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Seriously, these people bring me so much joy. Always worth tuning in and hearing funny, insightful, and honest voices.


By Ali.Lou
amazing, educational, and fun podcast and community to listen to and learn from 💓
No one else out here puts in this much work babyyyy. So informative and still so entertaining. Never misses the mark
Thank you for stressing we’re all heauxes but that’s not the only title/responsibilities we hold! Hoping to make it to a live show when the panini is over❤️
I love everything and everyone on this show. The conversations are always popping!
Went to a live episode y’all taped in Brooklyn. Y’all rock. Thanks for giving those good stories and informed opinions #hoenation
Beautiful beautiful vulnerability. I came to this show from being a long time listener of Whoreible Decisions ... and I hope that reconciliation can come to that situation too the way it was shown in this show. Spread love y’all.
A true NYC gem. These ladies are so relatable and transparent. I found you via the Whoreible Decisions Pod I was cringing at how They were repeatedly misgendered and still managed to keep Their composure. I am subscribed and I am loving the content. Keep up the good work.
This is a podcast that shares unique perspectives, it’s super fun and really interesting. Highly recommend! I’m a white person and it’s really helpful to hear these women of color speak. Thanks.
I loved the episode “what’s the big deal about pronouns”. The introduction was timely and needed. I honestly love every episode but I can’t listen while I’m stoned, so thanks for being there for me when I’m not on cloud 9. And for giving me a reason to come down. Love y’all
This show is perfect! I’ve been listening since the beginning and the show just gets better and better every single season. This show has educated me, made me laugh hysterically, and wiped my tears when I cried. This show is a rare gem. It’s inclusive, considerate, and authentic AF. The hosts have rich and engaging personalities and they bounce off of each other really well. 5 stars for my favorite podcast of all time!
I finally found a podcast I can relate to. Y’all ladies are it! Y’all need your own tv show
I was just told about this podcast from a close friend of mine. I’ve been going through their backlog like crazy! These folks are hilarious, smart, and they make my commute 10x better. It’s a must-listen
I have been listening to this podcast for a good 3 years and have even listened to it's early pods. 10/10 ya feel me!!! Doesn't disappoint - very well researched topics and the best guests. Y'all really helped a girl decompress during rough times.
Shame on me for not leaving a review sooner. I’m in love with this Podcast and the hosts!! They are good to their followers and super transparent on topics. Great information, great conversations and again great earthlings. I’ve felt less lonely during the pandemic. Meow.
These hosts research and produce the podcasts SO well. They are dedicated to creating a better world and are making it happen
I love these Nakers!!!
I play this podcast while I do my weekly self-care routine, and it makes me feel so reassured and empowered. These folks are so brilliant, thoughtful, and entertaining. 10/10 recommend! - Veronica
Very black, very smart. Though I always don’t know a lot coming into each episode I leave more knowledgeable and empathetic. I admire how the host share their great and not so great experiences and aren’t afraid admit their shortcomings. If you want to be a better more rounded person you’re at the right place.
Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!
Feels like a heart in the right place situation, i guess a lot of people will find this relatable possibly helpful, but it mostly feels like uninteresting people focusing on various identity tags and sort of tiptoeing toward introspection without getting there. A little deeper than twitter bromides but a little more shallow than the average 101 gender studies or psych class. Ethos is achieved through argumentation by giving the counter argument its best form and addressing it.
Wowowowow I Love this pod. I’m not usually one for conversational shows, but this one is my hands-down fave pod rn. The hosts are so genuine, knowledgeable, and funny! If you’re not listening, you’re missing out.
I’m so mad it took me this long to find this show. Four powerful women talking about the most real topics in a hilarious and brutally honest way. Subscribe right now. I wish I could give 6 stars
These mfs be spittin.
This is one of the few podcasts I listen to on the day it's released. I appreciate the care the hosts take in putting together a well rounded show. It feels like you're just listening into a bunch of friends talking about their lives, but then you realizes all the research they've done to present accurate information among the conversation. Thanks for the great show. -Stacia
I stumbled on this podcast last year and it has become my literal fave. The flow is well syncopated and the dialogue is top tier!! I have learned so much from this podcast and it continues to affirm, uplift and educate me every week! I’m so blessed to have found you heauxs!! And I hope the next 200 episodes take you to a stratosphere that you never imagined! #RodHive #AnimalsDoBeGayTho 😜😜😜 -Albie from NC
Love your show. Good flow great content. Monica
This is an intelligent, compassionate, well organized podcast. The language is authentic and informed. The hosts are well researched, citing references and including them in show notes. You might think you know a lot, but IHU has taught me a lot, and done it with a cadence I appreciate!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. It’s also one of the first I downloaded. I was pulled in at my first listen. Unique topics and in a relaxed setting the convo and time flows. Check them out, you won’t regret it!
I’ve sporadically tuned in to this podcast over the course of the last couple years. Since I’ve been consistently working from home, I’ve been listening on a daily basis and it truly makes my day!!
Hello!! This is the best podcast I’ve listened to in a while. I am a future healthcare provider and the episode that touched on LGBTQ health legislation on the state level honestly got me fired up. There’s so many people working against us and it’s important everyone get what they need in order to be happy and live their best life. Thanks for keeping me informed and focused on my goal. The fight has just begun. -Janee (she/her) Upper Marlboro, MD
Im a new listener now that I have a long commute to work..and I have to say I’m so pleased. IHU is refreshing and a good listen! Growing up in NYC and now living in AZ has been one hell of a culture shock so being able to just listen to you all, makes my mornings. As a Dominican Queer woman here, sometimes listening to like minded folks in the AM sets me up right! As a sexual health educator I almost always have material to discuss with clients. Thank you all for being so awesome and keep up the great work!
One of my favorite new found podcasts. It’s educational, with a hint comedy. It’s always amazing to hear podcasters who aren’t afraid to involve their personal lives into their shows. Keep up the good work ladies.
Superb. I loved the discussion of mental health in the most recent episode, and how Sam held space. The hoes even gave me a nickname: Camillion here, Camillion there. Tougher than Nigerian hair. Get yours! Thanks, hoes 💙💗💙 she / they
Just started Listening to this podcast , been lookin for a LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 based podcast & love this one . Continue spreading knowledge & love . she / her / daddy 💫
Been listening for over a year and finally have an iPhone and app to write this review. Love the show and the journey the hosts take us on every week. I’ve learned so much and even learned I’m on the spectrum of being a demisexual (google it!)
I binged every episode from the very beginning when there were only two co-hoes to now with four hoes that have been making amazing content. Every episode is great. Even though Blerds was... *cringe* listened to the whole thing.
I had a fabulous time talking with Akua and Sam on their podcast. It was very relaxed, I felt welcomed and heard, and they’re amazing people. I’m very glad I could provide some insight into my world. 🖤
First heard it when I was still in college and it helped me grapple with things I was questioning as well as normalize things I was curious about. Love the evolution of the show and how it’s expanded- should have written the review a while ago but better late than never haha- the most current episode on D/s relationships made me follow her YouTube channel and I’m excited for the content that keeps coming 💖