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Thanks for making the only podcast about wrestling made by non weirdo dudes.
The only wrestling podcast that I know of that actually has some style to it. Wrestling has been dominated by the same lame, boring, and corny people for far too long and I’m glad that the VRTL BROS are taking it back for the real Gs outchea
happy 3rd aniversario πŸ’˜
Mike and Al are hilarious and play off each other really well. They don’t hit you with some fantasy booking or recaps so that’s already a plus. Also the music breaks and Mixtape is worth the dive into. So in short, if you like wrestling and have a desire for something different then check it out. Both These Guys! Both These Guys!
Big up vrtlpros
This show gets πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸš¨πŸ‘πŸ† from me. Keep up the good work fam! Too sweet me bro!
The only wrestling podcast that matters
You guyZ are dope, one of the best wrestling related podcasts in the world!
No replica belts
Don’t dip
I am now more knowledgeable about the horrors of deep wrestling fandom. Thank you Mike and Al for the laughs, and all that sweet sweet merch!
I usually hate listening to regular joes like myself talk about pro-wrestling, but these regular joes are me!
Reigning Defending World Champion Sound
Both These Guys!
My favorite podcast, I love getting wavy to this and watching some fmw


By DirtRon
Best podcast ever.
Checking for new vrtlpros episodes is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.. A number 1 podcast of all time.
Don't waste your time


By alxpen
I don't even like wrestling but I love this podcast. Mike and Al rule.
Chill dudes, good wrestling talk, great music tastes. I've listened to other wrestling podcasts for 4+ years, I found this one last week and it's already better then the others.
Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys! Both these guys!
Stop listening to Raw recaps and expand your mental horizons. Al & Mike bring freshness to the game along with great presentation and audio quality. -The Struggles aka Mike hates me and my podcast aka Al probably hates me too. All love tho.
Favorite graps podcast. PERIOD.
Would have been 10 stars but it doesn't take place in Japan. They know the real attendance of WM3. Super Shame Cup 16 > Super J Cup 16
Don't listen to the dude saying it's too redundant, that dude subscribes to dollar shave club and fuego box Realist podcast in the game. CZW!
This is the only wrestling podcast (besides the Observer, naturally) that I listen to. Great stuff. Completely aligns with my poltiical worldviews on: adults who bring replica titles to wrestling shows, wrestling fans who think they are famous, the greatness of 90's puroresu and the trashness of direct-to-garment t-shirts. that's 3 negatives and 1 postitive which is the ratio I need in my life
every other wrestling podcast i have ever listened to has been horrible. but these guys know what's up. when they start going off on other trash podcasts and all the shameful aspects of prowres culture. oh man its great. its also real cool when they chant "both these guys" at live shows. try to join in. /sarc great podcast 9.3/4 meltzer stars out of 4 listen and enjoy the show. AKA tim sanchez AKA CASH LAROUX aka haystacks on stacks calhoun.
Now give me a sticker
A perfect primer into Japanese wrestling and shameful aspects of wrestling culture. solid bumper music between segments, and the hypebeast-lingo AKAs will always be funny to me.
It is really good but they sometimes get to negative ruts
This is the only wrestling podcast that has never used the phrase "shoved down our throats." Worth a subscribe for that alone.
Refreshing take on an overdone podcast topic.
Holy Smokers. This podcast is a bang count it and an all day vape.


I love Japanese butts more than ever. Thanks guys!
β€œIt’s lit Cole! It’s lit!”
Top nailed it.