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Even if you just let 2 podcast out a year Thank you
I am so happy to find these podcasts! SCI is a great band, and their music is hard to come by! Thanks!
All Things Considered... These Jammers have what it takes "to bind the mix", with love of Jazz, R&B, and Rock! Great Musicians All... (front to back ~ and side to side). Loved these boys on the PBS Specials and Austin City Limits ... and I am grateful for your efforts to get free evidence of True Genius onto iTunes. The Concert Atmosphere is terrific and love the spontaneity that it promotes into the listening pleasure. I'm a Pro-Photog that loves to retouch and produce Quality Finished... necessarily deadlined "workflow' with the aide of String Cheese Incident ... and I use "SCI" to get me through the tedium, efficiently. Nice Work on the podi!
this band is out of this world the bonnaroo show was like nothing id ever seen before i would have never of thought a bad could things that they did if you get a chance watch the string cheese incident red rocks light show on you tube that will give u an idea of what it was like for me forever and out keep tha vibe alive SCI
i love these podcasts. i wish there were more. this is good music, everyone should download it.
HEY DEADESQ DAVE, THESE PodCasts are the best DarN podCasts on the Net.... MY favorite episodes are #1 and #10 PLeasE Deadesq Dave keep on making these Podcasts cause they are fantastIC. They Don't eVen need to be String Cheese 0ones, they can be anyband, please just put sOMe more Together!!!! ROCK ON AND POP THE TOP ON A COLD ONE!!
I've just started downloading and listening to these podcasts, but i am so happy i've found them, thanks and keep them coming.
This podcast is a must have for any jam band fan! Other Jam Band podcasts that you should check out are: The Dead Show, and Umphrey's Mcgee... but by far this is the best one. I LOVE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT
I love these Podcasts! Please post more soon!!!