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i'm craving more's been almost a year! :(
Aside from the songs, the way DJ Darkhorse mixes them is the real highlight. The space-themed episodes 106 through 111 are really good. So many good artists too! This is my favorite podcast and I listen to it over and over. It clears my mind while I work and puts me in coherent, productive mood. I only wish the episodes came out more often!
Huge fan of the show! Want to hear more!
Fantastic podcast. Couldn’t recommend it enough. Have been listening for years. A special thank you for opening my eyes to artists I would not otherwise have known.
And I love it. One of my number one podcasts so far while doing every kind of activity (work, driving around or just watching the ocean from a plane) DJ Darkhorse does excellent work and I wish I could support him somehow. Keep up the good work!
I remember finding this station years ago, and I was hooked. Anytime of the day, this is what I want to listen to. I’m always finding new artists to follow. I appreciate that there is not a lot of talking, and music is the primary focus. This is really a gem amongst podcasts, and should get more recognition on iTunes.
Nowhere else can you find such well crafted mixes of awe-inspiring music. I've been listening to this since 2008, and keep coming back. DJ Darkhorse has an ear for great music, as he should, being a gifted musician himself. Not sure if Fishbunny is still a thing, but that was some great music. Fishbunny's Crash and Burn (especially Darkhorse's remix) is still a favorite of mine. Check out Three Sixty Records too, more great stuff!
Radio Three Sixty plus high quality noise canceling headphones equals a moment you'll remember. You could be on an airplane or walking down the street. You might be at the park or in your car. This is music for all the moments in your life where the world is happening but your brain is standing still.
This station is more than a podcast, for introducing me and my friends to great artists I thank you.
This is by FAR my favorite thing to listen to while I work. It's more engaging than background music, but it enhances my concentration and my mood. Call it musical ritalin. DJ Darkhorse, I'm addicted to you.
this podcast almost makes my mind numbing cubical job bearable, almost. good to listen while driving long distances as well. check it out
This is an exceptionally well done podcast. The musical mashups are carefully selected and I've been introduced to many genres that were previously off my radar. I'm so glad I found this!
Very greatful for a nice podcast with easy listening, new music and great beats. Keep it up!
I actually read this as being one of the top 10 recommended Podcasts. This is absolutely brilliant. I may be able to use some of these as a sleep aid...It's so nice. It's amazing to here calming sounds. I'm fixing to take up drawing as a hobby, and I feel I can use this to relax and play in the background. Thank you so much.
After making this gem of a discovery i fell in love. The music is so in depth, melodic, mysterious, upbeat, and wondrous. Radio three sixty is doing an amazing job. Don't hesitate to give this a listen. Subscribe and share.
Very inspiring, very well selected, I have enjoyed the flow and overlap of one podcast to the next. Hope you continue for a long time!
Love what your doing here. Keep em coming.
I've been looking for a podcast that would serve as good background music for work, and finally found it with Radio Three Sixty...Thanks guys!
This is the best mix of new music ever! Very eclectic mix of Rock, Hip Hop, Electronica that I have never heard before. Darkhorse is the DJ to my life!
like most people, i'm very glad i found this link and the music is great!! there seems to be one or two tunes that stand out from the show that i cant get enough of...yes, there are moments in life that you attach music to...very true.
Radio Three Sixty everyday!!! Most amazing music!
I love knowing that I have this podcast for special times whether during travel or just relaxing. Get yourself some good headphones and take a trip.
Love listening to this podcast on the ride home. Especially the 10/10 and 11/10 shows. Hope to hear more soon!
I been a big listener for many years now and unfortunately I never had the decency to take the time and write a review. I just want to say that the music I look forward to each episode really opens my mind to how great these artists are and the images captures a sense of morality and recognition that I have yet to capture ever since I started. Someday I'll get the "big picture" of what you're "speaking" towards.
You cannot beat this podcast. Everything it has to offer is amazing good for any activity anytime of day. I am new to podcast and it is the first one I had downloaded, I have yet to find anything to beat it. It is a must have!!! Keep up the fantastic work.
the stars lined up recently when I found Radio Three Sixty on iTunes. I enjoy taking this music on days long hikes and freaking everyone out with this portable alternative music before the evening solitude time. Thanks so much!!
This podcast features a great selection of songs and makes them easily accessible to look up and buy. Highly recommended!
There has been so many times that I could have used this podcast in my life so far. Rather than cry over those missed opportunities, I'd rather begin a new year, new decade to this premium blend of music and never miss another opportunity. These are the best mixes out there!
Home late @ Night, Work sorrounded by 50-100 noisy people all wanting attention, Driving in the most horrendous conditions imaginable, waiting for a flight @ the airport, jetting accross the skies to yet another work situation, late at night unwinding before fading into golden slumbers.... Ahhhh Vacation Time; sitting on a beach relaxing & processing all that was, is & will be... IDJ DarkHorse/Radio 36 ACC is Facinating in Any Setting.
I get tired of hitting the back button so I end up buying the tracks. Keep the good music coming.
Hey, I used to enjoy the show, but the podcasts seemed to have stopped. The last couple of shows were just repeats. What happened? Someone retired?
Do it, it's well worth it
I've been described as an eccentric person. So when I found this site, it felt like home! I enjoy listening to a song and attach it to that one present moment! This will set my light on fire!!!


By Rygel64
Radio 360 never fails to provide incredible tunes. It's the one podcast I truely get excited over when there is a new episode. Download it. Give it a try if you're unsure. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Have been listening for years - love it. I look forward to every update.
Just what I was looking for. Nice!
I used to hear this program on Canadian radio, but they took it off the air, I was so upset! I was relieved to find the podcast and quickly subscribed. Lovin it...
Great mixes
Best alternative tunes ever. Makes your Genius Bar cry...
great mixes from darkhorse and the 360 crew
I really enjoy Radio Three Sixty. Nice music. I have found some new music I would not have otherwise heard.
I was just requested by them on myspace and went directly to my itunes...freakin fierce sounds!!! Love Love Love it!!!


best music podcast ever!
I've never had music make me float so freely and ground me so solidly at the same time until now.
fantastic! You can put these shows on & go all day !
Radio Three Sixty is one of my top sources of finding new music. It is one of the 2 podcasts that I can say that I like 95+% of the music they present. It's also presented in a very nice format with good attention paid to the transitions. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who likes music.