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Well-curated mix of mellow yet interesting downtempo, chill, ambient and space music. I say well-curated because the songs flow well into each other, and share some common musical or thematic element (like a descending chord structure). Often contains dialog from old SciFi films, which I find entertaining but you may not like. Outstanding!
I was in a weird/bad mood this morning. I put on the radio three sixty podcast and it instantly made me feel better. Music has power and this DJ is amazing!
Offered originally from looking on the Director of the Imaginary Foundation's website... Great find... Glad I came to find this as a free resource.
I think I found this podcast on iTunes by searching for "electronic". I subscribed to anything that sounded good. That would be about 15-20 feeds. Most of it was the crap techno house you find everywhere. After unsubscribing from one after another, RadioThreeSixty was among the last two or three that never got unsubscribed. I've stayed subscribed to this day. Not only that, I've downloaded everything from 2011 and 2010, which I plan on listening to eventually. Give this podcast a listen to. You won't be disappointed - you really won't.
It is amazing how much great GREAT music is out there, and this is one of the few places you'll hear it. Commerical radio's format is lifeless and designed to placate. Podcasts are free information accessible to everyone. It embraces the creative, unique artists. Thank-you!!!!!
Nice music, relaxing, nice for driving and doing work. Reduces stress, neat new artists. Have bought some of the artist's featured in podcast. Try it!
see the world with a soundtrack. Good beats and grooves from all over the world and music that will help you relax and tune out while you're on the go.
after about two years of searching through podcasts, Radio Three sixty is exactly what i was looking for, beautiful and eclectic, by far my fave podcast...
Simply stated, R360 podcasts consistently surprise and delight the listener with innovative and captivating tracks and artists. If you like being pleasantly surprised when listening to music, you'll love these podcasts. The music is so often unfamiliar and simultaneously enjoyable that listening to the mixes is like finding a new room in your mind. I heartily recommend them.
Way to go Radio Three Sixty and thank you for providing a superb podcast. Always a fresh innovative playlist. I've discovered several "new to me" artist. If you haven't listened yet, and you love all genres of music, listen up. You'll love Radio Three Sixty too.