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Well if I hit 300 go me. Been binge listening to you guys for the past 3 weeks at work. So that’s roughly 7 hours a day to catch up. Great work. Love the banter and the intros.
For those of you who are reading this again, welcome back. Hello. When I first came across this podcast I thought, what is this, can I eat it?! I was like a child walking in on a movie. No reference, but after listening for a while, I feel like it’s the first of may and like the dallie llama at a pizza shop and have been made one with everything. These guys sold me the whole seat but I only needed the edge... it’s very scientific, I won’t get into it. These two are better than a hot mess of eggy bread, fine and dandy like sour candy. They’re like this all the time which is fine. I dig where you’re coming from If you’re still reading this far in you’re probably thinking, why say lot word when few word do trick or Stop, stop, this review’s already dead. But to those of you who do not agree so far, I award you no points and may God have mercy on you’re soul. These two deserve all seven stars and it’s great to realize some people still know how business is done. Wrapping up, I just want to say, keep up the goude work, people don’t understand coffee, and there’s always money in the banana stand. And to end I wanted to update people by letting them know that for a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crude idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive use in your unilateral phase detractors but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal graham eaters. Such an instrument is the Turbo Encabulator. Who knows where words come from especially for a review this long. But I’m going to stop the match before I get broken in half. This has been a successful review.
Oh haroo. I will change my review to a five star but first I need it to make sure you knew that your request was heard. It has been a while since I left a review, but I have been listening to everything you guys put out with her be one punch man, attack on Titan, or any of the other little thing to do. Even though the super episodes aren’t really coming out, can always review the chapters of the manga. Thanks for being my weekly highlight regardless if you post or not.....For like a month. Just know that hurts my soul deep down when I must wait for you. Just kidding you guys are great thank you and be awesome I guess
How do we still not have a new season of Super. I can’t believe you guys are still doing dragonball. Hi.
I believe this is the best podcast ever. I have found the podcast about two weeks ago and have loved it. I currently listen you guys for the full 8 hours while I work. I think I am getting close to caught up with where you are currently. Please keep up the good work. JD keep being awesome and for the love of god never let Stephen leave. He is extremely funny. As he says he is the talent. In my opinion supreme Ki is underrated. Tell me how you feel. Be safe guys!


By Flett27
What’s up What’s up boys!? (Interabang!) Been listening to the show since Frost knocked out Goku in the first little tournament like 5 years ago. Was so confused and couldn’t talk to any of my friends about it so I found the DragonBallerz podcast. The pretopic banter is my favorite, you don’t even have to talk about Dragon Ball to be entertaining. Also very responsive on social media accounts. I have discord, just haven’t put the effort into figuring it out yet. Might do it might not, who knows. See you next time Ooohhhh Harruuu. Mmk bye
Been binging on DB Super and I am enjoying it. I’m at the point where Krillin is doing his training for the upcoming tournament hosted by Zeno. Only thing I still can’t wrap my head around is how the Android could produce a child. Were they more human than they appeared? Cause the Androids always seemed to be filled with wiring and stuff. So how much human female biology did she really have? Also I have to say Vegeta is my favorite. His reactions are priceless in the first few episodes when he’s dragged along on vacation. Plus his care for Bulma is intriguing. How he defends her and yet argues with her is a laugh. He must truly love her if they have two children together.
I wish to give the earthlings known as DragonBallerZ 5 stars! This podcast is amazing and overall enjoyable for all Dragon Ball fans. I have been listening throughout my entire college career, which is about 4 years now. Every episode is entertaining whether it be an exciting recap of an episode or a even just a filler. It’s so much fun to relive old episodes and experience the nostalgia. You guys are fantastic and I wouldn’t listen to any other dragon ball podcast because it wouldn’t be the same. Keep up the Gewd Work! -Manny
Started listening to these guys about 6months ago and really enjoy their chemistry and banter. Got hooked on DBZ when I was a kid coming home from school and watching it on toonami. Never really watched the original dragonball but the discussion is still interesting. It definitely scratches that itch since DragonBall Super ended. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!
I listen to you guys every day at work, I barely started listening to podcasts so I listen to about 3-4 episodes a day and enjoy them a lot! And it seems funny in a way because I kno what’s next since by now we’ve all seen everything super and what not, but it’s still awesome, keep it up!
So glad that y’all are back from the big Rona season. Came for the dragon ball stayed for the wit. Best dragon ball podcast on the internet. Now you won’t have 2 episodes in a row without a review. Would love to hear y’all’s take on Dragonball Abridged. Coming all the way from “music city” Nashville Tn
Hey guys I’m Alex and I’ve been listing to u guys since elementary and now im in my last year of high school, you guys are the greatest your guys always makes my day go su much faster and you guys always bring a smile to face, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK P.s miss Dragon ball super 😔


By Kari*
Love the chemistry between the hosts. Very fun and they aknowledge the returning with missing us, and a hi button! Also Dragon Ball coverage is awesome since little Goku is my favorite Goku! (Also I agree that Launch and Puar are the best!) Quick long question! Out of the DB Universe, which species would you be as a character if you had a choice? I suppose people normally choose between saiyan, half saiyan, human, demon, namekian, freeza race (imma call them cold bloods since i don’t know) android, and majin, but there are more to choose from! What’ll you be? (Podcaster is a profession, not a race, so no cheep shot!) I’ll be a shapeshifter like Puar and Oolong, so i guess earthling? One more quick question, only sort of off topic, but not really for the returning forever fans! Lightning round so take your time! Sumo opinion. Best approach at any sport returning. Keep the teams all stabled up and no live audience for a bit. No exceptions for people leaving at all (abi, come on!). If America practices this, their sports would be back without all the nonsense now! Also who is your favorite sumo? I miss Ichinojo in the top division. Back to review! These guys also review One Punch Man! Joe Bob says, check it out! And so do I. Thanks for doing what you do!! Oh harooooo
Even that couldn’t predict the crazy year we’re havin, hope yall are safe, sorry for resending the duplicate review...krillin is good for getting kicked in the head, one kick man! Goku is good for reminding us to focus on the one thing, just get stronger, hello ultra instinct, you have one day to read this review, “they always give an ultimatum, keep up the goooooooooood work, thank you, chuck-geta.
But I won’t get “Nth” to it. My fellow Dbagz, I think I am now a weeb...If you’re picking up what I’m putting down. These guys also have other amazing podcasts to listen to so you better pack a lunch. So yes, Ogres have layers and that IS a nice boulder. In all seriousness, I recently converted my 3rd car garage into a home office for my wife while listening to the original Dragonball episodes. My only comments are Dragonball GT took me about a year to get through and guess what, not worth it. And I may be the only person who actually likes super saiyan 4. I can tell that JD is a hard working family man. And Stephen, please keep drifting from the main topic. because that is what sets you two apart from most other recap shows. Slippy, Slappy, Samsonite! I was way off! Keep up the Guuddd Weerrkk! I’m Stephen and you’re not. Oh Haruuu!
Im glad you guys have this podcast im a welder 👨🏻‍🏭 from west texas and work long hours and this one of my favorite podcast i listen on my earphones while welding ! , the way you review and explain the episode is just so great , my name is chris and im 30 haha you guys rock 🤘🏻 .
I’m a 22 year old who less than a year ago was shown dragon ball for the first time by a very good friend and it quickly turned into my favorite thing, something to just get lost in and forget the struggles of life. I’ve been dog walking recently and every time I’m out I listen to your podcasts from the tournament of power. you guys are hilarious and I look forward to working now just to be able to catch up and hear input from some real fans, thanks a lot guys keep it up love the content 🤘🤘🤘🤘
I love DBZ & DBS, this is a great and funny show that I really enjoy. Banter, inside jokes and real life experiences are not off the table. These guys even have a AoT podcast and they’re all I have listened to this past week! Great job keep it up guys, few word do trick!!!!
Keep it going!!!
I have heard your podcast since the start. Have a good year
The podcast you two have created has perfectly filled the void in my life for being able to get my dragonball fix without even watching the show. It is so unique. Please do not stop until you have covered every episode of every series, besides gt. I would love to record with you two, just maybe to get a fan’s perspective. May be a cool addition to the show. But anyway Thank you for creating my most listened to podcast. You will always have me as a listener.
So I found y’all a couple of weeks ago, I’m on episode 29 right now so I got much to catch up but I do not mind. Specially right now with the chaos outside (corona virus) this is a sweet escape, so happy I found others who want to talk about dragon ball. Y’all just might need a girl’s perspective tho *cough cough* I volunteer. Love you guys.
Wanted to give you guys a comment bc y’all are keeping me entertained at work I don’t wanna watch it again so this is a great alternative thanks guys
Just a reminder that the episode doesn’t start until you hear “for those of you who are still Listening” and it involves sarcasm and 13yo sense of humor. Right up my alley!!
Hey guys! I started hearing your podcast last month from the very beginning dragon ball super currently on Ep.118 Dragon ball Super Episode 124 and oh my gosh I love the nostalgia! I’m going to try and catch up to the Episode going on right now so if you guys read this I won’t hear it till I have caught up. Which is going to take a bit BUT YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! When I first found you guys I was debating if I wanted to keep listening to you and I’m so glad I didn’t leave. At the beginning Steven growl scared me but I like it now and say hello to Jason for me! See you in a few weeks or months who knows when I’ll catch up
I’ve been listening to y’all since the goku black arc and you definitely deserve the 5 stars. Of course I found the podcast for dragonball, but I look forward most to your quotes and callbacks to sayings from my childhood. Especially when you quote the classics like Billy Madison. Even though you have gotten off the weekly update regimen I look forward to each new episode if it’s for one punch man or dragonball. Keep up to goooooooood work and can’t wait for super to (hopefully) be back!
The first episode I listened to was the Dragonball Super Baseball filler episode and you guys had me rolling with your commentary. Since then I’ve been a big fan and have enjoyed listening to all your episodes. Great stuff!
Been listening for a while now on Spotify but didn’t know if or how to submit a review on there. Decided to switch to iTunes to leave a review. Keep up the great work! From San Antonio
Just subscribed and listening to the dragon ball episodes from episode 1(I’m from the dragon ball and dbz era) hearing you talk about the dragon ball super future trunks arc has actually made me want to watch DBS. If you guys ever start reviewing another anime I recommend my hero academia
I like these dudes a lot. They’re funny and are the kinda people who you feel like you’d be friends with. I’ve been listening since dragon ball super was still going and I’ve enjoyed their dragon ball recap too
Reviewing you guys again because the latest Dragon Ball coverage is my favorite. I don’t know if it’s that I watched Dragon Ball before DBZ or that I watched in Spanish for the most part. Lots of great memories in Dragon Ball. I showed my girlfriend the first episode of it and every time she comes over now she wants to watch. We are like 2 episodes from Krillen’s untimely death. Can’t wait to see what her reaction is. Anyways, I agree with getting a new dub of Dragon Ball, maybe even a Kai version. Best DB podcast in the world fellas, keep up the good work
Hey gang came in on the Goku Black arc and I have been hooked on y’all ever since. This review has been a long time coming as it’s the best thing since dragon ball itself. Love the banter love the formula. I feel like y’all are my bros from afar. Hope you keep it going I’d like for y’all to finish DB and go to DBZ as well and hopefully Super again once they stop tripping! JD you my boy wish I could talk game of thrones with you and Stephen you be having me weak. Y’all got me for life and I’m inspired to start a podcast myself one thanks to y’all. Stay awesome!
I’ve listened to your show for years. Please please follow me on twitch so i have a chance to make you guys laugh as repayment. Danwillburn on twitch.
Let me tell you about this podcast. Listening to these guys is kinda like being in a room with your closest friends but not being able to get a word in. But that doesn’t stop them from having the greatest Dragon Ball and all the off shoot shows podcast. Now you might be saying “but Dylan, they aren’t on the Super episodes right now” well I felt that way and will admit I fell off. But I had never watched the original Dragon Ball series and found myself yearning to listen to this show again so I started watching the show episode by episode and listening to the corresponding podcast after. It got me to watch an amazing show I’d never have watched it otherwise. So I decided to update my review. PS: Black Star Dragon Balls was the only mildly good idea from GT but they found a way to f*^% it up (cleaned it up for the children” love, Dylan. The random Alaskan fanboy
What’s up Dbagz! I love the podcast! I started listening like a long time ago but I stopped recently due to like life stuff but I recently got back into it. Just binged like 30 episodes of your podcast. Right now I’m in the Piccolo Jr. saga of dragon ball and while I was watching from where you guys are to where I am, I couldn’t help but imagine what crazy things y’all are going to say for some of the episodes in between! There is some crazy, ridiculous things that happen in some of these episodes! Oh and about your podcast for One Punch Man, I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it, but when y’all start the podcast, I’ll have to give ol Saitama a try! Also I don’t think the Brits wife would like One Punch Man if she thought DBS was extra! ! Anyway love what my fellow Houstonians are doing, and keep up the gooooooood work!
My 10 year old daughter and I watch dragon ball together, so I thought this would be great for when we’re running errands. I fired up episode 1, and quickly learned this Not for kids #ParentFail. With that being said, this podcast has become part of my daily commute listening to 3-4 episodes a day. Currently on episode 114. these are my kind of guys educated, intelligent, and a juvenile sense of humor. Keep it up, and can’t wait to catch up.
Grug dislike people expressing people. Grug want small monkey boy description. No homosapien
I listened to your podcast for the 1st time after the Broly movie . You guys are extremely entertaining together and I look forward to every new podcast . I’m very happy I found this podcast and will recommend to all my friends !
Great podcast. Love the office references. I’m from Scranton, so shout out. Would you guys be willing to review all of the different dragonball z movies? Also since attack on titan is over would you guys do podcasts on some other anime’s. My hero academia, 7 deadly sins, black clover, one punch man, kabaneri to name a few good ones. Hope all is well with all the kids. Keep up the good work
I have never watched dragon ball before and found this podcast from a chat on titan. Even so I already feel invested in the show despite only being on episode 12. I especially love your enthusiastic commentary. Also, I think while waiting for season four of attack on titan it could be fun to review an abridged series like A slap on titan.
I’ve been listening from very early on and mostly enjoy the weekly episodes (on 1.5x speed, nothing personal). JD has a smooth podcast voice and then there is Stephen “the Brit”...he has jokes...I’m sure someone likes them! (Sorry?) But you really can’t find a better DB podcast and you can go through the back catalogue and listen to many more from Dragon Ball Super! (These red ribbon episodes are slow tho...maybe worse than GT dare I say!) (Maybe do 2 episodes a week or cover some of the dragon ball games? Just an idea?) Keep it up boys! Matt from Long Island
Because Dragonballs have a total of 28 stars. Kami’s two, Dende’s, Namek’s two, and the Super Dragonballs. (GT’s will never count) I’ve noticed people give you only seven stars a lot, and that’s really only maximum 1-3 dragonballs worth. I think you deserve the whole lot of stars. The hosts are fun, relatable, and share most of the same opinions I have on the show and I like seeing when there is a new episode available. I found the podcast after Dragonball Super aired so you had just stared doing Dragonball. Have sense gone back to listen to older episodes from time to time to slowly catch up, and you guys are pretty consistent even from the earlier days of the podcast. (Interested to hear the in-betweens of starting the podcast single and somehow both being married and with kids in the present releases) Also a little curious if you’ve played any of the games or what you think of them even if you haven’t. (Or perhaps I haven’t gotten to the game episode yet) Anyways, love the way you summarize episodes. Keep on Dragonball’n! Haroo, hah-rooh, hayroo? Whatever the britt guy says at the end if everything.
These guys like to joke that they hate GT, but actions speak louder than words! They love GT so much that it is the first, and depending on the future of Super, the only Dragonball property they have reviewed in its entirety! That’s true passion and dedication! Boy do these guys love their GT! It’s not really my thing, but I won’t kink shame. You do you! Keep up the good work!
I give it a Five Star Dragonball! Fun, and good times between these cool guys, and if you stick around long enough they do eventually talk about Dragonball, DBZ, Super and Heroes, but I've never heard them talk about GT. The content here is worth the time, and subscribing to. Peace Out!
Still listening and loving hearing the two of you guys. And I pretty much agree with the Peeps. They are gross. Cute but gross. And I don't remember eating the Calbury eggs so I can't say much about those. But I always loved getting the homemade peanutbutter eggs and Reese's eggs for Easter. And to the guy who said he hated listening to you guys go over reviews. Screw him. I love listening to you guys go over them and before going over the episode go over what you guys are up to.
This is a great listen if you’re into random tangents. Good show fellows. West Ham Londoner in godforsaken South Carolina. Go Gardner Webb. Whatever the hell that is.


What’s up fellas!? I already wrote a review in 2017. I don’t have anything new to say. Just wanted to say hi and that I still love the show. Listen as soon as it drops, been that way since day one and that won’t ever change. July. More DBS, let’s go! MMills93 😉🤘🏻
Guys you are gooooooooooood. P.S Cool