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Bryan and Peter have a great chemistry that helps take the pressure off of running. I have to admit that I’m not one for king distance running, but I now realize I like hearing about it :)
Hey guys! I’d like to start off by saying that I love your podcast. I look forward to listening to you during my long weekend run. Great content. However, one request… Please keep politics out of of it. I use running as an escape from the craziness of my daily life. Please don’t take that away from me. Keep politics out. Thanks!
It’s hard to explain Brian and Peters chemistry or why HWYRT works so well but it just does. Sometimes I run just so I have something to relate to them about. It’s concerning
This is one of the funniest and most entertaining running podcasts out there! I always get excited when a see a new episode has loaded and often go back to re-listen to those I've already enjoyed. The hosts are honest and forthright without being preachy or self-congratulatory. I can't recommend this highly enough!!
Brian and Peter have run with me for so many miles over the years, I’ve lost count. The podcast is my go to enjoyment when I’ve got long solo runs coming up. I have to say I am in the Clyde Army, have had to spend some time in the medical tent along the way, and do enjoy strapping on the feed bag. But to know that these two are throwing some good running karma out there into the world makes me like the runs so much better! I dream of the day I could join them on a Krankle in Millinocket. Keep it up guys, your an inspiration.
A great podcast about running, living, surviving, laughing, and community.
I lived in Boston for one year in 2015 and it immediately felt like home. I try to visit as often as I can, but when I can’t, this podcast let’s me do so. I’m able to run the streets and hit the stadiums with NP with Peter and Bryan!!!
I always plan to save the latest episode for my next run but usually end up listening immediately. Bryan and Peter are warm, goofy, have great radio voices, and are good interviewers. The Millinocket Marathon song never gets old.
1. This is one of the best running podcasts I've ever listening to! Forget just running, it's one of the best podcasts PERIOD. 2. See #1.
I am a huge fan of this podcast. The everyday banter of Peter & Brian crack me up! I truly enjoyed the ladies banter in Episode 146 till it turned to politics. It’s obvious where they stand. This isn’t the place to express that. Stick to running & I will continue to be a big fan.
I can't say enough about this podcast. These guys are masterful at runner's humor. I particularly love that I can totally identify with so much of what they talk about, being of a certain age and pace. Their guests are inspirational, fun, brilliant. And that was probably the biggest surprise -- how much I've learned from listening. This little here show doesn't just earn me stares at the gym as I burst out laughing at the low row bench, it's my favorite companion on a solo long run, it's a guide to finding new resources and motivation, it's reassuring and validating, and it's going to be on heavy rotation for quite some time.
Funny, irreverent, full of genuine human-ness. You get some great advice (real advice?) and stories about running, but you also get to hear about instant pots, movie reviews, weird bathroom stories, and a whole host of other things you aren't quite sure you wanted to know - but hell, it's fun to be along for the ride. My biggest compliment? They *clearly* respect the female running community and regularly have wonderful women on as guests. Nicely done, gentlemen.
Love listening to these guys. whether I'm out for a run or on the treadmill they help pass the time and keep me smiling the whole time!


By JeffQ
Great conversation, great guests and content, not to mention wonderful audio quality!


By BooVT
Car talk for running, love it
I've been listening since the beginning and have enjoyed every episode. As a regular person who loves running, I really enjoy listening to two regular people who enjoy running as well. They chat about training and injuries, as well as the highs and lows of running that we all experience. There's also a good bit of silliness thrown in, which I appreciate. A great listen for newbies and veterans to running alike.
I love to listen to this podcast while on my runs. It even motivates me to run more than my traditional music. Thanks for the podcasts and keep it up Bryan and Peter!
This is a great podcast. I've only listened to the past couple of episodes, but I love the variety of guests they have on the show and the general encouragment to run, short runs or marathons.
Love listening to these guys. Very real and funny talk about runnerLife!
I'm a casual runner, and I love this show! Bryan and Peter don't take running too seriously (which a lot of podcasters do & I find not very relatable). They are hilarious and have great guests. You should definitely subscribe and join the HWYRT Strava team.
Great show! The guys are motivating, interesting, and down to earth. Great for runners and non-runners alike!
I heard about the podcast and decided to give it a try. They had me amused and definitely listening to them and their guest (and I had no clue who they were☺️). I was lost in my morning dog walk while listening. I hope this keeps up as I work thru my C25K trek. :)
These guys tell the truth about the highs and lows of running and they keep it real with some great humor!!
Love this podcast! It has gotten me through so many treadmill runs. I have had many laugh out loud moments while listening. I look forward to a new one every week!
Corinne and Jeremy are such a cute couple. Followed Corinne’s Boston with great pleasure. Happy she made her goal and happier that she ran a great Boston Marathon. Early on I asked her if I could rub her horn, you know, for good luck. Worked for me! Great episode, thanks boys!
The guys are appropriately enthusiastic and realistic for the every day runner. Loved episode 40
HWYRT just keeps getting better and better. Fabuloust podcast mixed with great interviews, stories, questions and just hysterical host comedy! No matter if you just started running or if you are a well seasoned runner, this podcast is for everyone. I look forward to the release of a new episode every week!! Give it a listen!
Bryan and Peter are as inspiring as they are hysterical. "How Was Your Run Today?" is relatable and enjoyable and I truly look forward to Thursday every week so I can tune in to their next episode. Peter and Bryan are authentic and are experts at appealing to their listeners. HWYRT is a great podcast for anyone who appreciates the sport of running or simply seeks the motivation to get up and take that first step towards success, and I highly reccommend subscribing.
Been listening to the show for the past year and enjoying all of it!
One of the few podcasts I listen to as soon as it comes out!
HWYRT is one of my favorite podcasts. I love that Bryan and Peter are so honest about their running, and therefore very relatable. If you're looking for something fun to listen to I'd definitely check out HWYRT!
As the title indicates...I don't run and I love this podcast. After listening I FEEL as if I have run and that makes me feel good about myself! Couple that with the fact that Peter and Bryan are a hilarious duo...I feel like I know them! If one was, in fact, a runner, I would imagine that HWYRT would provide inspiration as Peter and Bryan talk about their own trials and tribulations of running and training (in compelling self-depricating, yet supportive of each other humor). They also have top-notch guests from all walks of the running world. In short, run, don't run but listen to HWYRT.
The guys crack me up, motivate me, give me perspective and crack me up. Did I mention they're funny? It's a running podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously but gives me tons of inspiration.
All I'm trying to do is review this awesome podcast and every nickname is taken!
I really enjoy hwyrt! I'm not even from the Boston area but I feel I have so much in common with the guys. Really helps me on my runs and I look forward to new episodes each week. I now run with a smile because I enjoy the pod that much.
I found this podcast through Kelly Roberts. Honestly, it's totally refreshing to hear runners talk about running honestly. We get injured. We sometimes don't want to! Peter and Bryan have great, relevant guests who are inspiring and remind me why I run. I love my Thursday runs, because NEW EPISODE!! Give it a try, you may love it!!
I love this podcast. As a runner I am inspired and entertained when I listen to it. The lead up to Millinocket had me at the edge of my seat and now I want to run this marathon. Great podcast and great guests. I have really enjoyed the interviews with running celebs such as a Boston Strong , Westin runnning concierge, Pam Rickart etc . Great show !!
I love this podcast. Great to hear about everyday runners and some great interviews.
I love that this podcast is light hearted! Thank you!
I started listen to this podcast after the Boston Marathon 2016. They are like the running brothers I never had, always joking around and having a good time! They put a smile on my face and motivate me to get out there and run, even if it is only so I can post on the "Sat Stat Chat!"
I am a recent running convert, and having discovered your podcast in a running magazine I thought I'd give it a try. You guys are awesome!!! I laugh, I smile, I am inspired, and mostly, I feel human. Thank you for helping me get through my running injury with (some) grace and keep me looking forward to your new episodes weekly!
Tuned in for the November Project related podcasts expecting the interviewees to be fantastic and was awesomely surprised to discover how clever and witty these guys are too! Definitely going to download a few more to listen to during my runs...
Love this podcast, despite being both a mediocre runner and a reluctant New England transplant. Thanks for making life on the east coast slightly more tolerable.
This podcast is truly funny and true to life. It strikes right on the fine line between my love/hate relationship with running. As a middle of the pack runner who has never been fast, this podcast reminds me EVERYTIME that I should get out there and enjoy every mile and have a good run today.
These 2 guys are the change I needed! They are fun, funny, upbeat & you'll love the back & forth banter! It keeps me running, smiling & laughing. Worth listening!!!
I rarely ever leave reviews online, though I had to make an exception here. How Was Your Run Today is not only one of the best podcasts online for runners, it's one of the best podcasts around, period. Peter & Bryan have awesome chemistry, are hilarious together, and really humanize running for those of us middle-of-the-pack runners.