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Like no other pet show, this is a very fun and interactive program featuring the best experts and celebrities. It's like a morning show for people that are crazy about their pets! I make it my weekend tradition. Try it too.
I enjoy (and learn something new) from nearly every episode. That's why I think this is among the best. But, episode 316 with the discussion of the dog about to die in the arms of... hey, I am nominating podcast 316 as the most touching animal story of the year at Surf Review & Report magazine. Yeah, I cried while watching (and reading) Old Yeller, but that was done a long time ago and, besides, it was fiction. The discussion in episode 316 is a true story that will force any human to tears! Keep up the great work - Bill Anderson.
I didn't know you could find this much info about animals all in one place - tons of interesting advice and great animal stories from all around the world - how to understand animal behavior, how to care for them, (some needed clean up advice) play with them, even talk to them. Fun 'n entertaining. Plus a good web site with great info and links.
This is the worst podcast I have listened to which claims to talk about animal issues. The title should be changed to Animal Product Commercials. If you as a listener are interested in podcasts which address animal concerns, go to An Animal Friendly Life or Erik's Diner.