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It’s like pulling teeth to get to the learning Italian part. Listening to Massimo speak English is tough to get through and his plug for the podcast, which you’re already listening to, and they insist on keeping a part of the program, means for the first eternal 30-60 seconds of each episode is torture. Then they speak English to explain their process which takes another forever. The Italian speaking portion of the lessons are well thought out and presented but I wish they would just jump in and get to teaching rather than the incessant blather that you’re forced to sit through.
I began to learn Italian in 2004 with this program. The free podcast was much more informative with examples and translations up to 2012 or so. . Now, to get any benefit you will have to be a paying member. It's probably worth the minimal charge. The available podcasts only go back to 2009. I wonder why they don't offer all of them from the beginning?
This really helped me learn the language and overcome my fear of learning languages.
So much of the time is spent directing the listener to the paid program. The supposed 5 minutes of Italian seemed perfunctory.
I wouldn't know since u have to get a membership
I have been trying to figure out where the beginning podcast is. I don't know where to start. It is rather annoying to not have this in any specific order.


Does not seem like its for beginners. Good italian speakers, just not the best to learn out of the box.
No new lessons seem to be coming out, just recycled ones. The format is also quite amateurish. Drop the music! It gets on your nerve after 3 lessons! If you leave a comment on the site it can take months to get it approved and posted, so much for leaving feedback and creating a community.
I have listened to the first 3 podcasts and can't understand the overly positle reviews. The podcasts consist of complex dialogues in Italian followed by a brief explanation of the translation. Very, very, difficult to follow if you want to learn the basics of the languange. Definitely not for the beginner students.
I have listened to so many of these podcasts! Jane e Massimo are the absolute best. They are so fun to listen to and seem so sweet! Thanks so much for all of your help with my progress in italian= ) e sempre un piacere sentire i nuovi podcast da voi= ) Grazie = )
Perfect for me, I love it, but can you just cut to the chase and keep over the introduce and stuffs? 5 stars if simply just read the paragraph 3 times and not rambling about the website and VIP privilige :)
Highly recommended.
most podcasts are too basic and all sound the same, offering only really basic generic words / phrases. I like this better, it's the "next level" up from all of those. A more rapid pace offers much more words and other explanatory examples of usage than other podcasts. More advanced levels await. Bennissimo.
This podcast is really helpful to me as I am going to college in Italy! I see improvements on my grammar and pronunciation.
...with the scope and dedication of the team producing this podcast. Thank you for all of your hard work.
I am a native Spanish speaker who has taken all the basic Italian language over about two years. It helps to supplement the verbal exchanges on this free podcast with a PDF transcript (available to paid subscribers at the podcast's web site). For about $15 US a month, one can't beat it. Naturally, it also helps to read Italian magazines and review italian television broadcasts, which is possible in many areas of the country. The beauty of these podcasts is that they are geared to all levels of learners and to the various students' pickiness. For those who want an intense experience, the advanced podcasts are best.
I use this pod cast along with with my text, grammar and exercise books. I have found the lessons to be very helpful in understanding syntax and verb conjugation when used this way. The authors have done a great job creating a series of carefully constructed tutorials. Each episode is fun, and can be done in a few minutes.
Most learning language tools are limited to beginning level vocabulary and basic grammar. These guys have advanced lessons and all are excellent.Vi raccomando - approfittate di questo.
Learn ItalianPodcast leaves a lot to be desired. Show is a bit dry, and what they offer on their site is very, very limited. If you've been around all the language learning sites/podcast - you'll know just as I do, they pretty much offer the same things - vocabulary, audio of the dialog, etc. But with this site, it's really barebones. They offer that, and that's about it. Wish they would take it to the next level.
Looks like I'm a few years late. Can't believe I haven't been listening from longer ago. Great stuff!
I am amazed at how much Italian I can understand now, the lessons are just the right size not long and boring. Thank you very much for your hard work Jane and Massimo!
Learn Italian Pod is a relaxing way to learn Italian. I have taken several classes, which of course helps, but I really enjoy learning this way. Yes, it is difficult at times. I work at it with my books and I see a big improvement. It is important to work everyday. That is the only way. Not living in Italy make the Italian language sliip away very easily. Listening to these podcasts is the greatest. My pronunciation has improved 99%.
These podcasts have interesting content for language learning, rather than the boring topics many language tools have in their content. I need to see and to hear things to learn them; the podcasts reinfore the Learn Italian Pod text website. The pdf transcripts are set up in such a way that I can see the idioms and the word for word phrases. The combination of the podcasts, the diaglogue and the flashcards really help. The way the site is set up so you can manuever around through the various tools makes it fun and convenient, especially on days when you don't have much time. Each time I use it, I feel myself learning Italian!
Excellent for intermediate levels; very useful application to everyday life scenarios; challenging, but you won't get lost in the sauce!
I use this podcast everyday. I am also a VIP member which is very much worth it. They really do teach you so much in the short podcast and then when you are a VIP subscriber you have all the tools you need to bring it home. They answer all my questions within 24hrs. They are alway adding content making it a very dynamic site. It's worth it, give them a try.
Listening to the free podcasts, coupled with subscribing to and using the site's learning center is a very effective way to learn how to speak Italian. Not only are there podcasts for different levels of learners, but there are also podcasts about Italian culture and how to speak "everyday" Italian. My goal is to speak close to fluent Italian in one year! After only 3 months, I'm already able to communicate in Italian! Grazie a Jane e Massimo!
this guy makes me really want to study and learn italian... i want to go to italy and speak to them, and this will help a lot with that THANKS
mi piace molto questo podcast
With two levels, beginner and intermediate, this is a great value. Not only do you get real life situations, but the language includes the idioms to help you get through real life situations. I have been a subscriber now for several months, and it has helped me greatly. In addition to the free podcast, there is additional help available for a low monthly fee. I waited several months before subscribing, but it is well worth it. The is the best podcast to learn Italian, and be able to converse on your trip to Italy.
I went to school in Perugia and Genova over 20 years ago and recently returned to Italy to visit my daughter who was in Firenze for a year. I only wish I had this podcast all those many years ago!. In no time I felt I had enough working italian to get around. Highly recommended grazie mille Jane e Massimo
These podcasts are a huge leap forward in language education. Becoming a subscriber adds tremendous value since there are so many useful, interactive features in their learning center. Having both a male and female native speaker is a great asset.
This is a great way to learn and re-familiarize yourself with Italian. The lessons are quick and enjoyable, and the format is consistent and reliable, so you always know what's coming. Sometimes a little corny, and ALWAYS good-natured. So far it's better than any other Italian-teaching podcast I have listened to and used. Thanks Jane and Massimo!
I love Italian, and Italy, and this podcast is helping me learn this beautiful language. The only problem is that iTunes won't let me download some of them, like the Christmas podcast. Other than that, this is perfect!!
I love this!!! Jane and Massimo are great teachers! Each lesson is simple, to the point, and easy. Now, io parlo italiana!


I can't believe more people haven't found this podcast, yet. It's very entertaining as well as being educational (of course). And it helps a lot that the there's a duo to keeping things interesting (instead of the usual singular droning voice). As a bonus, you can't help but to feel that they're just nice people too :) I'm *terrible* with languages, and most language courses stress learning by wrote too much for my taste. Sure, you'll always feel like a parrot, but these lessons feel more like optional Italian flavored absorbtion than somone cracking a ruler behind you. So if you learn like me, I think you'll enjoy these guys very much!
I lived and studied in Florence a while ago and sadly found myself forgetting the language. I tried several Italian podcasts out for a refresher, but this one is by far the best. The pronunciation is spot on, the words, phrases, and grammar covered are helpful and well explained, and they discuss Italian culture as well. The intermediate level is great for anyone tyring to brush up on Italian - it'll all start rushing back to you in an instant. If you're a beginner, stick with this podcast. It'll be of the most help when you're in Italy. As for those who may have a hard time understanding the English dialogue being spoken with Italian accents, just remember that problem won't go away once you're in Italy. ; ) The best way to learn a language is from a native speaker. Buona giornata!


By ktfl
this is great. it explains so easily and it repeats the sentences so you can practice.
These podcasts fill a real gap: intermediate level Italian instruction. There is plenty of beginner and advanced level material, but very little intermediate level material out there. Two complaints, however: for intermediate level Italian, they speak too much English and the Italian is delivered at an annoyingly slow pace. This slow pace is vital for beginners, but not for the intermediate level learner. It would be perfect if they could just speed up their delivery a bit. Not machine-gun fast, but quicker than the pace required for beginners.
I don't usually like learning languages on my Ipod, but this one was very simple and very helpful. I recomend you download this podcast. I have only done lesson one, but I really like it.
Great to learn from native speakers...the repetion/translation/repitition works well, especially when you invest in the supplements from the website. Very efficient and comfortable to work with! Love how they set it up in to situational conversations.


By S22
I have tried to teach myself Italian over the computer many times, but I have failed. With this podcast, it feels like I am in a classroom without actually being in one. The teaching techniques are great, and are similiar to the techniques I used to learn French in high school.
This podcast has been an excellent resource! For 5 months I have been living in Italy without any italian language classes, and it was great for authentic pronounciation and learning basics as well as more advanced words and phrases. It has helped so much!
I love listening to these podcasts, as it is my first time learning Italian. It is the perfect pace and makes it fun to learn! I am trying to teach my baby in the womb now. Great!
My mother is from Italy, and is an Italian instructor in the U.S. This is just like sitting and listening to her lessons. Very effective and comprehensive.
This podcast impresses me with its constant updates and good content... however, It is not my favorite approach to language learning. I feel language can only be taught effectively when the student is forced to think a little. Providing the student with vocabulary and fundamentals of grammar and asking them to formulate their own sentences, etc.This podcast does not do this, but rather takes a far more rote approach... repeating things over and over and little else. My other problem is that the host's English is supremely monotone, which tends to put me to sleep. Still, as far as free resources go, this is excellent and I've been listening to it regularly to prepare for my summer visit to Italy. (Really, though, it's very good, I may have over emphasized my criticism, but I am still giving it 4 stars.)
I wanted to learn Italian for my next trip to Italy. I was really motivated. But this podcast bored me to tears in the first 5 minutes. Flat and tedious delivery by two apparently native speaking Italians with poor English diction and pronunciation. And such glowing reviews for this? They may speak Italian well but good instructors they aren't. Even the tacky music was tedious.
I stumbled on this site while searching for Podcasts. It is very nice and easy to learn basic and intermediate italian. Try it for a week, you'll be addicted! Gratzie