The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Podcast

Reviews For The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Podcast


By elsu
For any true musical theatre fanatics. Amazingly talented performer and composer. This podcast is a gem of wonderful music and top-notch broadway talent. The conversations are equally as engaging as the songs. The only problem is they aren't frequent enough. Can't believe it's free and cannot wait for the new podcast!!
He is so unny, and not once in his shows are there dead beats and boring parts. He is just plain amazing. You won't waist your time listening to this at all.
Jeff Blumenkrantz really seems to be able to do it all. I've been following his career since I first saw him in "How To Suceed in Business Without Really Trying." And I am now a huge fan of his songwriting. After seeing songs of his pop-up on some of my favorite artist's CDs like Audra McDonald and Megan Mullaly, I'm so glad he has a songbook out - and even better has this AMAZING outlet. We get to hear his work done beautifully and simply with some of the top Broadway talent - and then hear stories behind the songs, and a lot of fun chitty chats. Jeff, I love you. People of earth, subscribe to this please.
Jeff Blumenkrantz is a hysterical performer and a hysterical person. This sense of humor shows in so many of his songs (even the serious ones, which make them so human). The banter between him and his guests is joyous to listen to, and the music is wonderful. What else could you ask for? Anyone interested in musical theatre, cabaret, or life in general should subscribe to this podcast.