The Shoot From The Hip Show

Reviews For The Shoot From The Hip Show

If you’re looking for pump fakes, jab steps, faking the funk, corniness, typical wack subjects, sugar coating, and the norm. This ain’t the pod for you. Real topics, real uncut raw opinions from real brothas. Top 5 pod in my rotation. 💯
Two clowns
What’s up fellas this Two mane I finally figured this iPodcast thang out I love the show and all the special guest and content keep up the good work I’ll be listening
Shout out to The Montoyis and The Reese for the hilarious yet insightful content. I look forward to new episodes. Thank y’all and keep up the good work J.A.Y. Young
This podcast is great from the intro to the topics and the host/ audience interactions. 👌🏿
Any time you got some real ones doin a podcast it makes for good entertainment you already know real recognize real I see you with the Modelo Especial on the show cover that’s my beverage of choice 👌🏿💯 keep this show going fellas!
Met Reese at my place of employment today and listened to a few episodes soon after. I really enjoy their unconventional, frank and honest take on different topics. Keep doing great things gentlemen.
From Montoyis’ intro joke to Reese aka Uncle Ruckus losing his sh_t this show is easily the best podcast I have heard. They even throw in a little ol skool halftime show for your listening pleasure. Keep up the good work fellas. Grizzly
The Fellas from the shoot from the hip show will keep you up to date sooner than most media outlets... in a humble, honest and at times a raw and inflammatory way. You will agree at times but also disagree with them but you have to respect them for keeping it all the way real.
I love the show,great host and topics. Just got me an iPhone SE Reece but still got my android too.
Hands down one of my favorite podcast. Even if they are from Houston. Much love. Salute.
I love the team chemistry Montoyis and Reese!! This is your boy Bubba Gray from Lexington,Ky. Keep them laughs coming u digg
Listening to this podcast is refreshing! Montoyis is giving the real and Reese in being contradictory and controversial! I always feel awkward when I agree with him! Montoyis brings comedic relief and is like a relative who is well versed in many topics! Keep it coming fellas!
Looking for something a lil different check out this podcast it's just 2 dudes kicking some realness on how they feel. You will hear some grown man talk going on here, they got jokes and life lessons you may not always agree ( and that's cool) they just call it like they see it (and that's cool too) .
Followed my guy Montoyis over from his previous podcast & he's still delivering the goods. It's like kicking it with a homebody or that Fave cousins once a week.
If you're looking for real talk, this is the show for you. Montoyis is that cool dude who's always gonna tell you the truth and tell it like it is. He and his guests talk about life, tech, news, music, and just about anything else you can think of. Definitely worth checking out and adding to the podcast rotation.
That Montoyis guy is back on the scene and killing it!