The Loh Down on Science

Reviews For The Loh Down on Science

Sometimes the science facts are very trivial, and they're always presented with a jokey angle. I still listen to every episode though.
New installments make my day.
Tsing-Loh presents the latest in research and tech in a manner that is concise and informative. Following up on one of her reports, to get more about the science behind it, is easy because she always has the pertinent facts with no excess, except perhaps to make some nerdly pun. She is so enjoyable that I also follow her lifestyle podcast as well (the sort of thing which would normally not be my cup of tea).
Can't live without my STL fix!!!!
Clever and makes me smile every day. Thank you Sandra.
Good podcast, but having 25% of the podcast be an advertisment (and the same advertisment) kept me from subscribing.
After listening to this, I think I have a crush on Sandra. She's smart, she's funny, and she's a wiseguy (gal?). The podcast is quick, upbeat, easy to grasp. The only (potential) drawback: because of the brevity of the podcast and the aforementioned wiseguy quality of the host, it occasionally feels a bit, well, trivial. Nonetheless, worth listening to!
This has become one of my favorite podcasts. Day after day, Ms. Loh continues to inform and entertain. Every single science story is well presented and at the end she comes up with some quip that more than likely will make me laugh out loud. Keep up the great work!
there are other sciencecasts that attempt to be funny, but none do it quicker or funnier that Ms. Loh.
Witty, amusing and clever. Who knew that Ms. S T Loh knows science - her quick appraisal has a pithy candor that offers knowledge (not just facts), and a point of view that tickles this listener's grey cells. Bring it on, Sandra!