Better Off Dead

Reviews For Better Off Dead

This series is a long form deep dive into the many perspectives on euthanasia. Denton draws his own conclusions on the topic towards the end but the series gives a lot of fair space for other points of view. It really does justice to such a complex, heart wrenching and fundamental question of human rights (what ever your perspective). After listening to the whole series I felt deeply a sense of the loss, love and tensions that lie just beneath the surface but often not aired . Denton is in a league of his own for his ability to tie together so many poignant experiences and lines of thought into such a narrative. I’m genuinely a better person for listening.
This is an important topic and it’s handled with a supreme touch by Andrew Denton. Even though he shares his own views up-front, he manages to stay dispassionate and open-minded throughout his journey. I really hope they sort out voluntary euthanasia laws before it’s my turn to shuffle off - hopefully this podcast will be a step in the right direction.
Many people avoid the topic so I commend them just for having the guts to talk about it. Dark, but it will happen to all of us. Would like to see more topics not just doctors but all sorts of other stories.