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Reviews For The Business Freedom Show

Make an impact on others with your business by listening to this podcast... And achieve freedom! The quality is great and there is a ton of useful, actionable information. Just take a listen and you'll see!
Fantastic advice you have going on. Keep it up!!!
I just had the pleasure of listening to host Barbera Aims (and Cloe) interview Zolita Grant—a 40 year expert on hypnosis and a business coach. Zolita has written 27 books on the topic. In this discussion she shares a 4 Step Process to help you harness the power of perhaps your greatest asset—your mind. I like the concept of this show and Barbera does a splendid job brining out the best in her guests so that they can serve up their ideas and strategies effectively to listeners. Brava, Barbera and Cloe and know you will have continued success!
Great show, so much knowledge to be shared! Julien Marion | The Path to Unlimited
The guests that Barbera Aimes has on this show manage to impart not just useful info you can take action on, but also a feeling of confidence that you too can make it work for your own business freedom. Barbara provides a safe and nurturing space. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and isolating business… thank goodness for shows like this one that reminds you that you are not alone, and how much we can learn from those a little further down the path.
Loved all the podcasts, easy to listen to and very great advice.
Thank you so much for assembling this collection of interviews, Barbera, I have learned so much from each episode! As someone who is just starting on my journey to financial freedom, I look to more experienced entrepreneurs like yourself to guide me in the right direction. And, you never disappoint! Thank you for asking great questions of each interviewee, that really get to the heart of the matter. Anyone who is just starting out in their online entrepreneurial / freedom business journey, will gain a lot from this podcast. Seasoned entrepreneurs will find hidden gems in areas where they might be stuck or needing new insight… I look forward to receiving future episodes. Well done!
I have not yet listened to all of the current episodes, but I am so very impressed by what I have heard thus far. It is clear that Barbera is very passionate and has found her calling so to speak. I look forward to following this podcast and discovering what I can gain from it myself!
I have listened to all of the podcasts Barbera has posted so far. I am a business owner and I have had to fumble my way through learning how to run my business and make it successful. If only these podcasts were available 5 years ago when I started my business! Luckily, they are available now so I can bring my little canoe guiding business to the next level more easily :) My favorite podcasts are the ones talking about marketing strategies, because that is what I have struggled most with. I've learned a lot and I can't wait to implement some of the strategies Barbera and her guests introduce! I look forward to learning more!
Great line up of speakers on topics that are timely and timeless! Barbera invites you into the space of you as your business, in a practical yet nuturing way. Thank you!
WOW…The Business Freedom Show Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Barbera. Keep bringing it.
Barbera shares her story… a story of which some aspect touches many listeners’ stories as well I suspect. Her voice is so pleasant to listen too and her drive to help others makes me very excited to listen to more podcasts and learn more. Thanks for sharing, Barbera!
I love Barbera Aimes! Her advice is spot on. In fact, one of the concepts she taught me in a private coaching session I’ve adapted and use in my own coaching programs.
I love Barbara Aimes interviews. She brings on QUALITY people and is a brilliant interviewer. Can't wait for more!!