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I am so grateful for Ryan and this podcast. The information he shares helps me continue my journey to learning more about biodynamic cst. I appreciate his open minded and humble approach as he interviews some amazing guests. Thank you Ryan for providing this incredible resource ❤️
I love this podcast! I listen to it constantly and am so grateful for the quality of relationship in the interviews themselves, as well as the amazing variety of content. This is a rich resource for me as a psychologist, somatic experiencing practitioner, pre and Peri-natal practitioner, and future biodynamic Craniosacral student!
Dear Ryan, Thank you for providing such a great service to our field. Your interviews are always inspiring and help me deepen into the work. I appreciate the time and love you put into making it all happen.
I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast. Ryan’s commitment and love of craniosacral creates a wonderful container for people to share their wisdom and knowledge with the listener. There is a wealth of information from all the people Ryan has interviewed and/or shared their lectures. If you have an interest in Craniosacral either as a therapist or someone wanting to learn more about it, this is the perfect podcast for you!
The podcast has provided me with hours of engaged listening that always nourishes my head and heart, and keeps me wanting more. I love the endless curiosity, humor and humility with which Ryan engages his illustrious guests. As a practitioner and armchair anthropologist, I am mezmerized by the skill with which he is able to bridge diverse approaches to the cranial realm, and ventilate an increasingly global conversation about craniosacral theory and practice.
As a relative newcomer to this field it has been very helpful to be able to listen to the different teachers and approaches to this fascinating work. Thank you Ryan!
My craniosacral biodynamics teacher Ryan Hallford​ has created this podcast! So grateful for this way to keep learning from him — and those he interviews — in the interims between taking his classes. In these first four podcasts, he introduces himself, shares his colorful, moving story of how he was drawn into bodywork and craniosacral work, and interviews other cranio teachers (John Chitty and Judah Lyons, so far). I am delighted with Ryan for sharing the work in this way and look forward to hearing many more.
I started listening to the podcast after taking an Introduction to Biodynamic Cransiosacra Therapy training with Ryan. Although new to this modality, I found the diversity of his interviews and his ability to keep the listener in mind really valuable. I've since sent several of his podcasts to students and friends who aren't familiar with BCST, but appreciated the message of the interviews.
Very informative and helpful. I have a massage practice in Reno NV with a few CS clients. I want to concentrate on more CS clients as it is so rewarding because of the amazing healing results!


By ABshee
I've been following Ryan's blog for a few years and have learned a lot from it. I expect this podcast will be even better!
So far I'm quite impressed with the podcast. The interviews are interesting and insightful. I know from personal experience that Ryan is great in the classroom, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about his personal experience of the work.
I have really enjoyed reading Ryan's blog & getting to know more about this specialized therapy! I am also impressed with how well-done the podcasts are. Listening to the discussion is seriously enlightening - even as a non-therapist!
I have had so much fun listening to this podcast. Ryan's enthusiasm and love for this work is truly inspirational. I'm excited to have this podcast as a resource between classes to inspire me to learn more about this work. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is familiar with this work or anyone who just has a curiosity. I can't wait to hear more. Great job Ryan!!
This is such an exciting happening for those of us who practice the work. I'm truly looking forward to more episodes but could already spend weeks with the initial four podcasts. Thank you Ryan for creating such an accessible and invigorating resource 🌱
I am so happy to find this podcast! I really enjoyed the first interviews and meditations, and I look forward to hearing what Ryan has in store for the future. Good job!