if you are into runway shows and trend then I would recommend this, but if you are looking for tips on fashion and makeup then it is not really worth it. It has a couple good tips but most of them are just "no duh" kinds of tips.
I loooove this! I like that it's short and very informative. It definately follows the theme of the magazine. It's like viewing the magazine in a short video. Thank you so much.
I was excited when I found out that this came on a podcast...These clips are part of a 30-minute show where Linda Wells takes us backstage at all of the major shows. This is a brilliant program, and I can't wait to see the spring collections!
I LOVED this!! Entertaining and informative. Great behind scenes footage that made me feel like I was there at the fashion shows. And it's clear that this is from Allure - expert advice and tips from the top people in beauty and fashion. Looking forward to seeing more.