Frank Sontag

Reviews For Frank Sontag

I am so so thankful for your show - I am praying consistently and reading the Bible for guidance in these times of spiritual warfare - I don’t have social media accounts - as I don’t like the lies & the hypocrisy - I am saddened by all of it - Please pray for me.
I’m sad to hear a man who claims to be a Christian say such hateful things, especially in regards to this election season. Instead of practicing compassion and kindness, he rants on and on about voter fraud and the election being rigged, instilling fear and mistrust in his audience and listeners. Maybe he should practice love, kindness, and empathy instead of spreading anger and hate.
During these chaotic times in our history I am so thankful for Frank Sontag and his voice of fairness and reason. He thoughtfully considers both sides of an issue, and talks in a respectful manner to all who call his show whether or not he agrees with the opinions shared. His is truly one of the voices in the wilderness and so needed in a time when feelings and negative emotions are carrying more weight than ideas and rational arguments.
Frank has been there, done that. This man lived in the 'world' for years and was a teacher in the false New Age lifestyle UNTIL God got a hold of his heart and changed him from the inside out -- with God's truth. I am so very blessed by his talk shows on kkla and listen to them all the time while I'm out walking or at the gym. I am challenged and encouraged by the topics of discussion. Thank you Frank for your service and for using God's giftings to your fullest. To God be the Glory!
Frank Sontag is a true believer and what a great testimony he has! He went from being an atheist to loving the Lord!!!
Thanks Frank for bringing honest and truthful dialog to SoCal.
This is a great talk show. Frank speaks on biblical truth, nothing more. He shuts down callers who are on the left as well as the right when they go off the rails. Sometimes the truth can be harsh but when it comes to Gods word and what it means Frank is on point.
Evangelical Christian talk show host who supports Alt Right political agenda while calling out people who disagree with him as non-Christian. Really sad that this is considered mainstream Christianity today. ☹️