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Where are Episodes 4 and 19?
This is an excellent podcast. The videos are informative and awe inspiring, covering locations around the world.
I'm new to diving. These videos have really heightened my need to get back in the ocean. Nice videos.
VERY COOL PODCAST! After a hiatus, the Kona mantas are BACK - thanks to Keller for his insight and love of mantas...and he's a great divemaster, too!
would be nice if more episodes were available. very informative and fun cast
Doesn't get any better!
That was a great video! Great footage. I learned some things that I didn't know about Mantas. Am getting ready to do the Manta dive in Yap and hope to have the same great encounters as in this film. Thanks for sharing!
Like most of Mary Lynn's videos, this one excells. Beautiful production values and her shooting is top rate. Natural Geographic....watch out!!!


By chuckn
Well done with exciting but also educational footage with quality editing. Looking forward to more episodes.