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I just listened to my first episode - on traveling with kids. First off, I'm happy with how Michelle bridges the topic from the previous (part 1) episode. I didn't feel like I missed out at all. The questions flowed well and I got some good takeaways. Since this is the direction I am planning on going with a baby on the way and a desire to travel more, it's good to start developing a plan to hush the naysayers that tell me my ideals are unrealistic... Working remotely. These people are doing it!! Looking forward to listening more.
Thank you for continuing to inspire me to go out and create the career I want with every single podcast you create. Love it!
I’m so grateful for this awesome podcast! Michelle’s style of interviewing is terrific and her guests have the most inspiring stories of how they balance work and travel. If you’re interested in working from anywhere in the world, if you have the travel bug, or if you're feeling stuck in your 9-5 and want to get inspired by the possibility of making a living in a different way, check out this podcast. You’ll walk away with unique insights, helpful travel tips, and a smile on your face :) Can’t wait to hear the upcoming episodes!
Finally a travel podcast focused on people who want to take their work on the road! If you’re like me and dream of being a remote worker…from Costa Rica, Bali, Alaska, or pretty much anywhere but a static “home base,” you’ll love this podcast. Michelle is the host and she interviews successful travelers living their lives on their terms. It really motivates and inspires—a celebration of living life outside the box for those who are also career-minded and driven. Can’t wait to hear more!
I listen to a LOT of podcasts and this one is a favorite. What I love about this one especially is that Michelle and her guests show us that living and working on the road is possible. For most of us, this feels like an unrealistic dream, but her questions really help get to the core of how people are making it happen. I’m excited to hear more!
Michelle is a very balanced interviewer: She prepares for her subjects, asks prescient questions, listens closely, and cares about her themes. The podcast is naturally upbeat, celebrating the radical decisions these pioneers make, while also explaining the pitfalls of life — and careers — on the road.
Anyone who loves to travel and wants to do it for days, months, or years on end (I mean, c’mon who doesn’t want to do that…) should listen to this podcast. Lots of great insights about how to stay on the road and still sustain a professional life!