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Even though I wish there was more sci-fi content, I love this podcast. I always learn something new and it’s perfect for the gym! Haha. Keep it up.
The hosts always introduce me to interesting new musicians or media that I’ve never discovered before. I love their thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for the major happenings in pop culture!
Love hearing Sean and Amita's thoughts every week and look forward to every episode. Great stuff!
I love Amita and Sean’s love for pop culture and their perspective as people in the entertainment industry. Great segments, great guests, highly recommend!
per above, no useful criticism or insight.
I'm a pop culture person but it's hard to keep up with a long commute every day. I love pop culture podcasts because they help me stay in the loop. I discovered Inside Pop through one of the many Max Fun podcasts I listen to. It. Is. So. Good. I love Amita and Sean. Their recommendations and insights are entertaining and expand my pop culture perspective. They are funny, brilliant, and engaging. 10/10 will pod again at normal speed!
Amita and Sean's enthusiasm is infectious, and their insider status gives them unique insights into pop culture. Highly recommended!
Love these two - their pop culture knowledge and easy banter keeps me coming back each week for more. I can't get enough.
Amita and Sean have wonderful chemistry and bring lots of energy and insight to this entertaining podcast. If you love pop culture, this podcast is for you!
Love the podcast and the chemistry between you two! Keep is going, can't wait for next week!! :)
Inside Pop is a must listen for me. Amita and Sean serve up pop culture realness weekly (sometimes multiple times a week!) and their perspectives, segments, and recommendations are always fresh and interesting. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!
Out of all of the pop culture podcasts - why this one? The hosts are pop culture fans and their love of TV, Film and music shines through. But they also have a great professional knowledge of the industry. And they bring about as much diverse perspective as any two people can - straight, gay, male, female, African American, Indian American, long hair and bald.
Sean and Amita have great insight into the pop culture world and bounce off each other very well. They are an entertaining & informative duo.
This is a great podcast for lovers of the wide world of Pop culture. These guys get it, and I’m happy to hear them bring it to me.


By Mzjan
What a fun podcast! Sean and Amita are great hosts and sure know their pop culture stuff. Can't wait for more!
Awesome reviews on the latest pop culture with great, witty insight. I could listen to Amita and Sean for hours!
Loved the podcast!
It’s great to hear about the latest in pop culture, especially as an avid TV watcher! Also, love the Big Sell segment. I have definitely been sold on some new artists!
Love this podcast! Such great insight into today's pop culture and all the latest buzz!