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The stories a really treat to listen to but Anna Wintour sounds like a particularly strict Victorian headmistress scolding you before each episode.
If I wanted politics I would search for political pods. When I want fashion, Style and clothing trends I look for Vogue. What a shame Vogue has become political! I’m out!
smart and evocative. I binge listened to all 7 episodes and loved — especially great if you were in your 20s or 30s in the 90s and remember. . .
The host is horrible - it’s obvious he does not do his research, he is rude and argumentative with the guests, and strikingly INAUTHENTIC. I listened to the episode with Zac Posen. Posen’s intelligence and authenticity made the host’s ineptitude even more glaring. The host made several comments that Posen gently corrected; instead of apologizing, he argued with him! The host was so narrow-minded and inauthentic (which does not reflect the Vogue perspective at all!). Zac Posen said made a prediction about the future of fashion and the host didn’t even entertain the idea, he interrupted to say “no I don’t think so”. Zac Posen gave some context to his ideas and desceibed a time in the future where people may make their own Met Gala gowns and the host simply said “no, that would be terrible. No one should do that”. I would LOVE to listen to a Vogue podcast that deep dives into relevant topics and highlights designers who are breaking the mold, but I can’t listen to even another episode of this.
Very hard to listen to. Vogue as a publication has a distinctive POV on fashion, beauty, and society, but this podcast does not reflect any of that distinction. I wanted so badly to love this but it’s not grounded in its content and the production value does not reflect the standards of the flagship.
If I wanted to listen to 2 mild mannered white women talking about current events, I’d listen to NPR. Or any of the hundreds of news podcasts. What’s missing from the podsphere? A decent, engaging and interesting pod about FASHION. Thought Vogue would be the place for that but no. The search continues ...
Tragically this is an empty conversational podcast of people who seem to be distantly connected to fashion.
Love the podcast but the inconsistency with your volume can be deafening. Please get that fixed.


By blkgfy
The arts are supposed to be forward thinking and even when he discusses the future he uses such OLD terms. One of the fashion editors had to remind him that "tom boy" basically means nothing and that "androgynous" is not a bad word. Yikes. Do some research before you represent one the biggest fashion companies

Informative and cut at time, loved ALT but that needed change, Surprisingly and continuously dull from certain Vogue personalities, and informative genius from others. Should be a leader in podcasts, like BA Foodcast but falls short in many ways. Not good, not bad, 3 stars. Similar to January issue or something.
Terrible audio quality, stiff hosts / interviewers. So boring. If Vogue is going to commit to the social media / tech / new generation thing then they need to really get on board because there are thirteen year olds making higher quality podcasts in their parents' basements (not kidding). Giving them two stars because they have good guests and have the potential to create much better content.
Vogue has always done a wonderful job highlighting the teams that make the production possible; giving credit where credit is due. What I felt was missing was more of a back story of just how this meticulous machine runs. This Vogue podcast does just that! Detailing the concept development, styling, art direction and planning that goes into each production, is to me, where the money is with this podcast! Andre makes the perfect host, with his experience and personal questions, along with many other interviewers, this podcast is a delight into the insights of this ever-growing brand. I'm excited to see where it goes and how it develop its legs. On top of this great content I'd love to see the interviewers dig a little deeper into the cover girls like Kendall and Gigi. I'd love to see some writers featured and I'd love there to be insights in-house procedures that make Vogue run. No one can do it like Vogue can, and we're all chomping at the bits to discover all its dirty little secrets. This podcast is a must listen for any fashion/Vogue fanatics.
Love Vogue. Have been subscribing to the magazine for over 25 years. This podcast has so much potential but, I was let down. Andre is a horrible interviewer cuts people off as they are answering his questions. That is so tacky.
As a longtime vogue reader, I really want to like this podcast. But Andre Leon Talley is a TERRIBLE interviewer--please pass the reigns to another editor please!!


By Ohnevi
The audio is terrible!!!! Non-informative , it's just ALT bragging about where he has been .
This podcast can be So Good! Please put more thought into it. Fashion needs to reinvent itself and Vogue is the best place to start.
Where fashion, celebrity, and art collide. Never thought I would actually be into this kind of stuff but I find it intriguing. I'm Enjoying the coverage on the met. Really enjoyed the Andrew Rossi episode. André is an icon. Love when he reads the cover stories to us.


By Hgrow
I always want these to keep going. I love Vogue and hearing the podcast is an awesome perspective of the magazine. Thanks!!
the audio quality is so bad. the volume always seems loud. can't even get past that to know what the topics are.
Andre is so much fun- thank you for an effortlessly great podcast ALT!
Keep it going! Such a treat to listen to.
Seriously?! Was hoping this podcast would be more designer/fashion focused. Too much Pop Culture. Break it back to Basics André.
I had to unsubscribe due to the need to include the Kardashian's. I feel Vogue is pandering to populist culture. I miss the day when Vogue was the "establishment" that told the public what is important in fashion, art, and popular culture that based on talent.
I listened each week but you have now lost me by interviewing Kim Kardashian.
A podcast about watching paint dry would be more interesting than listening to this.
Love these. Keep it coming.


It's OK
This podcast started out with a bang; ALT interviewing Anna Wintour! You cannot ask for better than that. I believe that I now require ALT’s opinion on everything. In other words, I’ll be listening in as long as this podcast gets produced.
I'm so glad we FINALLY have a Vogue podcast! As a fashion school graduate you never stop loving, living, and breathing fashion and now I can listen to the masters while I'm at work! It's on-going education, and I'm here for it!
Listened to the 9/14 interview which I'd have to characterize as a shallow bore. ALT: Why did you have so and so in the September issue? AW: Because she's so extraordinary. ALT: And why did you have this other so and so in the September issue? AW: Because she's so extraordinary. Or words to that effect. Maybe the podcast will hit its stride with time but this cast was a swing and a miss.
I was so excited for this but wow, what a bore! Not to mention the host is dreadful. Maybe it’ll be worth another go with a new host but this one is way too much center stage and hard work.
I’m really excited about the whole idea of a Vogue podcast & the interview with Anna Wintour absolutely lived up to expectation. Can’t wait to hear more!
If you want to year ALT say yes 467 times and listen to Wintour illuminate nothing about the September issue while advocating Hillary for President. Total waste of time.
This was so much fun! Looking forward to much more from the Vogue team!
I can't wait to hear the full interview. Such a wonderful idea.
This is incredible! I can’t wait for the full episode!