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I can’t say enough good things about Christine or her podcast. I always find something helpful and relatable in the episodes no matter who the guest is and I find myself repeatedly shocked (and consoled) at how similar we really all are. I only wish I had discovered her sooner so I could have been implementing my new tools even sooner. Thank you, Christine!!
This podcast has been a shining light for me especially as I navigate a breakup and the wounding and patterns I have carried from my childhood. Christine is truly gifted and it’s an absolute blessing to have found this podcast and discover her work. The way she listens and engages with her clients on these calls and even in the Inner Child Workshop I attended is awe-inspiring and transformative. Thank you for the powerful work you do in elevating consciousness!
Christine helped me move from struggle and suffering to thriving fulfillment in every major area of my life. I struggled with an eating disorder, codependency, anxious attachment, parental wounding, low self worth and painful overachieving. Freedom and joy are possible! Listen to the podcast, do the work. Finding Christine transformed my life!
Christine, I love your podcast but I am very disappointed in this one with Bethany. Patriarchy? Give me a break. We live in a wonderful county where women are powerful and included in life. I had to turn it off. Bethany is privileged. That’s the truth.
I’ve been listening off and on in my podcast rotation for a while and episode 98 really resonated with me. I am in an identical situation to the caller and felt like you were speaking to me because I felt (on a cellular level) everything the caller was discussing. I love that I was aligned enough to stop on that episode randomly. Your tips are always fantastic and easy to understand.
After a recent and very abrupt breakup I had no where else to go for comfort other than long form podcasts. I stumbled upon Christine’s show and I was hooked instantly. Her wisdom and listening skills just makes me calm and instantly makes me feel better. Not to mention that each episode is packed with practical advice. I have gone back months and listened to any episode that I somewhat relate to. I highly recommend the show not just for post breakup advice but also for personal growth and healing.
I have been listening to your podcast for the past few weeks and the tools and applications I’ve learned from each episode have been immeasurable in their healing and transformative power. I have been seeing a therapist as well but I love your coaching sessions because you always get down to healing the deeper core issues rather than just addressing the surface-level emotions and experiences. I have been sharing your podcast with all my friends because it’s been so life-changing for me! Thank you so much for all the wisdom you’ve imparted through your work!!
Was disappointed to hear her use her platform to spread misinformation on Covid.
I bumped into Christine’s podcast after having the worse breakup, one that shook me to my core, and left me in so much pain. I wanted to make sure I finally got the lesson, because pain of that magnitude should only be once in a lifetime. The podcast has been so healing, and illuminating. The knowledge and tools I have learned have been so empowering. I keep sharing with family and friends. Thank you so much, I’m certain I would still be grieving this breakup and would have been stuck in victim mentality had it not been for you! Thank you, thank you!!
I have been learning so much with each episode I listen to. Christine is gifted with her voice and knowledge, helping me with my healing. Her calls always bring someone’s history that I can relate to. Sometimes I have the feeling she is speaking to me, she is so accurate when she explains what the person is going thru and her advices are so comforting. Incredible. Thank you Christine for sharing your gifts with the world, you are reaching so many people that needs you.
Thank you for the work you do Christine. Sending you so much love!


I listened to the show on internal family systems. I literally did the work with you Christine. I needed this and love the work you do on the show. I have learned so much thank you! ❤️ Alex
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
I have loved the real live coaching sessions along with the conversations Christine has had with so many other beautiful souls. There has been so much insight and I personally get to witness her coaching and further understanding how she’s able to see what she sees as she works with people on the coaching call. To also witness people receiving such guidance and new insights is so so beautiful as well. Thank you for what you continue doing. I feel so much love in all the episodes that I have listened to.
I discovered Christine’s podcast two years ago and I haven’t missed an episode since! I find that each episode has a golden nugget in it no matter what chapter of life I find myself in. She effortlessly uncovers the root of every issue with her coaching clients in a way that leaves them feeling empowered. I gain so much insight from each episode, and I can’t recommend her podcast enough! Thank you for sharing you wisdom, Christine! Xo
I love this podcast! Christine is a kind soul who generously shares her gift with the world via this platform. Listening to her speak with others helps me in so many ways. I appreciate her.
I can’t thank her enough for all of her wisdom and guidance that has gotten me through pretty rough times these last few years. My friends and family all look forward to the episodes and we all discuss what great advice she always gives! Amazing!
I stumbled upon Christine Hassler while listening to Aubrey Marcus’ podcast about masculinity recently and I am so happy I started to look into who she is. The professional help she provides is knowledgeable, direct and kind. You can tell she loves what she does and loves humanity. I am so grateful for Christine Hassler and her infinite grace. I started Cleaning up My Mental Mess because I heard her interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf. So far, it’s working. I highly recommend Christine’s podcast.


By m031087
This show has given me great insights about myself and my healing. Every episode I discover something new to learn.
I started listening to Christine’s podcast 7 years ago,pretty early on. I was in a new state, where I didn’t know many people and when I tuned into the podcast I felt like I was spending time with a good friend. Listening to her counseling the callers was more helpful than many of my in- person therapy sessions, and I found myself working through and healing (and getting over!) many past issues. I recommend this podcast to almost everyone I know and counsel myself, telling them “Even if you think from the description that the episode won’t apply to you, try it - you’ll be surprised at how much you may take away.” 2 years ago I attended her San Diego retreat and was amazing at the healing which happened in just one weekend. I continue to work through things by being a member of Personal Mastery. Christine, you are amazing, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and you have truly changed my life! -Caroline
Christine has a gift. She is able to get straight to the heart of an issue. The stories, justifications, excuses we tell ourselves are often the tactics we use to avoid dealing with the real issue. She gently bypasses those things to provide authentic, direct guidance for dealing with the true problem.
I’m a weekly listener. I love Christines wisdom and the guests that she brings. Thanks for all your do Christine!
This podcast has been so informative and influential personally and professionally. I have been listening for the last few years and have not missed one yet. The knowledge, guidance, and clarity she brings have brought so much healing to my own life. Im grateful to witness the coaching sessions and see powerful coaching in action!
Christine has such a unique and powerful combination of expertise and lenses she uses in her work with clients. She’s able to ask the right questions and lead people to the root of what’s really going on. I find it so easy to glean some bit of wisdom from every episode and very much appreciate it. The concepts are tangible but also hold a lot of depth. I’m so glad I discovered Christine’s work.
I consider my twice per week date with Christine like time spent with your closet friend/therapist. I have listened to every single podcast she has ever recorded and there has not been a single episode that didn’t resonate with me on some level. Christine’s natural ability to hold a genuine, loving and caring space for each and every guest she interviews, in beyond therapeutic and educational to the listener. I have learned more about myself over the past few years of listening than I ever could have sitting across from a conventional therapist.
Christene is so insightful! A person may think they’ve got one problem, but Christine can always figure out what the real problem is! She talks them through the steps to take and even let’s them know if they need extra help like therapy or counseling. I listen to Over It and On With It instead of the news and mainstream media. This podcast has been a bright spot in my world for several years!
I love this podcast! Just listening to Christine is healing. She has such knowledge and compassion and so freely shares it with everyone. I LOVE that she is willing to share real coaching sessions with others. I learn so much from her informational podcasts with experts and I think I learn even more from her coaching sessions with others! Not many podcasters are willing to coach others for free and share it with their audience and I appreciate Christine doing this week after week. I always look forward to the next episode coming out!
I learn something about myself in every episode I listen to…even the episodes that I think I won’t relate to, I gain a nugget of wisdom. Christine’s insights are invaluable and I’m grateful to have found this podcast!
This podcast has truly helped expand my understanding of my own psychology but also how it intersects with my spiritual life and relationships. Christine is the perfect blend of compassion and honesty.
I have been listening to Christine for years now. She has a natural gift to get to the heart of the matter. She is nurturing and provides amazing guidance. I have learned so much from her and I think listening to her has made me a better therapist. I recommend her show and book to people often. She is a bright light in this world and I am so grateful she shares it!! 💕
Since my twenties and the discovery of 20 something 20 everything Christine has been such a source or help and guidance for me. years of listening to the podcast ( sometimes certain episodes multiple times) I have had so many insights ans learned so many tools. Each year my year starts with Christines new year ritual and each time I listen to a podcast I learn something new and life changing. Thank you.
I have been listening to these podcast for two years now. They have changed my life. It has helped me to see so many difficult events in my life as blessings and explore what I can learn from each and every one of them. It has also been incredible how a podcast will come at the exact moment that I need to hear. You will be given a tremendous gift if you listen to Christine’s podcasts weekly.
Christine’s podcast is in my opinion the best self help podcast out there. She covers such a wide range of topics so that all listeners can find episodes that are relevant. She also doesn’t pretend to have everything together herself and also allows listeners to share in vulnerability, which makes her all the more credible! Very thankful to have found this show.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for several years now and I can honestly say it’s had a huge positive impact on my life. Christine offers practical, tangible insights that can help anyone achieve more clarity. I recommend this podcast, as well as her books, to everyone. This is such an incredible free resource and a great entry point into Christine’s other valuable work.
The inner child work I have learned from Christine has been life changing for me! I have changed my life 180 degrees and learning to live the life I am worthy of living as I heal my inner child and love myself! Thank you!
I reviewed Christine in the very beginning, and it still holds true today. I can't wait to listen to Christine any chance I get. She is a true inspiration. I incorporate her teachings into my daily life and find solace in her words. Thank you Christine for all your help, love, and blessings!
I am a dedicated weekly listener to Christine Hassler’s podcast. She is very insightful, compassionate, and talented as a coach. I have learned so much from her and look forward to each episode. I would highly recommend checking out “Over It and On With It” for anyone interested in self-help and personal growth. Thanks so much for your work, Christine!!
I am a person who has done my fair share of therapy because I value personal growth and overcoming patterns that no longer serve me. Last year during a particularly painful breakup I found myself feeling stuck despite going to therapy. This is when I found Christine’s podcast. When I say my world was rocked - I mean it was ROCKED. After listening to a few episodes I could not understand how I could feel so seen and understood by a person that I had never met, but yet I did. This was the push I needed to be able and move through some of my “stuck-ness”. Christine truly has a gift and 5 stars is not enough!
I absolutely love this podcast and can’t recommend it enough! It is my go-to recommendation for people looking for advice because she covers so many areas of life. I learn something from every single episode! Christine’s work has been the brightest guiding light on my journey to understand and better myself and my life. Both her workshops and this podcast are powerful resources that aid in incredible transformations and mental awareness that will truly change your life. I have so much gratitude for her work and the callers that so vulnerably open up an allow us to learn from their stories. I’d give it more stars if I could!!
2020 was a bit of rollercoaster for me personally and professionally. It started with a pretty traumatic breakup and I was working as a crisis ER nurse which was a dumpster fire to say the least. Christine and her wisdom helped to keep me grounded. I did so much work on my own self love, self care and personal development in all my free time. 11/10 recommend.
Christine’s work has changed my life in ways I can’t even describe. I highly recommend you dive into this podcast with an open mind and heart. You’ll be glad you did!
I’ve been listening to Christine for several years now. As a psychotherapist and coach, I often listen to Christine’s podcast as first for my own personal growth and second to help my clients! I can’t tell you how many insights I’ve gained by listening to this show. I recommend it to everyone!!
I am 55 Years old and I have been listening to Christine’s podcast for the last four years when commuting. I find it gets me into a positive headspace in the ways I approach various challenges in life. While some of the content is more geared towards younger people, I find that I can reevaluate The issues I was facing when I was younger. Christine provides an invaluable anchor to me and to so many people in directing us toward positive ways to deal with many hard aspects of life. I thank you deeply, Christine.
The inner child work that Christine dives into on this show has been priceless and so so helpful in my personal healing journey. I also appreciate all the different perspectives and voices that are represented on this show from listeners and experts!
By far the most powerful podcast I’ve listened to when it comes to self love and improving my life. With compassion and a genuine sense of caring, her guidance and help always resonate deeply with me, regardless of who she’s talking to or what about. I’m grateful there are people like her in this world to help us all heal our wounds.
Christine and her community are exceptionally open hearted and compassionate. That seeps through every podcast I have listened to. I am continually amazed by Christine’s sensibility, knowledge and understanding with each individual on the call. I so admire her insight into others hearts and lives as well as her brave leadership to challenge us to face and deal with our struggles. She does so powerfully yet lovingly. She is a beautiful role model to me and I am grateful for her openness and her transformative work. There is hope that I can get over it and on with it! Thank you, Christine.
I first listened to this podcast several years ago at the recommendation of a friend and haven’t missed an episode since. This show has a mix of personal coaching and expert guests and has been a magnetic force in my life. I have truly learned so much and feel like this podcast cracked open a door to healing that I deeply appreciate.
I first heard Christine and her husband, Stef, on a podcast with Aubrey Markus. During that time I was in the middle of waking up in my journey, and, as a man who grew up with wounded parents, Christine and Stef became part of my library for inspiration and relation because they’ve been there. Since then, I signed up for their Elementum Coach in Training program. Why? Because we all need help doing this work. It takes a village to raise a child and we’re all children looking for our home. The team paired me perfectly with a coach. I’ve only had a few sessions thus far and it’s already helped so much. I love listening to her talks. Christine has some powerful guests on her calls that lead you through all of this process and I love how she brings people on the call who are doing their work and sharing their experience. Thank you Christine and Elementum Team! ❤️
I love Christine. She talks about having a soul family and I definitely feel like our souls have connected through these podcasts. Even though we haven’t spoke directly, she speaks to me through the people she talks to on her show. I’m always able to take something from the episodes that allows me to go inside, deeply evaluate and bring any old wounds or scars and come up with a way to begin healing them. I am so grateful for her, her gift, and for all that she has helped me with thus far.. even if she doesn’t know it. I’ve highly recommended this podcast to many of my friends. Light and Love, Cierra Toliver