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Was great but then he decided to end it. His reasoning was that they weren't actually talking about the news as much as they were just messing around, but who actually watched it for the news? It made me angry and now he's doing gaming streams with them but I don't have time to watch that long of a video.
This is the best gaming podcast I've ever heard, only thing missing is more guests.


I have been a nerd3 fan from the start I was very happy when he announced the podcats and am still happy as it is my favorite podcast!
I am a huge fan of Jon, Many A True Nerd. He is funny yet sensible and makes the podcast stay together because if it was only Matt and Dan people would get tired of yelling and swearing. Matt is funny but he just swears and screams like a small girl to get his point across. Dan is hilarious and makes great jokes but he will kill anyone who disagrees with him. This Podcast is great and I would recommend it to anyone.
I love this podcast. The hosts' are energetic and hilarious, and give excellent insights into every topic they cover. I am glad that these have become more frequent as they are one of the highlights of my week.
Matt is NOT a likable guy and makes the very bad
I wish these were more frequent
This are idiots who just swear and yell at everything, especially that little girl from Scotland, who actually cares about what he thinks!


By alyx92
I love this podcast! Long time fan of the youtube channel, and if you like Dan's videos, you'll love the podcast. There are a few audio problems here and there, could be a mixing issue. Other than that I would highly reccomend this podcast!
In middle of second episode. Matt now preaching WiiU after his endless and uninformed drivel about console upgrades. Dan and Jon were great. Matt is dull, and irritating to listen to. Didn't subscribe to hear literally every thought to ever cross Matt's mind.
This podcast was great for me to listen to while trying get my calculus homework done. It resulted in 1 problem taking hours rather than the 5 minutes it should have.
Well, after listening to the 2nd one, I have extreme insecurities about oranges.
I love his YouTube channel and I love his podcast and if you liked his YouTube channel then you're going to love his podcast too.
Awesome podcats. Wish there were more.