The Horn Austin

Reviews For The Horn Austin

Omar with the question of the year! Solid analysis from this podcast. BK is always the man
What a great station. Truly remarkable how they do this everyday... Except Bucky, he’s always on vacation.
Thanks for having my sister Robyn from Carolina girl catering to be on the air to talk about eastern North Carolina bbq I love her a lot and next time she on one of your show ask her if she can give a shout-out to me her brother Bobby in North Carolina
Chad and Kevin are great a lot of humor and some sports talk trey is alright as well
I love all the shows on the Horn. Thanks for putting in the coach’s shows and press conferences. All Longhorns all the time. Buckey, you sir are the best.
Give it a shot and I promise you won't be disappointed. Well unless you don't like the mix of a rowdy mid 20s yr old that you could live vicariously through & a late 30s yr old w to much damm sense. Awesome show by two guys that obsess over Texas sports. 10x better than mainstream, try it out.
They're so funny and are great to listen too and are the best when they just talk about the random things they come about.