Reviews For First Watch

Run away! Run fast if you value your free time. I started off listening to James and Kat through the One Shot podcast. It was just a few quick hits of tabletop, y'know, just to get me through the day. Then I found their sister podcast Campaign, which didn't seem that bad. I mean, I couldn't shut up to my friends about it and maybe I got the shakes when a Thursday came and went without an update... Now my Twitter feed is nothing but geeky Chicago improv actors. My pod feed is 50% One Shot productions. My Tumblr feed is pretty much D&D macros, which it was before, but also a lot of Star War fanfic and art. Now James and Kat have a podcast that's just them talking about their wonderfully entertaining selves. It's amazing to listen to, if you're even the slightest bit interested in stories-gaming-fandom-emotions. Just be warned that you're going to end up addicted to the One Shot brand.