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I found Tandem Nomads when I needed to hear that I was not alone in the frustrations of being an accompanying partner. (Ok, I really needed it 3 years earlier but I was glad to find it when I did!) Through hearing the stories of other expat partners, I realized that my feelings were normal and that there was lot of support out there. As I found my expat footing and slowly moved to building my own business, Amel’s podcast has been there every step of the way. There is content that addresses the bigger picture topics, but also content that gives practical tips on expat life and being a soloprenuer. Amel’s own advice as well as that of her guests is just what I need to navigate life. I recommend Tandem Nomads to all of my expat friends, as well as to anyone looking to find the opportunities in their own challenging employment situations.
Each episode has valuable advice and a takeaway. These episodes have helped me so much. More importantly, I have found my tribe. My family moves often and I find comfort in identifying with other peoples stories and success. Melanie
Amel is an inspiring presence and a smart business person. This is coming from someone who already has an MBA from an elite business school. Her insights are simple yet powerful. She promotes action by way of consistency and positive reinforcement. More importantly, Amel advocates authenticity as a core business value. Her podcast is on the shortlist of those I am subscribed to and listen regularly.
Over the last week, I've listened to at least 10 TN episodes and I came away with something useful and memorable from EVERY one of those. Most recently, 115 on website design was a gamechanger. So many of my website's features were wrong, but it makes so much sense now. So, it's back to the drawing board. My new routine is to listen to an episode once to get a general feel, and then a second time to take notes.Truly! I have a file in my Documents called "Tandem Nomad Notes". Amel, where have you been all my (expat) life?
Thanks Amel for doing today’s episode it was truly inspiring and made me rethink of my current situation very honest and true scenarios where I can correlate , great stuff keep it up 👏🏻
Wow, once again you are surprising us with a new level in your podcast. Astonishing episode 99. This new season sounds really exciting. More episodes! More practical tips! More fields! More male voices! This is amazing. Hooray for Tandem Nomads and thank you Amel for taking care of our community so well.
I've been listening to this podcast since it first started a few years ago. Amel consistently offers listeners real world, practical tips and ideas for how to manage the ups and downs of entreprenuership as an expat. I've been able to implement many of her suggestions with success - she makes the information accessible, clear and unique to life as a global entrepreneur.
What a great inspirational podcast. I feel very lucky to be part of your FIGT supporting family. There are many chapters to come, I wish you the very best in your professional journey and in your personal one and everything in between !
Very interesting and motivating podcast with expats around the World interviewed about their « nomad job » experience so it brings lots of information, interesting facts, links to useful ressources, etc. 👍
This podcast is great! Amel offers wonderful advice and useful tips that will help anyone who's looking to succeed at a global nomadic life achieve that dream. Great job Amel!
I wish I had found this podcast sooner! It's a great resource for anyone moving abroad with their partner. Amel has a wonderful perspective! I appreciate the combination of interviews as well as theme-based episodes.
I know that my situation is very very different from the extreme that Amel's guests undertake, but this podcast is extremely inspiring for me and my wife. Work forced me to move just a few hours from our home in Philadelphia, but that uprooting affected our lives in a big way, even though we live in the same country... on the same coast of that country. So Amel and her guests give us a great deal of inspiration.
This podcast is doing more than just empowering expat partners … it is opening the doors to communication about what it takes to live abroad, what it takes to do so in a way that your family can thrive and flourish and is filled with engaging guests who have done something with their experience as well. Great podcast!
Thank you Amel for bringing this podcast to us! From now on, I am a Tandem Nomad. :D I have been living abroad for my husbands career for over 12 years. There is always more to learn, and I love hearing the stories of other people’s experience. Keep us the great work!


Great message for those who travel/relocate? R u French?
Amel is giving a unique perspective of someone who had successfully relocated and integrated into a new culture. It can't be easy so she's here to help you turn challenges into opportunities.
Love this subject - while not an expat, I am fascinated by the expat life.
Great stories, inspiring interviews and very useful stuff. As a alien resident myself in the US, I can easily relate to the situations and use the advice. Keep rocking!
We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to make this show happen! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
I want to be an ex-pat. This is inspiring,
As an entrepreneur interested in being a "nomad" this podcast is great. Glad I found it!
This fine show is designed to empower expat partners and to help them turn the challenges of relocation into great opportunities. Just listened to Amel Derrangui interview award-winning business scholar, Yvonne McNulty, on her experiences as an Australian expat in the U.S., China and now Singapore—what worked, what didn’t and why. Illuminating and highly strategic advice. Wish you continued success with the show, Amel!
Just found this podcast. #Subscribed. Can’t wait to dive in to get more. We’re preparing to move and live in Spain from the states. Already this podcast is helping in our plans. -Marc @keepyourdaydream
This podcast speaks to me so clearly. I love it!!!
Amel Derragui shares how she came to America with her husband, after following him to Iran and Austria. In each new country she had to re-create her life and her business. Out of this quandry, she decided to devote herself to helping other expat partners by creating this wonderful podcast. I also enjoyed her interview with a Brit, Nicholla Hall who has turned her challenges into opportunities, after following her husband to Abu Dhabi, UAE!
Amel brings so much energy, love, experience, and passion to this podcast - a definite must for any expat and his/her partner!
What a great podcast for this special niche--if your partner is an expat, this content is perfect for you. The information is unique and the quality is great. Good work!
Super helpful and interesting for expat partners and anyone who wants to start a new in a different country. Well done Amel!
Very interesting take on moving about. If you find yourself as a tandem nomad, you will enjoy this podcast. You'll learn how others have had successful journeys in their life.
I’ve lived in the same area for the most of my life, but my wife has moved around multiple parts of Texas during her life. This show gives great insight for people like myself to better understand what people like my wife have, and are still dealing with as a result of relocating with your partner. I highly recommend this podcast!
Moved country or thinking about it? Actionable advice not to be missed.
Amel has great advice for Expat Partners!
Can appreciate the need for a podcast such as this. Very helpful.
This podcast is so helpful for partners from abroad. I'm really enjoying listening!
Fantastic work on your podcast. A friend of mine was talking about it today at Starbucks. You have a lifetime subscriber!
Amel sheds light on the joys and challenges of continual moving or travel that is controlled by a partners work or other demands. The practical advice and tips are both encouraging and very useful. Well done!
I’m dealing with this in my life right now. My wife is not sure what to do since I’ve started my own on-line business. I keep trying to motivate her to start something of her own but to no avail. It’s very difficult for me because being a nomad isn’t all about laying on the beach everyday! It takes a lot of work and I don’t want my wife to feel like she’s less important. This show is right up my alley and has launched at the perfect time. Thanks, Amel. ;)
Good inspiration and advice!
This podcast is the perfect combination of interesting, light, yet insightful/useful thoughts from a charming, articulate host with a seriously well travelled background! It is a pleasure to listen to and I am looking forward to the next episode!